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  1. Good lawyer material I am curious how many courses were below C-
  2. Like got two 10s playing Black Jack and hoping to get an Ace.
  3. no one can help you without an actual LSAT score.
  4. There are hotels on Yorkgate road which is a short taxi ride to Osgoode I think there is a Holiday Inn Express on Yorkgate Road. Under $120
  5. I don't think CGPA schools will disregard grades from your previous University. However, there are schools that look at your L2, B3 or drop some of the bad grades. There is still hope.
  6. Your OLSAS GPA will probably be based on all Universities courses you have taken at the current and previous University. Which mean all the grades from the previous program will be counted. Your current program at is at a different University and they will not take those grades into account but recognized that you have fulfilled the credit requirements for the program. Your GPA on the current program will be based on credits you took in the current University. This is what I think.
  7. Your LSAT is the obvious factor you are 1 points below Ottawa's cut off of 157. I think you have a good chance at Ottawa
  8. Your average LSAT? And your highest LSAT before Feb
  9. This is what I found, it took me under 5 seconds https://www.lsac.org/jd/applying-to-law-school/academic-record Not sure if it applies to grades from Canadian Universities Grade Conversion Table LSAC Conversion Grades as Reported on Transcripts 4.0 Scale A to F 1 to 5 100–0*(see note below table) Four Passing Grades Three Passing Grades * 4.33 A+ 1+ 98–100 Highest Passing Grade (4.0) Highest Passing Grade (4.0) 4.00 A 1 93–97 3.67 A- 1- 90–92 3.50 AB 3.33 B+ 2+ 87–89 Second Highest Passing Grade (3.0) Middle Passing Grade (3.0) 3.00 B 2 83–86 2.67 B- 2- 80–82 Found this after I posted above Just FYI for any future Canadian students sending in transcripts to LSAC; it looks like they converted my grades using the Canadian OUAC systemhttp://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/omsas/c_omsas_b.pdf. I go to the university of waterloo which does not have letter grades or GPA appear on my transcript. Quite a relief that they did not convert using the American GPA system as my 3.4x would of been a 2.6x. Unfortunately I now realized I could of easily gotten a 3.8x. FML!
  10. I hope it is not one of those huge Mexican Hat
  11. Windsor convert my OLSAS GPA to percentage OLSAS do not convert my letter grades to percentage.
  12. use the OLSAS grade conversion chart york A+ is 3.9 A is 3.8 B+ is 3.3 There must be at least a few dozens posts about OLSAS grade conversion
  13. This should be the beginning of "second" wave. it should last for another 2 weeks or so. OZ may have higher percentage of decline this cycle compare to previous years. Good luck to all those waiting.
  14. I transferred to OZ and declined an offer from U of T. I think you need at least a B+ GPA. Both Queens and Western are great law school. If you want to know which school is better if your intention is to transfer to U of T. That will be hard to say.
  15. You just missed the first batch. You should receive an offer any time
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