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  1. What happened if you changed your mind afterwards? You may lose your deposit? Someone didn't get an offer from law school until first week of Sept. It is rare but it has happened in previous cycle. If you don't mind posting your stats and which school you are waiting, some of us may be able to predict your chance of getting an offer...Prediction only
  2. Aim for? 180 of course what do you need? 158 + Ottawa 162+ Queens and Western 165+ Osgoode no idea-Windsor
  3. You will find out around late April...
  4. If you add the opportunity cost-about $30,000 to $40,000 for lost wages. The total cost tops $200,000 easy...
  5. The cycle is not over yet You still have chance
  6. 3.6 the 149 -about 20% chance 155 -50% 160- 90%
  7. I think 3.9 beats most great soft...unless...............
  8. Forget Ottawa 50% chance for Western and Queens
  9. Don't count anywhere out I say you are in Osgoode and Queens, 50% UofT
  10. I predict your GPA is between 3.5 to 3.7 LSAT 148 My prediction..Out in all Ontario school You were sick during LSAT
  11. Classmate of mine skipped the Jun Solicitor exam ( vacation) and he will skip the Nov exam. He said someone told him March exam is easier to pass. Is there any truth to that? Do you know anyone doing the same? I find it hard to understand that someone will skip an exam for that reason. If unfortunately he fails the Mar 2016 exam, how many more time can he attempts the exam?
  12. Not sure if I will be hire back or do I want to stay. When should I start sending out resume and where should I look?
  13. 51 could turn into top 20 after Jun 19
  14. OSAP is capped at $7,400 or $22,200 for 3 years. My loan account was reduced by amount over $7,400 in September. My loan balance was $3,500 above $22,200 ($22,200+$3,500= $25,500) as of April 30, 2015. I want to re-arrange my financing and pay off the full amount $25,500today. Will I receive the refund of $3,500 later in the year? Thanks
  15. Spring cleaning A full box of old Law text books and materials. These are pretty old-within last 10 years Western and Osgoode PM me if interested-will go to the dump in a week.
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