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  1. 3.93 per OLSAS from York is really unheard of? per OLSAS A+ from York is 4.0 and A is 3.8 That means over 50 % of your grades are A+ and the rest are A.
  2. what is your GPA so far (OLSAS basis)
  3. don't worry about this strike Worry about the next one - 2021 I was at York from 2006 to 2010 - I had to spend an extra year because of the 2008 -2009 I was in 3L when York strike in 2015. The Ontario Legislature resumes Sept 8 will Doug Ford do anything in between? Can he do anything without the full Co operation from NDP and Liberals? Doug is busy trying to put together his cabinet ministers. Does he have time to it? Looks like it is up to the unions and York to tough it out.
  4. Ok All law school in southern Ontario are pretty good.
  5. The Union is going get toasted Ford is going to show his colours to all Unions...
  6. Big 5? Brothers? who said so? Why Windsor is not there? I know a number of Bay Street Lawyers who went to Windsor
  7. I went through the "back door" I had over 20 OCI and 8 in firm.
  8. I didn't know my grades for Winter term until after May 1 deadline.
  9. But you didn't apply I was top 5% in my school and was offered acceptance to both U of T and OZ.
  10. Way to go York Rewarding those who strike and punishing those who chose to study at York. Embrace the next strike for year 2021, 2024, 2027, 2030 ........ Make sure you mentioned that in your brochure to potential / future students.
  11. which schools are you referring to?
  12. why next year ? school starts Sept 2018 were you on wait list?
  13. 20 at least and hopefully over 100 by Aug 31
  14. That means your condition will be waived eventually There is no end in sight for at least the next few weeks. The new govt (NDP minority, PC Minority or Majority) will not call the legislature back during summer holidays and after a tough election fight to deal with York University strike. The Union had made a really bad calculation to call this strike. They think they can get anything they want because it is an election year.
  15. wishful thinking There may be a handful of spots just opened up from those who declined recently.
  16. I bet your condition will be waived
  17. Where are you transferring from and your 1L GPA?
  18. yup I was in 3L during 2015 strike and second year during 2008-2009 strike
  19. The next strike will be 2021
  20. This thread is for English common law
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