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  1. What city are you in? Internet+TV+phone for $50?
  2. Your worries are unfounded. You need 3.7 GPA and 160+ to get offer from many Canadian law school.
  3. I stayed in Sandy Hill and School was a under 5 to 8 minutes walk on a good day and double the time on a snowy day. My place was 2 bus stop from school.
  4. 10 years from now, you wouldn't even remember how stressful you were. Good luck
  5. toss a coin Head you go to U of T Tail you don't go to OZ
  6. Can you not go on month to month? Or change the lease to expire Aug 30, 2019 with option to renew. You don't have to disclose that you are going back to school until you get an offer..
  7. York University is famous for strike. Search the net for "York University strike" I think the next one is possibly 2021.
  8. OZ will offer up to $15000 each year depending on your financial needs.
  9. I thought they use 360 days instead of 365/366
  10. but the $33 interest will be added to the outstanding loan amount. Interest will be based on outstanding amount unless you pay the interest separately.
  11. It is hard to say without knowing your stats and schools you applied to.
  12. You went to Windsor Dual (?) If you are in Ontario, then I suggest you contact LSO first before you talk to your current principal. https://lso.ca/becoming-licensed/lawyer-licensing-process/articling-candidates/during-a-placement
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