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  1. wishful thinking There may be a handful of spots just opened up from those who declined recently.
  2. I bet your condition will be waived
  3. Where are you transferring from and your 1L GPA?
  4. yup I was in 3L during 2015 strike and second year during 2008-2009 strike
  5. The next strike will be 2021
  6. This thread is for English common law
  7. Come back with an actual score Is your 3.7 converted to OLSAS basis?
  8. Civil Law? Programme d'études Date limite pour déposer une demande Licence en droit 1er mai 2018 Licence en droit / programme coopératif 1er mai 2018 Licence en droit / Développement international et mondialisation 1er mai 2018 Licence en droit / Développement international et mondialisation / programme coopératif 1er mai 2018 Programme national (LL.L./J.D.) 1er août 2018 Licence en droit / Maîtrise en administration des affaires 1er mai 2018
  9. you can book a hotel near Osgoode with option to cancel before 6pm
  10. You should contact York Housing. Arriving at 2:30 Pm on a weekday ? You have to wait for for luggage, go through Customs and possible rush hours traffic. There is a strike at York and the picket line is up till 3:30 but York Housing is outside the picket line. Passy is not but you can walk over from York Housing. The earliest you can get there will probably be around 4pm but the latest is hard to predict because of rush hour traffic.
  11. L2 and L3 I worked in L2 summer otherwise I may get more.
  12. I transferred from Ottawa to Oz I received over $20K bursaries for L2 and L3. My net tuition were lower than Ottawa
  13. Hope your ranking is within top 50
  14. What do you mean by "very late" ? Did you missed the deadline? Can't really figure out why you are not in yet
  15. Not the place to ask. You can start a new thread.
  16. I found my spot 2 weeks before Sept I think late July is fine as long as you try to set something up before you go there. Start looking now.
  17. or skip A hold B watch C and forget D don't take E choice is between B or C
  18. what is wrong about Mini Mini Mani Mo
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