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  1. your wait will be short first offer should be before Jan 2018 or Dec 2017
  2. I don't want to predict Windsor. I just want to share my experience 155 3.47 3,74 rejected by Windsor 2011 161 3.47 3.74 wait listed by Windsor. Western, Queens and OZ However, my stats were better than quite a few that received an offer from Windsor. You can compare the rejection and acceptance threads for the past few years.
  3. They know you don't have time to change because she went to 4 or 5 interviews that day.
  4. Better than 70% for Ottawa but probably late in the cycle
  5. did you apply to Ottawa? is your 3.93 out of 4.00?
  6. I was waitlisted with 3.47/3.74 and 161 back in 2012
  7. They know you apply to multiple schools and "to err is human"." If your stats are good enough, they will give you an offer.
  8. Don't try to predict Windsor Committed to a Holistic Admission Process Our admissions program is different from others. It is consciously directed to the facilitating of access to legal education and the legal profession for those who have been disadvantaged due to gender, race, creed, colour, religion or socio-economic background. We seek out applicants who have traditionally been barred from higher law study to ensure that Canada’s many communities has access to legal professionals, and that Canada’s diverse and varied society can be served from a variety of perspectives.
  9. Ottawa 60% Windsor - God knows Western 30% OZ 20%
  10. Applying to other schools? your stats are not competitive for OZ
  11. Nothing to worry about. None of my verifiers were ever contacted. Your verifiers can not deny the fact that you worked for that "organization".
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