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  1. If you hate sitting around doing nothing, you could always google the answer to your question yourself
  2. Nope, I was the guy who didn't like the subject matter but was motivated to do well (and ended up doing well) by jobs and life after school. I was also the guy who joked with his friends about the 3 people in the school (you in this case) that thought their feelings and viewpoints should always be validated. I was also the guy who was genuinely perplexed at why some people cared so much about what others intentions and motivations were in school.
  3. While you're worrying about why some people don't genuinely like the subject material those people are probably studying the subject matter even though they don't like it. It is going to be funny when some of these people blow you out of the water. Interview: yes, I have lower grades, but would you believe me if I told you these other people were only in it for the grades and the jobs! I know, I know, I can't believe it! How dare they have their own motivations and interests. Interview: I transferred to ____ because there were a lot of people at my old school who weren't as interested in the subject matter as me. It truly disgusted me. It bothered me so much that I started an online thread about it. No one agreed with me and everyone told me I should just focus on myself...
  4. This is a false assertion. Much like school can be done, and done well, without interest, so can a clinic. Honestly, you seem like you just like to complain about everything. It seems like you have a beef with life. Eeee was 100% correct in stating that what you are saying is that the problem is not people lacking interest, but that they aren't getting interested on the right terms. I can't help but come to the conclusion that you are a troll. You just disagreed with Eeee' comment by providing an example that actually embodies the comment entirely...I hope/wonder if you are able to realize this.
  5. ...Has absolutely no idea what occurs in other Canadian law schools (or other schools across every continent)...thinks complaining legit happens A LOT more at his school than every other school. C'mon man
  6. So you're looking for a school where people can't complain, because that bothers you but they also can't be too keen or overly enthusiastic about the material. Got it.
  7. Perhaps a reversal will help you realize how stupid the question is. Hey everyone, I'm wondering what peoples experiences are in regards to people being overly enthusiastic about studying the law at their schools. I hate law school, but I'm getting good grades and I am only in it to get a job. There are too many people at my school that are keen as could be, and they always talk about how great all the readings are and how much they just love to study law. They are ruining my experience, you know, because I can't just focus on what I am doing. So, I'm possibly going to make a huge decision on whether to transfer to another school based on feed back I get here. I'm wondering, does anyone attend a school where most people could care less about the subject matter but are interested in getting a job? If so, please let me know. I would love to surround myself with people who share my interests. I am sick of letting these keeners get me down, they are ruining my experiences so far.
  8. Ill give you some free advice: you are almost always going to be surrounded by some negative people (if not enjoying the subject matter found when studying law can even be described as negative), so you best get used to it.
  9. I really don't get why this bothers you. People may not like what they study and be excellent practitioners of the law. What is it that you are really trying to ask and why? Are you looking to transfer to a school if someone reports that most people like the academic material? What does posting this question do for you? Will people at your school suddenly change? I genuinely do not understand why you care so much about other people not caring. Who cares if people enjoy studying the law.
  10. School and practice are very different from what I have heard, so no, it is not necessarily so that you will hate practice just because you didn't enjoy the schooling. Whether or not it is healthy to force yourself through is likely entirely subjective. You don't always get to do what you want to do in life. If anything, forcing yourself through could be looked at as a skill. No one will be able to tell you if it is like this at every Canadian school. Even within schools, people will have different experiences and meet different students. I would think that it is hard to truly gauge what your ENTIRE class thinks of the school and what their motives are. My guess would be that every school has a mix of those who force themselves through, those who are there for the status, those who are only there for the job, those who enjoy the academic experience etc. Im also confused, you say that you are not liking law school very much but you enjoy what you study. My advice would be to try and not let what others think about school bother you so much. I honestly don't understand why you made a thread about this.
  11. U of A is a numbers based school, your 1l friend is wrong.
  12. Transferred schools, missed out on all moot opportunities for second year. Also, it is true that you will go from having a solid group of friends (going the the 1l battle together), to starting from scratch (unless you know some people at the school you transfer to). Overall I regret transferring at this point, but it is still early (not even two full months in).
  13. Would anyone be willing to tell me what type of grades it took to get interviews during articling week?
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