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  1. 51 minutes ago, Throwaway999 said:

    Update for you guys: I quit without having a job lined up. Ever day there was just so draining that it prevented me from dedicating much energy to job hunting or to setting up on my own. I gave two-weeks notice and worked hard until the end. I noticed that things improved quite a bit after I gave notice, but I thought the improvement was akin to leaving an abusive relationship, where they improve after you threaten to leave, only to revert back to their old selves after some time. 

    Question for you guys: I have an interview with a local lawyer who knows my former boss pretty well -- not sure if they are on perfect terms. How do I explain what happened? How much should I divulge? 

    If I apply to places out of my city, is it OK to just say I was shadowing lawyers who couldn't give me employment? 

    Just tell the lawyer you don't see eye to eye. Do not mention what happened. 

  2. 1 hour ago, McJesus1995 said:

    So, like the title mentions, I completed my degree in the Fall 2019 semester. I'm currently enrolled in a single course this semester (upgrading it, just in case law school doesn't pan out and I work in my initial field). I just wanted to know, will schools look at the marks for this course, considering I've technically already completed my degree? Will they update my past marks in this course with the new marks? Will taking this single course (dropping me to a part-time student) be bad for my applications at all? 

    I'm applying to UVic, UofC, UofA, USask, UofT, Dalhousie, TRU. 

    U of T looks at Best 3 semesters. One course is not a semester

  3. 3 hours ago, BabyYoda said:

    I need advice on how to recover from a blunder involving my grades, and how it affects recruitment.

    In 1L I came out with a B average. I got a C, a C+, and the rest were a mixture of B/B+. Then, I made the massive mistake in 2L of taking Evidence, Business Associations, and Con Law in my first semester. I took 16 credits (17 is the max allowed), and 12 of those were spread between those three courses. I ended up with two C's and a C+. I read pretty much everything and worked my tail off, but it was just too much to absorb for three 100% exams. It didn't help that all of my exams were in the first 6 days of the exam period. Now, I'm trying for recruitment and I think my grades are seriously affecting me and will continue to do so. I do have one OCI lined up, but they looked at my undergraduate grades which were pretty sweet (humble brag) so I think that helped me.

    My question is this: how do I recover from this bad situation? I'm taking a lighter course load now and I will definitely plan my workload better next year as well. However, I am afraid that this is going to be a permanent drag on my ability to get good jobs. Am I over-reacting? Can I salvage this situation?

    Are you OZ? 

  4. 14 hours ago, GrumpyMountie said:

    "Do they really..." questions are tricky. On the one hand, I would say there's no reason to doubt them when they say what they evaluate - and with your stats, just under the median for each value, you would have a good shot even without improving that LSAT.

    On the other hand, I share the deep suspicion of "but won't they also look at those bad years, quietly, secretly?" And it's hard to feel absolutely 100% sure that they won't, even though we've no real reason to doubt them!

    In my case, it's "Will they really not look at the F's in my grad school marks?" So far so good, though, except for that pesky U of A! ;)

    Whatever happens, all the best next cycle. 


    P.S. If you're motivated,  you still have almost two weeks to apply to U of S, which is also a B2 school and which doesn't require reference letters in the general category!

     If there are one spot left and who would you pick? Assume LOR and EC etc are about the same..

    A. 160  only score   3.75 B2 and 3.5 cGPA

    B. 160 only score   3.75 B2,  and 3.3 cGPA

    I had 3.47 cGPA, 3.74 B2 161 highest and was wait listed. (2012) My average score was 156.3

    cGPA most likely a  factor. My own observation ONLY. 

    cGPA above 3.6 with B2 3.65 and 160 may be more competitive than A or B above.

    There may be many other factors admission comm looked at that could affect your chances. 

    e.g. Averaged LSAT - Applicant' file  with 160 (only score) will be read ahead of 160 highest score (157 average score) That was what happened to my application. 

    Other categories?  What if B above is  Access category or Indigenous Category ?

    The stats for applicant pool is slightly different each cycle. School like Queens should have no problem to fill up the top 60% to 75% .  It is not easy to predict the chance of Borderline applicants (like myself) and other categories.

    There may be over 100 applicants  that are borderline and other categories fighting the remaining 25% to 40% spots.      

      Do you still think B2 is the actually just  B2?

    As a matter fact, I think cGPA is always a factor.


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  5. 10 minutes ago, jwill33 said:

    I am a current 1L at Robson Hall from Ontario. Trying to back to Ontario is difficult but not impossible at all. You just have to do a little bit of extra leg work. Use your reading weeks, holiday break, and summer after 1L to go visit as many Toronto firms as you can. Meet the student program leader, an articling student etc. This is what I did on my fall reading week and several firms actually commented that going out, showing initiative, and getting face time with them was going to be better in the long run then some U of T/Osgoode kids who just attend a wine and cheese with a hundred other students. Its absolutely doable, you just have to do some legwork that some of the Ontario students won't have to do. 

    How many student program leader and articling students did you meet? Did you get an interview for 1L summer job?

  6. As we did last cycle, please keep the Admitted threads clear of extraneous discussion. They will remain more valuable and easier to navigate.

    A reminder that Accepted threads are for posting your stats only and for asking brief questions related to the stats someone posts, e.g., asking for L2. These threads are not the place for further discussion, which should be asked via PM or in a new thread. OT posts will be deleted. Thank you!

    Message added by erinl2

  7. Don't worry too much on LOR. It doesn't really worth the paper it is written on.

    Stronger reference will NOT get you an offer... Stronger stats will.

    Just causally mentioned to your professor you are thinking about law school. If they pick up on the conservation, then ask if they can do a LOR for you. Some may be willing to do some may not. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, jatthopefullawyer said:

    Totally agree. however, I am a little skeptical right now because they are being holistic and accepting people with lower stats (low 150 LSAT) before the people with 160+ LSAT and 3.7 GPA, so that doesn't make sense to me. if they keep going with their holistic route, I think they might end up being like Windsor. maybe they are going in a random order through applications? we will have wait until the end of the 2020 cycle to find out 

    I think I know why. I think many old timers here also know why.

    Ottawa is doing quite the opposite and that is why they had over 900 offers for 300+ offers.

    But I could be wrong

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  9. 36 minutes ago, CleanHands said:

    Yeah, sorry to be blunt, but the obvious answer is that the stats of people accepting offers to Ryerson are generally not competitive for many other law schools in Canada (especially in Ontario).

    Not to piss on everyone going to Ryerson; I wish you all the best of luck and I'm sure it will by no means be a diploma mill like Bond or Cooley, but it would be extremely disingenuous for the vast majority of Ryerson students to act like they had loads of options but Ryerson was the most appealing.

    Don't try to sell that bullshit about how great Ryerson is to legal employers either; it won't play well. Something like "I wanted to study in Toronto" would be fine to say and "but I couldn't get in to UofT or Osgoode" can politely be left unstated but everyone is going to understand that's the implication.

    Good points

  10. 5 hours ago, etudiante1 said:

    I'm currently finishing up my 3rd year and planning on taking the LSAT this September. One thing that caught my attention is that some schools like U of T frown upon less than full credit loads (less than 5 courses per term). The issue is that I took a lot of AP courses in high school which fulfilled a lot of my credit requirements. So, I was able to take less courses. 

    In first year, I took 5 courses, then 4 courses. In second year, I took 4 courses, then 4 courses, then did 6 credits abroad in the summer. My third year, I'm also doing 5 courses then 4 courses. 

    The problem is that after third year, I've pretty much met all my degree requirements and only need to take 21 more credits. (So, it would be 4 courses and 3) 

    Is this a huge problem for U of T and do I need to take more (unnecessary) courses just to take the full credit load for fourth year? 


    your GPA so far?

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