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  1. You don't even know if you have classes in the afternoon yet.
  2. It is not over yet. There will be more between now to June
  3. That is different 3.78/4.0 or 3.78/4.33 or 4.5?
  4. Strange Did you check your "spam" email folder?
  5. I was on the wait list for 4 Ontario schools and none had told me I was rejected.
  6. I am still waiting for my rejection from 2012 cycle
  7. you can provisionally accept the offer and keep all Ontario applications open till July 2 (?).
  8. By the way, Law school is probably harder than Engineering.
  9. I don't think the deadline is that late. You better check with Windsor or your offer will expire without paying the deposit . The deadline for deposit may be different than the deadline for the offer.
  10. If you can turn a 60% average to a 90% average in engineering program, then I don't see why you should witch to Law.
  11. Hard to tell. However, your law school grades are more important. Since there is nothing you can do with undergrad grades, may as well forget it.
  12. I think all PI are on continent fee basis. Right?
  13. You were accepted to Ottawa Accepted on Dec 19. LSAT - 153 CGPA (OLSAS) - 3.63 B2 - 3.8 What other schools are you waiting for and why are you impatient? You can provisionally accept Ottawa and pay the $500(?) deposit and keep all other Ontario schools open until they reject you or put you on wait list. If you are put on the wait list for Ontario schools, you can wait till late Jun or July 2(?).
  14. U of T is not pass/fail for grading. Search this site and you will have a better idea.
  15. The world has never been fair. I find out from another post that you have 3.7 L2 and 157. The admission process is not over yet.
  16. Why would Lakehead give OP an offer AGAIN when OP declined their offer this cycle? So that OP can decline them again?
  17. Go to a bank yourself and ask for a LOC. You should be able to get one with your clean credit. There is NO cost to you until you start drawing on the LOC. Even then, your school may pay for your interest to until you graduate.
  18. You can tell them you want to withdraw your application
  19. I am too old then Is sewer worse than screw?
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