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  1. Windsor convert my OLSAS GPA to percentage OLSAS do not convert my letter grades to percentage.
  2. use the OLSAS grade conversion chart york A+ is 3.9 A is 3.8 B+ is 3.3 There must be at least a few dozens posts about OLSAS grade conversion
  3. This should be the beginning of "second" wave. it should last for another 2 weeks or so. OZ may have higher percentage of decline this cycle compare to previous years. Good luck to all those waiting.
  4. I transferred to OZ and declined an offer from U of T. I think you need at least a B+ GPA. Both Queens and Western are great law school. If you want to know which school is better if your intention is to transfer to U of T. That will be hard to say.
  5. You just missed the first batch. You should receive an offer any time
  6. OZ is by cGPA. is your CGPA also 3.75? Was Dec LSAT your first score?
  7. Your cGPA is from one university only?
  8. "I started at York the summer after I graduated from my first degree, " What is the cGPA and L2 from your first degree? Some schools do not consider a second degree and master
  9. The wait list with raking didn't come out until July/Aug.
  10. I don't think college grades will be given much weight in your case. if OLSAS said your cGPA is 3.84 and 155 you should be in but may be in Aug if things go like last cycle
  11. Windsor may be your better bet. but Ottawa do have a few offers that appeared to be holistic. what is your OLSAS CGPA? Is it 3.6?
  12. There is no such thing as a deadline to apply for a LOC from a bank. If you don't need it, you don't have to apply. If you know you are going to need a LOC to finance your studies, then you should consider making an appointment with your banker or PLOC (professional Line of Credit) banker as soon as you get an offer from any law school. You can switch law school later on. You don't have to pay anything for the LOC. Interest are charged only when you start using the money from LOC. Once approved, you will have access to the LOC after you provide prove of enrollment You can apply anytime. If you have enough to cover 1L, then you can apply during 1L (but not advisable just in case you don't qualify for any reasons) I suggest you apply for LOC if you think you may need it any time during law school.
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