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  1. there are many options government - not restricted to justice corporations- not restricted to in house legal dept which area of. Law are you practicing?
  2. Hire a private tutor for LSAT You need. 160+ to be competitive
  3. You don't have to open a new thread for this there is one wait list thread for Osgoode
  4. The second wave is over Any new spot from now on are from those who decline their offer from second wave or those who changed their mind after provisionally accepted previously.
  5. Ottawa if you want to practice in Ontario
  6. first and second year will be 0.74. That will be academic suspension in many universities
  7. You should have been accepted elsewhere OZ is hard to tell
  8. Yes, strictly numbers for the first wave then anything is possible after that. first wave could be between 350 to 400 offers
  9. The majority of the offers from OZ are based on merits. (Especially the first wave)
  10. on 2012 wait list got an offer in 2013 2L
  11. My math is not really good 2.12 GPA x 4 years = 8.48 with 3.5 L2 = 3.5 x 2 =7.00 that means year 1&% 2 =1.48/2 = .74 That will be a lot of Ds and Fs for year 1 and 2
  12. 2.84 is 0.72 higher than 2.12. That is a huge difference in GPA. There are too many if(s) that make it hard to make any prediction. I was hoping to get 180 when I wrote the third time and didn't get anything near that. With a 2.12, I doubt even 170 would help. There are a few thousands law school applicants each year and many with a lot better stats than 2.12 and 152 or 170 get rejected. Unless there are something unique in your application. Do you have a plan B?
  13. i transferred to OZ. I did undergrad at York too. you need a B+ average for OZ . However, a lower GPA (B or B-) if you have a passionate grounds Ottawa is your best bet deadline is May 1? (Next week)
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