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  1. Sure. Anything is possible. I used to write ABCDEF on each side of a pencil and roll it in a multiple choice exam.
  2. The two course I was so sure I did terrible...end up with a course award Some courses I was so sure I get an A... well My 1L grade was the only grade I ever have to submit to my current employer for 2L summer job.. My employer did not ask to see my 2L & 3L grades. Others may have different experience
  3. Is there an grade appeal process? Speak to your Dean. He/she may be able to do something... You can take summer course this year, next year after you completed law school.....unless your offer is conditional
  4. My experience was $33K Others says the bank told him you can carry over.
  5. I thought "Confirmation of enrolment" is mandatory before you can draw on LOC You can apply with provisional acceptance... I think
  6. If you get 160+ you should get more than one offer
  7. Just do this "highlight my strengths" and why you want to go to their school Don't mention your first year and LSAT
  8. don't bother saying anything. Tell them why you want to go to their school
  9. Can I represent the following relatives in Family, criminal and litigation Parent, brothers and sister Parent's brother, sister and their sibling My spouse, his/her parent (in-laws), brother and sistser
  10. EC is not that important if your GPA and LSAT are very competitive. I think you have disclosed information that someone may be able to identify who you are. i.e. You are on residence council , play water polo and the Model Nato... Most of us are not able to judge whether any EC are good or better... I know someone who joined/executive of 6 associations and clubs but barely spent any time doing much with them. I was executive of one club only and our president didn't do anything and a few of us worked hard to get anything done. However, there are applicants with stellar EC that could compensate other factors... If you are not concern about it then please accept my apology for being nosy.
  11. Will it be 40 hours or 60 hours average per week or more?
  12. Soft or hard taco. What do you recommend? I don't like spicy and hot stuff. Oh... 157 and B+ (3.2-3.5?) is really borderline... The game is not over yet ... Good luck..
  13. What happened to "patiencevirtue"? There are 123 replies to this thread. Only 2 from patiencevirtue
  14. I went through all loan statements from Scotia Bank-2012 to July 2015. The credit available was limited to $33K or $34K for 2015. I did pay down the LOC when I received money from financial aid or OSAP. There may be changes to the LOC that I am not aware of.
  15. You can put $100K down payment on a house then?
  16. My experience with Scotia was different. I had $33K, $33K and $34K 1 to 3 L I used up $33K by Jan in 1L. Then I received Bursary and paid down $10K I have 10K LOC after that. The LOC increased to $33K when 2L started. I did not get $43K Interest on the amount will be charged only when you withdraw from LOC. It is interest free until you withdraw money. Use it only when you need it.
  17. LOC is line of credit. Interest is on amount you withdrew. If you have a $100K lOC Bank will allow you $33K year 1 $33 year old and 34K year3 If you withdraw only $20K in Year 1. You will start paying interest on $20K. the interest will be added to your loan balance. In Year 2, you will have access to another $33K but you lost the $13K LOC that you di not use in Year 1. There is no incentive to use up the maximum LOC if you don't have to. OSAP is interest fr until you completed the program. If your OSAP loan exceeded $7400, the amount over and above $7400 will be forgiven. I had about $11K OSAP for all 3 years and about $12K OF oSAP loan was forgiven. I also got some Federal and Provincial grant too. Bottom line, apply for OSAP no matter what. Make sur you have the least amount o Cas in your bank 6 weeks before school starts. I clean my bank account out by the end of April eac year.
  18. Apply both at the same time. OSAP have no impact on LOC. OSAP has deadlines and you can apply LOC anytime. However, it is good to know how much is available from LOC
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