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  1. I have yet to see someone said they have 'bad letter of reference and bad EC".
  2. You are not alone. Don't feel stupid... because you are NOT. You are smart because you know to ask someone here. PLOC will have no impact on bursaries.
  3. Your GPA is just below 7.0 or above ?
  4. .Give it a try. I like to know how they respond
  5. there is no way they only filled 2/3 of the class by now. Facebook is not a good indicator...
  6. I don't there is something called "next round'. All spots are filled by now. Unless someone declined their offer then a spot will open up...
  7. Did you take more than 4 years ? Are the CGPA, L2 and B3 per OLSAS converted?
  8. I had 22 OCI and 6 in house. (actually 8 but turned down 2)
  9. Why did you reject Ottawa before you get another offer? That was a big risk. Why did you apply to Ottawa if you don't want to go there?
  10. You are an international student and have 164 and 3.68. Where else did you apply besides OZ and U of T?
  11. There are no turkeys in admissions. They are competent professionals who are doing their best to fill the class with interesting students. Someone were admitted with great stats, some with interesting experience or background and other reasons (holistic) Your stats is competitive and I am a bit surprised of your rejection and not putting you on wait list. However , I have no idea how you compare to others still waiting. I met with the admissions staff on many occasions while I was there and I can attest that they are very dedicated,helpful and caring. . Some of the OZ admissions staff is also a member or reader of this forum.
  12. take the B. I think it will help you more than taking a P
  13. not June 1 https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-dates/ July 2, 2020 (11:59 pm ET) Provisional Acceptances to first-year programs become Firm Acceptances.
  14. If OCI is OP's main reason to transfer, then I think you should think twice.
  15. How many? Really hard to tell.. I think it is filled by now.. Spot will open up when someone declines their offer.
  16. The only grades he /she has will be from Western. All OCI applicants from U of T do not have A,B or C on there transcripts They have HH, H, P, LP and F. OP's A.B.C etc. will really stand out..
  17. OZ must have given out over 400 (if not 450+) offers by now.
  18. You will be considered as a Western applicant for OCI... I transferred from Ottawa to OZ.
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