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  1. The latest could be July and first week of Sept if you are on the wait list. Please keep this thread for "accepted to Ottawa".
  2. I am debt free now Had I saved "enough" for law school (about $100,000) I probably will not get the amount (if any) of grants, bursaries and forgiven loans. I may have to work 5 to 6 years to save that kind of money and my opportunity cost will probably scare me to think twice about going to law school. You don't have to do what I did.
  3. I don't see why anyone should "save" enough money for law school. I received about $41,000 in govt grant, OSAP loan forgiven and bursaries. I am single and II must have out poor many fellow student. I worked 2L summer and my 3L bursaries was lower than my 3L bursaries. I completed law school with 22K OSAP and $30K in LOC.
  4. you got the in because it of your stats. U of T is NOT a holistic school.
  5. Good for you Did you article at the same firm?
  6. 100% if you have those stats in Nov Better than 95%
  7. Your chance is about 75% with 157 100% with 160+
  8. OP mentioned "making up 1L classes"
  9. what it your GPA. how long have you been working? Windsor is considered a holistic school.
  10. Why do you want to transfer to Queens instead of applying to Queens 1L? You should find out how many 1L course(s) you have to take if you transfer from Manitoba. You probably require a B+ average unless you have other reasons that Queens will considered. I did my undergrat at York and I didn't have any issues.
  11. your stats are not decent enough for OZ, Ottawa, Queens and Western.
  12. I think your advice is very constructive. OP said readings You said take notes and readings I said take notes I thought OP will go to classes and study those notes. My suggestion is totally useless. There must be a better way that I am not aware of. Thank God I don't have to take any more exams.
  13. I think cGPA include grades from all Universities you attended. what will you cGPA be if you included Laurier?
  14. this post is about "accepted to Ottawa"
  15. applied as mature category? your L2? B2/B3? Did you explain why you have a drop in 4th year?
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