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  1. If I tell you not to apply-will you apply anyway? If I tell you your chance is slim- Will you apply anyway? Is your 3.4 GPA converted to OLSAS basis?
  2. Even if you withdrew money from the LOC, you can always pay it back and cancel the account
  3. You will be next I think someone who ranked below 10 may have rejected the offer.
  4. The Treasurer introduced Mya is from U of T
  5. HI Want to know a few questions from those who attended today's (Jun 20 ) 9:30am session The letter says "enter from Simcoe street entrance"- Do I exchange voucher for ticket there too? My brother will exchange tickets around 8:00am and then pick up my relatives from subway around 9:00am. Can my brother exchange all 5 tickets and leave to wait for our relatives. Or we must enter the Hall as soon as we exchanged the tickets? The letter says it will take between 1.5 to 2 hours. When did the ceremony end today? 11:00am or 12pm? One of my relative has to catch a plane. Thanks
  6. Don't do it You will end up with more debt
  7. My prediction only Your chance based on your current ranking is 100% 1-10 70% 11-20 50% 21-30 30% 31-40 20% 41-50 Your ranking will get higher but the chance I predict is based on your current ranking. For those of you who will NOT accept offer from Ottawa, please remove your name from the wait list as soon as you know you will not go to Ottawa. You will give someone a chance to go to law school. Ottawa will give out offers till late August to Sept. In some cases, you may have only 24 hours to decide, Many will not be able to go because of the short notice. Please decline the offer asap if you are not going to Ottawa anyway. Don't wait till the 7th day or 23rd hour. Ottawa may have to give out 30 or more offers to fill 20 spots. I remember someone in Ottawa was ranked over 100 and received an offer in late August back in 2011. If your rank is 1-10, you should starting packing (unless you are in Ottawa). If you are not going to Ottawa no matter what, please decline your spot ASAP. I was on the 2011 wait list. There were over 600 of us in that pool ( lake?).
  8. Before July 15 You will get an offer for sure.
  9. Don't do it. Waste of time and will drag down you GPA
  10. You don't need to get 100% to pass. Guessing 30 questions only? If you are sure you got the rest of it correct, I think you are in really good shape.
  11. Make you all your pages are in order before you send it to bind.
  12. You best bet is to get a high LSAT-165+
  13. I am still on Oz's 2011 waitlist. Havn't heard anything from OZ.
  14. You can apply with 3 years undergrat
  15. You don't have to sworn. Just check last year's wait list.
  16. I was able to walk to class in 7 mins.......
  17. I hope it is not too late to send mine now
  18. OP was a lawyer before changing country Did you go to law school in Canada?
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