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  1. I got 169 and 165 on the LSAT. I have a 3.58 from three years (but only a 3.15 in my third year). I'm confident I can get at least 3.5-3.7 in my final year. I'd rather go to Lakehead than nowhere at all (I can try to transfer after first year after all), but that being said I don't want to waste my money applying to all seven of the Ontario schools. My preferences are in this order: Toronto, York, Western, Queens, Ottawa/Windsor, Lakehead. (Disclaimer: This order isn't my assessment of how good these schools are.)

    So for example, if I can be pretty certain to get into Queens, I can not bother applying to the other three schools without worrying about not getting in anywhere. I know there are no certainties but I don't mind taking a calculated risk to save up to hundreds of dollars. Any advice? 



    You are taking a big risk.

  2. I can barely take the anticipation anymore! We know that at least the 61st person has been admitted. How many more people would you suspect will get in, considering it's mid July now?


    Also, my ranking hasn't changed since the first numbered list came out despite all the movement being recorded on here. Is any one else on the same boat?


    61 offers were given out but not 61 were admitted.

    I think there must be many rejections.


    If you are sure you will not be going to Ottawa

    Please be considerate and remove your name from the wait list NOW.

    Don't wait till you receive an offer. 

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  3. My prediction only


    Your chance  based on your  current ranking is


    100%      1-10

      70%     11-20

      50%      21-30

      30%     31-40

      20%     41-50



    Your ranking will get higher but the chance I predict is based on your current ranking.


    For those of you who will NOT accept offer from Ottawa, please remove your name from the wait list as soon as you know you will not go to Ottawa.

    You will give someone a chance to go to law school.


    Ottawa will give out offers till late August to Sept. In some cases, you may have only 24 hours to decide, Many will not be able to go because of the short notice.

    Please decline the offer asap if you are not going to Ottawa anyway. Don't wait till the 7th day or 23rd hour.


    Ottawa may have to give out 30 or more offers to fill 20 spots. I remember someone in Ottawa was ranked over 100 and received an offer in late August back in 2011.


    If your rank is 1-10, you should starting packing (unless you are in Ottawa). If  you are not going to Ottawa no matter what, please decline your spot ASAP.


    I was on the 2011 wait list. There were over 600 of us in that pool ( lake?).


    This is one of the fastest moving wait list in Ontario.


    Hope it moves faster those still waiting

  4. Hello Luckycharm,


    I actually have no preference to the area I want to practice, I am living in Ontario currently however.

    In terms of schools to apply to, I was aiming for Queen's, Ottawa and Lakehead (I am originally from up north). 

    What do you mean by opportunity cost? As in post graduation or during law-school? 


    Thank you again!



    I suggest you try to speak to lawyer/firm that practice health care related law.


    You need at least 160 LSAT to be on the safe side. Convert your GPA using OLSAS conversion chart.


    Your opportunity cost ,tuition and living expenses could be as high as half a million.....

  5. Where do you want to practice?


    Which schools are you planning to apply?


    Write the LSAT first


    Your opportunity cost is very high... you will give up $400,000 in loss wages in the 4 years

    minus whatever you can earn during summer. plus the cost of tuition and living expenses.


    You may not be able to practice in areas that you want after graduation.

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  6. Does anyone know if those offered acceptance from the wait list can apply for defer a year for legitimate reasons i.e. compassionate grounds? Or is it only reserved for acceptances through the regular stream?

    Call U of O

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