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  1. Your base is $75,000 and you will get $75,000 That means you get 50% up to $150,000 However, you will get a lower percentage between $150,001 to$174,999. You will get $75,000+$2,500=$77,500 if $174,999= $77,500 or 44.28% For $210,000 you got $95,000. $210,000-$175,000 =$35,000 x 20% = $7,000+$2,500+$75,000 $84,500 is 40% of $210,000. If you pull in $250,000,then you will get $250,000-$210,000 =$40,000 20% of $40,000 = $8,000. Your total will be $84,500+$8,000 = $92,500 $92,500 is 37% of $250,000. "diminishing return arrangements?"
  2. what about health insurance Practice insurance law society membership fees other
  3. I won't careless why she decided to go where. I want to point out that U of T costs more than OZ even after Bursaries.
  4. "similar wealth to my own what they were getting" Do they also have similar available resources, expenses, accumulated educational debts and personal reasons....... "The primary criterion for receipt of a bursary is financial need. Decisions are made based on a variety of considerations, including available resources, expenses, accumulated educational debt and personal factors, including medical and familial circumstances.
  5. That means your choice had nothing to do with finance.
  6. You were thinking of cancelling the score. Can you tell us what was in your mind after taking this test? This would help others who has post test doubts/worries.
  7. How do you know how much you can get from Osgoode?
  8. Remember to post here to let us know-- probably within 2 months
  9. Your stats and schools you applied to?
  10. I have trouble counting how many eggs my canary has laid. She won't leave her nest.
  11. keep 3 chickens and all the cockroach will be protein for them.
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