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  1. Are your 3.677 and 4.0 OLSAS converted? I had cGPA 3.76 from York and was converted to cGPA 3.47. The only way to get GPA 4.0 OLSAS from York is to have straight A+. An A from York is 3.80 https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  2. You have a sub-3.0 in one of the year? Is your 3.9 per OLSAS?
  3. Spent time on LSAT forget about EC. you should be fine with at least a few schools with 160+ assuming your 3.7 is out of 4.0
  4. We ask because your stats should be competitive for Ottawa. Hard to figure out why you got rejected. When did you write your LSAT? I was admitted with 3.47 and 161 before May ( 7 years ago) I know the pool is different each cycle.
  5. is your 3.51 out of 4.00?
  6. Ottawa put more emphasis on GPA. 2.8 may not do it. What are your L2 and B2 ?
  7. How can you do that before Nov 1? You need your 1L grades and LORs. The deadline is sometimes around May 1 (in my cycle)
  8. Request permission to read some of the completed files.
  9. After tax? Never heard of that.
  10. I say 80% for Ottawa. i got in with 3.47 and 161
  11. 1. My own experience only... about as busy, stressful but hours are not as long. 2. Government , in house and many others.....
  12. Are you applying to Ontario law schools? You have to convert your grades based on OLSAS first.
  13. option 1- you have to look for a job in Toronto option 2 you may have a job in Toronto
  14. There is another mountain higher than this one, always!
  15. all the grades are from Canadian University only? you need 157+ for a shot at Ottawa and 160+ for Queens you are still waiting for OZ. Hard to tell your chance with 154.
  16. exchange program? where? outside Canada? if your exchange program is outside Canada, I don't think OLSAS considers your grades from a foreign university. However, your B2 should be higher than your cGPA if both are from a Canadian University.
  17. How is it mathematically possible to have cGPA of 3.58 and B2 of 3.52 and L2 2.76?
  18. I am a bit surprised you didn't even make it to Ottawa's wait list
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