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  1. OZ is NOT holistic Although OZ will admit certain applicants with not so competitive stats for holistic reasons. Just because OZ looks at everything in your application doesn't mean they are holistic. Windsor is the true holistic school
  2. I say all in Ottawa before Jan 1 Western and Queens before Feb 1 OZ before Apr 1
  3. Or they won't contact any of your verifiers
  4. depending on when you get the most offer. you will have a few weeks to a few days to respond. instructions are included in the offer
  5. There are a ton of discussions on this issue. You can provisionally accept until the deadline (sometime in July) then your "provisional acceptance" will change to "firm". You will automatically withdraw from all other "Ontario" schools. However, your applications to non-Ontario are not affected. You can only have one "provisionally acceptance" at any time. You will lose your deposit if you provisionally/ firm accept another offer in Ontario.
  6. Provisionally accept and you will lose your deposit on your first offer if you provisionally accept another offer. My friend lost 2 deposits.
  7. with 150 25% 157 50% 160 70% 165 90% Ottawa is mainly a GPA school. However, I have seen some offers that were probably holistic reasons.
  8. Convert your York U grade using OLSAS basis. you may end up with lower cGPA
  9. Ottawa for sure Not si sure about Western and Queens
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