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  1. Ottawa is cGPA school- Western is L2 and Queens is B2. 3.35 is probably not good enough for Ottawa. You need 3.7+ L2 for western and B2 for Queens. I had 3.47 GPA and 3.74 L2/B2 and didn't get an offer from Western and Queens. (but that was before Justin is our PM)
  2. Are you going to start your own practice or working for a family law firm? What are your experience in family law?
  3. 2015 JD is 3 year associate not 4 years - 1 year article and 3 years post article. There are many threads on this board that related to remuneration were not about Toronto/big law..... Not everyone could get a job in Toronto/big law and many don't even want to work in big law.
  4. Did you say you are going to quit law school or U of T in another post.
  5. Good luck with whatever you want to do. You may want to check out the LOC ( if you have it) repayment options if you quit law school.
  6. Did you speak to your academic adviser?
  7. Your grades are NOT bad. I don't see why you want to "drop out". However, no one can stop you if you want to leave.......
  8. Some schools required certain years of full time employment for mature applicants.
  9. I am still thinking how to get rid of boxes old books.
  10. Apply as Mature. All your concerns are unfounded. Concentrate on LSAT.
  11. with a 3.5, you may need 165+, however, 160 to 164 is borderline. i had 3.47 and 161 and was wait listed (2012) Check out the acceptance threads for the last few cycle to have a better idea.
  12. My 3.7 from York was converted to OLSAS 3.47
  13. Is your cGPA 3.5/4.33 or converted to OLSAS basis?
  14. Your opportunity cost is very high. You give up a $75K job to get into law with no guarantee that you will earn as much as you earn now after graduation. Many of my classmates are still earning less than what you are making now. We graduated 4 years ago.
  15. It is now mid August The chance of any transfer offer is not realistic.
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