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  1. I was able to walk to class in 7 mins.......
  2. I hope it is not too late to send mine now
  3. OP was a lawyer before changing country Did you go to law school in Canada?
  4. Osgoode I spent first year at Ottawa I liked it there but Osgoode is better
  5. HH - A to A- H - B+ to B P - B- to C+ LP - C to D- or HH- A H - B P- C LP - D Well U of T created this funny grading. I am just guessing
  6. pay the deposit and come back when you have another offer.
  7. It is an open book multiple choice exam. Just practice where to find the answer quick.
  8. The Bar exam is a race to find the most right answers in a set period of time. Are you trying to memorize the materials? . Check other posts for tips to prepare for Bar exam.
  9. I am scheduled for the 9:30am. My relatives has to catch a 2:30pm domestic flight. Can someone let me know when will the 9:30am ceremony ends?
  10. Take a course. They provide index.
  11. With 162 you will be in the first round as long as you don't screw up in the application process.
  12. Are you still waiting for this cycle? I don't think any academic award would change much now if you are still waiting.
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