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  1. The issue is not about wasting time to apply to larger firms. the issue is do you want to work in these larger firms? Grades are important but grades are NOT the only thing that they looked at. You may not get as many OCI but all you need is one offer. I can not predict your chance based on your grades alone. Your grades may not be as competitive as some of the applicants but you may be strong in other areas.
  2. Did you have working experience and which area of law ?
  3. you can post anything you want. Ottawa is looking at GPA
  4. My friend told me about the strange sound in Windsor. Are "sensitive" to unknown sound? If you are planning to work in GTA, then both school are about the same. Do you have an offer from both school now? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/mysterious-noise-escalates-in-windsor-ont-1.1177965 https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/unanswered-questions-fuel-obsession-over-mysterious-windsor-hum/article29737974/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/19/world/canada/windsor-hum.html
  5. Convert your grades and GPA to OLSAS basis. 79% is 3.3 (just a ball park estimate) 85% is 3.9 84% is 3.7. Do you have documentations for all the medical conditions you mentioned? Which schools are you planning to apply?
  6. I had 8+ in 1L ( 6 years ago) and I didn't get any scholarship.
  7. Windsor is only additional 2 more hours away compare to Western. You can also transfer from Windsor to Ottawa after 1L.
  8. I don't see the point to chew on this issue. So you missed the Sept test and is now beyond your control. By the time the results for Oct 28 test comes out, someone may have received an offer from U of T.
  9. High LSAT and low cGPA or vice versa are considered "splitter". An example will be LSAT 170 with cGPA 3.2 (just an example) Hard o predict your chance without an actual LSAT and which schools you are applying. I don't think EC can make a big difference with 160+ in your case. Go for the EC that you have a passion for but don't do it just because you want to improve your chances. I think real life working experience is compatible if not better than having EC. For myself, I had to work to meet my financial obligations during undergrad.
  10. OP can be a splitter with a sub-160 LSAT. However, I don't think OP can do much about EC with only a few months to go before next cycle's application deadline.
  11. Are your 3.677 and 4.0 OLSAS converted? I had cGPA 3.76 from York and was converted to cGPA 3.47. The only way to get GPA 4.0 OLSAS from York is to have straight A+. An A from York is 3.80 https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  12. You have a sub-3.0 in one of the year? Is your 3.9 per OLSAS?
  13. Spent time on LSAT forget about EC. you should be fine with at least a few schools with 160+ assuming your 3.7 is out of 4.0
  14. We ask because your stats should be competitive for Ottawa. Hard to figure out why you got rejected. When did you write your LSAT? I was admitted with 3.47 and 161 before May ( 7 years ago) I know the pool is different each cycle.
  15. is your 3.51 out of 4.00?
  16. Ottawa put more emphasis on GPA. 2.8 may not do it. What are your L2 and B2 ?
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