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  1. Oz is GPA school (mostly) After the first and second wave of offers (ended a few weeks ago) OZ then became holistic. Applicants with slightly lower stats but have amazing EC/ special reasons may get an offer.
  2. schools outside Ontario will not be impacted
  3. acceptance may be from either files that are not in the wait list or from the unranked wait list The initial ranking will probably come out after replies for acceptance or rejection to be on the wait list. That could be a few weeks.
  4. Yes Until all provisional offers turn firm - sometime in late Jun or early July. check the date
  5. you can use "PM" OP York University has students from many cultural background.
  6. There was a postal strike in 2011. Ottawa sent out over 800 wait list letter and those who wanted to be remained on the wait list must confirm. Many applicants like myself did not set up access to Ottawa's website. By the time we received the letter it was already a few weeks passed the deadline. Ottawa put all the late replies on the wait list. I was ranked around 600. I don't think this will happen again
  7. in the last cycle the one who was ranked 100 on the initial wait list got an offer. in 2011, there were over 800 on the wait list
  8. Wait list are not ranked now. It will be done later on. You may get an offer before the ranking come out. You may also get an offer without being on the wait list. Good luck
  9. your GPA is base on OLSAS Ottawa doesn't drop anything your LSAT is the weak point
  10. You have better than 75% chance but will probably have to wait till August.
  11. your GPA and B3 are not competitive for U of T and OZ. I don't see any difference whether you write in Sept or Nov
  12. there are many options government - not restricted to justice corporations- not restricted to in house legal dept which area of. Law are you practicing?
  13. Hire a private tutor for LSAT You need. 160+ to be competitive
  14. You don't have to open a new thread for this there is one wait list thread for Osgoode
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