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  1. You said you are a long time "lurker" what have you been "lurking" on? You know your cGPA, L2, B3 etc. are not competitive for all schools in Ontario from all previous posts. (I do not predict Windsor/Windsor Dual), You didn't list Windsor Dual among the 5 schools you applied. You picked the lowest accepted stats from Ottawa and think you have a chance? The one with 2.49 may have 180 and other reasons and the one with 147 may have 4.0. Although I think I saw a few admitted with 151 and not so great cGPA. Holistic reasons? I don't think you need to withdraw your application. Write the LSAT and see what happen. Have a Plan B.
  2. I think the title of this thread should be "Gambling LOC" LOC is NOT your money. A lower interest rate doesn't mean it is "free money". You have to pay them back and the interest meter will start running the minute you draw on the LOC. "Gamble" with money that you can afford to lose.
  3. convert your GPA to OLSAS basis 155 is a bit weak.
  4. Windsor is only holistic school in Ontario. Although other schools admitted some on holistic basis, but the majority of the offers are based on merits. I think your chances are 100% Ottawa, Queens and Western - before Feb 2018 and could be next week from Ottawa 80% OZ - after March? Hopefully before the deadline for the above three. otherwise you will have to give up your deposit 10% U of T late in the cycle. You may never find out
  5. Contact the schools you are applying or wish to apply
  6. Ottawa 100% Western and Queens 90% OZ 70% U of T 10% Windsor ask God
  7. Happy for you 1L grade will hurt you but a solid improvement in 2L and 3L will help a lot.
  8. OP has a 158 and L2 of 3.8 I don't know why some of say that OP has 150 instead. I think OP has a shot with L2 schools with a 160+ which schools did you apply?
  9. 168+ almost 100% 165-167. -80 to 90% 162 -164.60 to 70% 160 -161 - 40 to 50% Below 160. Hard to tell. may be 20%
  10. You have made up your mind already. I wonder why I didn't go there to save myself a few years ago? Bring some heavy duty fishing gear. My brother-in-law told me the fish over there are really big.
  11. You are wrong again. Many of us are without a big law job and making over $100K within 2 years after call. There are many other opportunities besides 'big law'. Many successful lawyers didn't start out from big law. I think you will do just fine. Changing school on your last year may complicate things. U of T students has landed the highest percentage of big law summer and article jobs. The fact that you and about 50% of your classmates didn't get one is no fault of U of T. P.S. I didn't go to U of T.
  12. With a 160+ and your L2/L3 your chance will increase for L2 and L3 school Not competitive doesn't mean you have no chance. My predictions are based on your stats. However, I had been proven wrong many times before. Although Ottawa is mainly a CGPA school, but that doesn't they can accept someone with high L3/L2. I suggest you rewrite Dec and or Feb. there is no limit for LSAT now.
  13. Your L3 and L2 are 4.0/4.0 ? If your L3 is 4.0 then your GPA for first year was under 1.0. In any case, your cGPA and LSAT is not competitive for Ottawa.
  14. Don't do it You have to explain why you did 3rd year elsewhere for the rest of your career. Will you tell them the truth : "I am not seeing the "UofT benefit". Super regretting paying 35k in tuition. I want to cut my losses and transfer to western so I can live at home and save money."
  15. Last offer posted On 9/5/2017 at 11:08 AM, Pandora01 said: Just got in! Was 50/71. Have until 1pm to respond. Will be accepting. Thank you everyone for their help and good luck to those still waiting! Good work!! You may have to do a bit of digging to find out their stats.
  16. Those admitted off waitlist are missing I think the last posted offer was in first or second week of Sept
  17. Ottawa 75% with 160+ Ottawa 90%+ Western and Queens less than 50% Windsor ? God knows
  18. In 2012, Someone got an offer from Ottawa on Nov 2
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