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  1. I don't understand what you are worrying about. Just write the LSAT when you feel you are prepared.. I think only ONE school average your LSAT in Canada. (Queens average them for review order but use the highest when determine admission) Which school are you planning to apply and what is your current LSAT. You have posted about your MA grades. If you want us to predict your chance at any school, please post your undergrad cGPA, B2 L2 and B3.
  2. You are welcome. You should try to contact each school now and explain to them your situation and ask them what you should do to increase your chance for admission. Good luck
  3. what make you think that?
  4. They must have lots of time on their hands. You can not change your mind after you accepted another Ontario school.
  5. Shouldn't your Ryerson offer be dropped after you accepted (firm or provisionally) another Ontario offer?
  6. https://welcome.uwo.ca/admissions/requirements/mature_and_senior_applicants.html https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/admissions-criteria/first-year-applicants/mature-applicants https://law.queensu.ca/admissions/jd/admissions-process/first-year/admission-categories https://www.ryerson.ca/law/admissions/admission-requirements/ https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/first-year-applicants/ which school are you interested in?
  7. There may not be any more new offers until someone decline their offer
  8. S on Tort doesn't look good. You got a "C" and others may treat it as a "D"..
  9. Are your GPA and L2 per OLSAS converted?
  10. Just in case you need a ride to and from Ottawa https://www.kijiji.ca/b-city-of-toronto/rideshare-toronto-to-ottawa/k0l1700273?ll=43.653226%2C-79.383184&address=Toronto%2C+ON&sort=relevancyDesc&radius=50.0&dc=true
  11. OZ and Ottawa- cGPA U of T - B3
  12. is your 3.86 per OLSAS converted?
  13. Your B3 is higher than your L2. Did you have a bad third or fourth year? Did you take more than 4 years? Your B2 should be better than 3.29 then. if your B3 is not somewhere near 3.7 or 3.8, you can forget U of T if your L2 or B2 is under 3,7, you will have a very low chance for Queens and Western. I can not predict your chance with Ryerson but with a high 160 LSAT -who knows i am not familiar with schools outside Ontario.
  14. Do you mind give us an idea what do you mean by "are not the best" ? Some schools will look at L2, B2 ,B3 and some schools drop some of your bad experiences. We can give you some idea if tell us where do you want to apply?
  15. York does not have A-. It is either A+ =4.0 per OLSAS, A=3.8 and B+=3.3.
  16. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ York is column 9 C+ is 2.3 and B is 3. B+ is 3.3 and A is 3.8 You need 3.7 for the last 2 years to have a fighting chance. To do that, you probably need straight As for third and fourth year. You had a brutal car accident in year 1 but what happened in year 2? Did you ask for academic accommodations after your car accident?
  17. "... to take 2 courses to boost my L2 GPA (if I do this my last 20 credits GPA will be 3.7 - not great but better for sure). " Your L2 is 3.0 now . How can you reach 3.7 if you take 2 more courses?
  18. What is your L2/B2 now?
  19. What does PCLF stand for? PCLF AcronymDefinition PCLFPlanning and Conservation League Foundation (Sacramento, CA) PCLFPolk County Library Federation (Balsam Lake, WI) PCLFPortland Community Liberation Front (Portland, OR) PCLFPeritoneal Cavity Lavage Fluid PCLFPhiladelphia Christian Leaders Fellowship (Pennsylvania)
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