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  1. Hello, Does UofT always call for acceptances? I am currently in a different country without a phone number so was really surpirsed to hear that everyone is getting a phone call for their acceptances followed by an email. I would assume that if they can't reach you by phone, they will just email you but thought I would ask here just in case. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, I got accepted to Queens but when i get the OLSAS site under the choices/offer section, I do not see any acceptance - only withdraw.... Is this normal? Thank you in advance.
  3. my B2 is the same as my L2..... but I took the LSAT many times so maybe that is why? Anyways...they did not even e-mail me back for many weeks so I have no idea if they even put me on the waitlist. It just says "pending" on their website when I log in. But it's already the end of July..
  4. do they tell you that you are waitlisted? or does it just say "pending" on your queens account?
  5. sorry, i applied sometime in november but because i took the lsat in february i believe they did not look at my application until after i got my scores back. so anyways, i am still pending even though it is almost august...is this normal? did they forget my application? sorry for the confusion!
  6. i applied i february 2018 and i have 3.88 (B2) gpa and 160 lsat and i still have not heard back from queens...in their website i logged in and still says pending. is this normal? how am i supposed to even have time to find a place to live in kingston if they happen to accept me so late...
  7. Can't I just use the OUAC website to see my acceptance/rejection and all that, instead of checking my status individually for each schools' websites?
  8. I just wrote the December 3 LSAT and applied to several schools in Canada before the deadline, November 1. I know the scores for the Dec 3 LSAT will take a few weeks, the projected email scores will be released on Feb 3rd according to LSAC? But I was just wondering, once law schools see my LSAT score, how is the acceptance/rejection process like? Do we get emails from the schools specifically saying we are accepted or is it on the LSAC website? and if accepted how do I even click "yes" to the school?
  9. Hi everyone, I am in the process of studying for my LSAT and prepare to write it soon and then applying to law schools across Canada. I was just wondering however, does anyone here know anything about Health and/or Mental Health law? For example, what can one do under these kinds of law and which programs/schools have a focus or specialty in this kind of field? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I have heard that Western/Osgoode is known for family law while UofT is known for business/corporate law. Does anyone know if any of these law schools in Canada UofT, Osgoode, Western, Windsor, etc, have health and/or mental health law programs or clubs etc? Thank you very much.
  10. So does that mean I have to upload everything (personal statement, transcript, reference letter, resume, etc.) onto the OLSAS? So I make a an OLSAS account and use that system to apply to schools right?
  11. Hi, I am a new member and studying for the LSAT at the moment. I am really confused as to how I should be applying to law schools across Canada after I take my LSAT. Am I supposed to upload everything (personal statement, transcript, reference letter, resume, etc.) onto my LSAC account and then on that website click which schools I wish to apply to? If so, when, where and how should I go about doing this? Once I upload for example, a personal statement, can I change it? Also, I uploaded an old photo of myself by accident onto my LSAC account, which will be the photo used as my ID for the LSAT test however, I have no idea how to change the picture by uploading a a more recent photo. Is there anyway of changing the photo I uploaded so or am I screwed? Thank you.
  12. Hey everyone, I am new to this forum but I read a lot of the posts here and it has helped me a lot so I want to first say thank you to all of you. (Note: I am not sure what B2 or L2 stands for but I am assuming last 2 years or something of that sort? If someone could clarify that would be really helpful as well.) Let me first explain my situation... First 2 years I took 4 courses each year (24 credits each year) and got pretty bad grades (B's, C's, and 2 D's). 3rd Year I took 4 courses (24 credits) and did really well (all A's) 4th Year I took 4 courses (24 credits) and did pretty poorly (B's and B+s) [i have legit excuses such as injury and family issues but I don't think it will matter] 5th Year I took 5 courses (30 credits) and got all A+. So of course my cumulative GPA is not that good. But if you look at my last 60 credits, it averages out to be an A (I'm not sure if they will consider the 3rd year A's to be included in my 60 credits as my last 2 years because it was 3 years ago in my 3rd year...) So my question is... As the title suggests, do law schools take into consideration whether I am still a student and the number of years taken to finish my undergrad when I apply to law school? If I was a typical person who was in their 4th year and applying to law schools then of course it would not matter. But I plan to do a 6th year and either take 1 or 2 courses OR a full load (5 courses - 30 credits) to raise my cumulative GPA but more importantly my last 2 years (60 credits) would be really high (assuming I get all A+s again). Basically, if I graduate, my last 2 years GPA and cumulative GPA is forever the same which I think is an issue. If I take only 1-2 courses while studying for the LSAT and applying, it will make me look bad because I am not a full time student. And if I take a full load (5 courses - 30 credits), not only will it make it hard for me to study for the LSAT but it will make me look bad as well because it will show that I have taken 6 years to complete my undergrad...I feel like I am at a loss and no options are good but I need the best bad option. I personally feel like I should just take a full load (5 courses - 30 credits) and try to study for the LSAT and apply to many schools regardless and if I don't get in, I can just apply next year with a stronger last 2 years and better cumulative gpa? And I am assuming that I get 160 on the LSAT... Another option is I take a year off (no courses) and just keep focusing on the LSAT to get a really good score. Does it look very bad if it shows that I am not taking any courses for a year? Or is it better to just take 1 or 2 courses while studying on the LSAT as opposed to inactive status? If you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know. Thank you so much!
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