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  1. Ottawa 60% Windsor - God knows Western 30% OZ 20%
  2. Applying to other schools? your stats are not competitive for OZ
  3. Nothing to worry about. None of my verifiers were ever contacted. Your verifiers can not deny the fact that you worked for that "organization".
  4. Hard to predict what LSAT you need. Ottawa is cGPA school. However, your situation is quite unique. Good Luck
  5. Ottawa, Queens and Western 100% Osgoode 80 to 100% UT- 60% Windsor-God knows
  6. CGPA 3.47 L2 3.74 161 still on Queen's 2012 wait list
  7. Hard to get into anywhere with sub 150.
  8. Do you when and where it will be published? e.g. It will be on The Feb 2018 Times Magazine
  9. Why not? Probably more than 20% of the applicants receive similar type of scholarship.
  10. Windsor is the only holistic school The majority of OZ's offers are still based on stats. Although there were a few apparently not based on stats alone.
  11. do you have medical documents for your. "Disorder" ? your stats is not competitive and it is difficult to predict chance for "access" applicants. did you apply elsewhere?
  12. Windsor and Lakehead. I don't predict Windsor's chance. look up previous year's acceptance post.
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