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  1. How do you discuss "snow" with a butterfly?
  2. There is no guarantee in life. I can not predict how fruitful that search will be. However, I think it is easier to look for another job while you are still employed. There is a difference between "I quitted" and "I was fired".
  3. If I am in OP's situation, I will use the 3 months time to find another job
  4. Your school outside Canada charges it NOT the law school you are applying to. You may also call the law schools to see if they accept transcript in alternate method. (I doubt it) Contact the school you attended to see if they can give you a volume discount.
  5. I don't think OP has a future in that firm.
  6. Your boss needs professional help. Look for another job
  7. you should get an offer soon Probably before "Santa Claus is coming to Town'
  8. Law School Application Statistics The following are statistics for applicants to Ontario law schools. OUAC began processing applications for the Law schools in 1997. System Data Year Applicants – 1st and Upper Year Applicants – 1st Year Registrants – 1st Year 1997 3,594 3,319 1,091 1998 3,391 3,195 1,093 1999 3,414 3,238 1,088 2000 3,415 3,245 1,103 2001 3,390 3,190 1,190 2002 3,670 3,457 1,176 2003 3,900 3,682 1,160 2004 4,100 3,863 1,231 2005 4,125 3,905 1,265 2006 4,341 4,075 1,266 2007 4,469 4,160 1,234 2008 4,425 4,071 1,287 2009 4,408 4,091 1,350 2010 4,953 4,609 1,405 2011 5,125 4,717 1,376 2012 5,063 4,686 1,388 2013 5,127 4,758 1,502 2014 4,573 4,287 1,526 2015 4,369 4,153 1,538 2016 4,502 4,274 1,549
  9. You don't have to rewrite You may get an offer before LSAT results are out
  10. The law school and law career is 100 times more stressful. LSAT is the easy part compare to what you will face. My scores were 153, 155 and 161 and I never PT over 160
  11. Above are really good advice You have nothing to gain by doing that. No one can really predict the outcome. Your PT is a lot better than mine and I wrote 3 times and had a migraine during the 2nd and 3rd attempt. Your CGPA is very competitive. You will waste a year, money and efforts if you really screw up in Feb You backed yourself into a very tight conner.
  12. how job positions are filled in the Government of Canada. Below I outline the 21 step procedure : 1) Manager has a position(s) to be filled. 2) Manager looks internally, to identify if someone in the department fits the need of the position. A deployment (a lateral move) or an acting (working at a higher position for a pre- determined time period) is done. If someone cannot be found, the process continues. 3) A discussion is made with a human resources advisor to determine the manager’s needs as well as if the competition should be internal/external or both. 4) Compose and approve a job poster in English and French 5) Publish the job poster (at www.jobs.gc.ca or on departmental websites that do not make part of the public service commission). 6) Initial candidates are screened – this is done through matching competencies of job applicants to those of the statement of merit criteria (see chapter 5 for more details). 7) Hiring managers usually conduct a second round of screening on the initial screened list. 8) Screened candidates are notified that they have been screened in (usually candidates that do not continue are also notified). 9) An assessment guide is made for both the oral and written exams. This is only provided to hiring managers and determines how to assess candidates as per the job position’s requirements. 10) Candidates are invited to be assessed in the language of their choice-candidates are notified after each assessment if they have passed or not. 11) Reference checks are performed. 12) A finalized list of candidates is determined 13) A pool of qualified candidates are established 14) Candidates are informed that they make part of a pool 15) Language exams are administered and/or verified (depending on the needs of the position) 16) Obtain reliability or additional security clearances (as per needs of the position) 17) Send the results of the exams to candidates 18) Contact candidate and propose job offer 19) Send letter of offer 20) Negotiate starting date 21) Determine resources needed for employee (i.e. special accommodations for physically disabled).
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