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  1. Agree with Draken. Donot take unneccessary risk Your stats are good enough and you should get an offer before end of Jan if not earlier
  2. How can you get to cGPA of 3.9/4.0 to 4.0/4.0 ?
  3. Most Ontario schools do not count your courses taken after your first degree.
  4. I think most school only considers your first degree
  5. I don't think Admcomm is interested in why you scored 3 low LSAT. . Find out if you can write the 4th time in Jun 2017. You should consider hiring a good private tutor. You need at least 160 to be competitive.
  6. Ottawa 95% Western and Queens 85% U of T 10% Windsor - no idea Your first offer should be from Ottawa
  7. You don't need any law background to be in politics. Justin was a teacher.
  8. Can you search and read previous post on " provision and firm" acceptance in Ontario?
  9. A classmate of mine wrote the same test with me. I studied for 3 months averaging 5 hours a day, took the LSAT course and practice with past tests. He just went through two or three past tests. I got below 160 and he got 178. I really want to choke him to death.
  10. Hard to predict. your work , volunteer experience and the fact that you already have a law degree should appeal to Windsor and possibly Osgoode.
  11. You have a degree from non-Canadian school. OLSAS will not convert your grades. Assume Ottawa take your GPA at face value, 3.48 and 157 is not competitive for Ottawa. You may have a better chance with Windsor. You can also apply as mature student (Osgoode?)
  12. Your CGPA is not competitive for Ottawa. With 161- you are not competitive for Western and Queens. Hard to predict Windsor. Queens look at your average LSAT first but final decision will based on highest LSAT. I think you should re-write to get a better chance.
  13. 60% [at UOttawa] 160 will bump your chance to 80%
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