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  1. I don't think there is any difference whether OP provisionally or firm accept at this time. Op will reject OZ if and when OP get an offer from McGill and a spot will open up then. I don't see how this will potentially disadvantaging other applicants..
  2. "Edit: I'm also hoping the smaller class size is beneficial for us " Not sure if Law school will be on-line too https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/05/ryerson-university-classes-online-next-semester/ Ryerson University has confirmed that the majority (if not all) of course offerings will be online in the fall semester, making them the first university in Toronto to do so.
  3. Earthquake zone......Pacific Ring of Fire
  4. Convert your grades if you are interested in Ontario schools. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  5. Do not volunteer information.
  6. Their trash can will welcome your transcript with open lid
  7. Imagine the amount of work for the admission staff if they have to review a few hundreds applicant's grades from winter term. However, this is not to say that they definitely will not request to see an applicant's winter term grades. Western deferred decision and request their winter tern grades for some applicants. Ryerson may do that for a handful of applicants too but obviously not from everyone.
  8. Did Ottawa and Queens request them? Your cGPA 3.31 is a bit low for Ottawa and your 164 (one write?) with 3.7+ should be competitive. My advice ?. Do not volunteer information. Pay the deposit to Western on due date unless you get an offer from Queens or Ottawa before then.
  9. Ryerson is a new school. i have no idea how they operate. However, there is always the next cycle.
  10. Just say thank you if you want to reply. "we are not recalculating GPAs with winter term marks"- perfectly normal. "We are waiting for the tuition deposit deadline to determine if we can issue more offers of admission" All spots are filled unless someone decline. Just in case someone has accepted or provisionally accepted and changed their mind. Ryerson is a new school, no one can really tell you about their wait list. You may have to decide whether you want to firm accept Lakehead before July 2 if you want to keep your application for other Ontario schools open.
  11. No co-relation Every law school will try to fill their class with the best candidates they can possibly get. There is absolutely NO reason to wait...
  12. I don't understand what you are worrying about. Just write the LSAT when you feel you are prepared.. I think only ONE school average your LSAT in Canada. (Queens average them for review order but use the highest when determine admission) Which school are you planning to apply and what is your current LSAT. You have posted about your MA grades. If you want us to predict your chance at any school, please post your undergrad cGPA, B2 L2 and B3.
  13. You are welcome. You should try to contact each school now and explain to them your situation and ask them what you should do to increase your chance for admission. Good luck
  14. what make you think that?
  15. They must have lots of time on their hands. You can not change your mind after you accepted another Ontario school.
  16. Shouldn't your Ryerson offer be dropped after you accepted (firm or provisionally) another Ontario offer?
  17. https://welcome.uwo.ca/admissions/requirements/mature_and_senior_applicants.html https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/admissions-criteria/first-year-applicants/mature-applicants https://law.queensu.ca/admissions/jd/admissions-process/first-year/admission-categories https://www.ryerson.ca/law/admissions/admission-requirements/ https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/first-year-applicants/ which school are you interested in?
  18. There may not be any more new offers until someone decline their offer
  19. S on Tort doesn't look good. You got a "C" and others may treat it as a "D"..
  20. Are your GPA and L2 per OLSAS converted?
  21. Just in case you need a ride to and from Ottawa https://www.kijiji.ca/b-city-of-toronto/rideshare-toronto-to-ottawa/k0l1700273?ll=43.653226%2C-79.383184&address=Toronto%2C+ON&sort=relevancyDesc&radius=50.0&dc=true
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