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  1. Windsor is difficult to predict.
  2. Check out the OZ bursaries I got $21K for the two years I was there.
  3. I don't see any problem with that. Why would that be "cheating" ?
  4. There are 2 major factors in renting How much can you afford and how far are you willing to walk or commute.
  5. You should thank your University for looking after you,
  6. How can OP got an offer with the wrong transcript?
  7. You mean will you miss the first wave of offers? Yes you did I think admcomm realized you sent the wrong transcript and requested a replacement.
  8. did it affect your OHIP and OSAP? Personal income tax filing? Quebec or Ontario?
  9. There is no charge to open an account here.
  10. I think this is even better HH A+ H. A P. B+ LP B
  11. HH A H B P C LP D but many will disagree with me
  12. i think so I went home during summer and didn't have to pay the rent
  13. I don't think you are competitive for the 3 Ontario Schools you applied (although I don't predict Windsor) You may be rejected before April
  14. I was talking about young professionals in general but not myself.
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