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  1. You can always try. I don't know who can tell you what are considers competitive for Legal Aid.
  2. not a good idea to intentionally let your marks slide
  3. Are you working now or still in school? You may have to look at schools with "drops". Hard to say what is the idea score. Western is a L2 school and Osgoode is GPA school. I don't think you are competitive for these two schools. Windsor is hard to predict.
  4. The best pre-law programs are those that you can get an A easily.
  5. I thought you are not allow to buy and sell the Bar Materials. I remember I was given an electronic copy and printed them (over 1500 pages) myself. I took them into the Bar Exam and have to leave them there. Not sure if the rules has changed.
  6. Do you know what you are talking about? "guaranteed articling position" with an on-line law degree? Are there Law Society in Canada that will accept an on-line law degree?
  7. Compare to article, law school was a piece of cake.
  8. With this on-line degree - The Great wall of China is waiting to get hit
  9. You can get up to $15K per year (based on financial needs) from Osgoode.
  10. Check out the bursaries from Ontario schools
  11. possible reasons his/her parents donated $5 million to Harvard son/daughter of someone with financial/political influence other factors- someone who had unusual life experiences etc.
  12. https://www.thelawyersdaily.ca/articles/6315/university-of-new-brunswick-law-students-hardest-hit-by-tuition-hikes University of New Brunswick law students hardest hit by tuition hikes There goes your low tuition.
  13. You need to know if you can get a LOC before you can decide on your offer(s) You are not jumping the gun
  14. why it is early? you can ask for one as soon as you got an offer. However, you probably have to submit proof of enrollment before you can start drawing on it.
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