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  1. 6 hours ago, lawschoolhopeful6 said:

    I'd really really appreciate anyones input on my chances at Ontario schools!

    3.37 cGPA OLSAS

    3.59 L2

    3.5 B3

    161 LSAT (152, 151 on first two)

    I'm planning on applying to Queens, Western, and Osgoode.

    If anyone's got input as to my chances at other schools too such as U of O, U of C, McGill, and Dal, please share those too!


    My own experience only- ( 6-7 years ago)

    161 and cGPA 3.47. 3.74 L2

    wait list for Queens, Western , Osgoode and Windsor.

    U of O is a slight possibility but cGPA is a bit low.


  2. 1 hour ago, Justforlaw said:

    Hey all,


    I'm starting law school next week and am wondering if I should buy the textbooks before starting school? Is there any significant advantage to doing so? Also, I will be starting at U Ottawa but currently live in the GTA. Is there any way to obtain my books now instead of when I move (next weekend)? Thanks in advance guys

    not a good idea

  3. 1 hour ago, Nate8 said:

    Hi every one, 

    i thought I would write my last "chances" post as i re-wrote the lsat (for the last time thank goodness). 

    My stats are: Lsat 150, 153, 158. 

    GPA: 3.86 (after 3 years of undergrad)


    I really don't have a major preference to where i go. I'd love anywhere in Ontario like Ottawa, Western, Windsor, Queens (probably a major reach). Plus UNB, Dal, TRU and Sask. 

    Although im from AB i have a feeling im out of the running for the AB schools since my average is low. 

    Your input would be greatly appreciated!


    is 3.86 based on OLSAS?

  4. 1 minute ago, Npotter1 said:

    I really like Western, Queens, Ottawa, Dalhousie and UNB

    Ottawa is cGPA school- Western is L2 and Queens is B2.

    3.35 is probably not good enough for Ottawa. You need 3.7+ L2 for western and B2 for Queens. 

    I had 3.47 GPA and 3.74 L2/B2 and didn't get an offer from Western and Queens. (but that was before Justin is our PM) 

  5. On 8/14/2019 at 8:40 PM, levin said:

    I asked as most renumeration related threads on this board are usually about Toronto/big law, i.e. "is it true firm x on bay st increased their articling salary  by x / what does this mean for the 1st year associate salary / will other bay st firms follow etc. etc." I couldn't care less..  I am curious of the rest, but of course I would never try to get someone to divulge info they are wary of sharing! :) 

    2015 JD is 3 year associate not 4 years - 1 year article and 3 years post article.

    There are many threads on this board that related to remuneration were not about Toronto/big law.....

    Not everyone could get a job in Toronto/big law and many don't even want to work in big law. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Indent said:

    I finished my undergrad a year ago and landed a permanent federal job, paying 68k. I’ve recently been promoted and earn 81k (94k cap).

    I’m well positioned to climb a little bit higher, but it will probably take several years to get into a management position. Maybe even longer. 

    I’ve long considered doing law school, but I’m in a good place and and pretty comfortable. It’s not my dream job... but my wrists have the golden handcuffs on. I’d likely have to give up my permanent government job to pursue a law degree.

    I’m most interested in corporate law. How difficult is it to break into corporate law... and is a law degree a worthwhile investment? 





    Calculate your opportunity cost.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Newfoundland said:

    People at our/my school literally told me to not even bother applying because I stand no chance for corporate law and that's what I wanted in law school 

    Okay, what are the steps for leaving? I posted a clarification on the deadliene to tell UofT that I may leave? I do not know if I missed the deadline because they had a June 30th date 

    Did you speak to your academic adviser?

  8. 1 hour ago, Newfoundland said:

    Why do I need an explanation to UofT law to leave? It's not like I have bondage with them that forces me to legally stay with them and plus they have not been helpful with me. 


    What is with the print out for the lawstudents.ca?   


    If I do leave I am leaving fully and not a transfer for 2L to elsewhere

    Your grades are NOT bad. I don't see why you want to "drop out".

    However, no one can stop you if you want to leave.......

  9. 55 minutes ago, Astrowelkyn said:

    I also am concerned about Mature Student status.

    I know for UofM they state a student is considered in this category if they are +26 years old. I am 28, but I have been consistently in university completing an undergraduate and graduate program.

    Would I be required to apply to all schools as a mature student just because I am "old", or would I be able to choose to apply as a regular applicant?

    Some schools required certain years of full time employment for mature applicants.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Naysauce said:

    Hi everyone,

    I'm getting ready for law school applications and I'm wondering if anybody has any advice on if I should apply as a regular or mature student. I received my B.A. (Hons) in 2013 and I've been working in the legal field as a clerk for the past 5 years. Throughout those 5 years I have progressed via promotions, etc. in my field. My stats are as follows:

    cGPA: 3.36 / L2/B2: 3.53 / LSAT: scheduled for this November / ECs: average at best / Work experience: relevant, although I realize it's not a strong factor at all / Age: under 30 / Note: I plan to apply broadly across the country with a focus in Ontario and Eastern Canada where my family is located.

    As mentioned above, I will qualify as a mature student but I understand that this category is still considered quite competitive and, judging by a number of other posts, most accepted mature students have accomplished work/volunteer backgrounds. 

    Should I apply as a regular student? Unfortunately since applications are due Nov. 1 and I don't write the LSAT until late November, I think I'll have to choose which to apply as before I write the test. My GPA is extremely borderline but it's not yet "written-off", so to speak, as long as I score a great LSAT. Will law schools look unfavourably at the fact that an individual applying as a "regular" student has been out of school for 5+ years and thus should instead have applied as a mature student? Maybe I'm overthinking it. I'm confident that I can obtain an academic reference if I apply as a regular, but it would be much easier to obtain glowing non-academic ones if I apply as a mature student because of bosses in my field, etc.

    Lastly, is it possible to apply to some schools as a regular student and others as a mature student in the same admission cycle?

    Thanks everyone - I'm new to this, so any advice is greatly appreciated! 

      Apply as  Mature. All your concerns are unfounded.

    Concentrate on LSAT.


  11. 2 hours ago, Testy said:

    It was converted; I used the conversion tables and went through each course manually, then divided the score by the total credits.

    with a 3.5, you may need 165+, however, 160 to 164 is borderline.

    i had 3.47 and 161 and was wait listed (2012) Check out the acceptance threads for the last few cycle to have a better idea.

  12. 17 hours ago, Testy said:

    Without turning this into another "chances?" thread, I would appreciate some lucid advice from members here.

    I am currently going into my fourth year of undergraduate studies at York, and hoping to attend law school (preferably Osgoode) in the Fall of 2020. I'd like to get into business and corporate law, which have always interested me more so than criminal/tax/etc law. I have written the LSAT this past July and, although no one has yet gotten their final scores, I felt extremely confident about my own performance on the test day.

    My misgivings stem from a particularly rough Summer term that now has my cGPA sitting around 3.5ish from a previous 3.7. I have recommendations from several renowned professors in my field, and intend to fill out part B on my application because of its applicability (homeschooled, mature student, working 30+ hours while studying), but the nerves post-test are beginning to get to me since the LSAT has now become a much weightier portion of this process. Lately I have wondered whether I can be competitive if my score ends up in the low 160s, judging by past threads on the topic. Having career potential in other fields/areas outside law makes for a somewhat stressful, choice-induced scenario.

    I intend to apply this year anyway, since I have another term to improve if I do not get in this cycle, but calm reflection is making me doubtful. Do I have a shot at Osgoode considering its holistic admissions? What score might make me more competitive, if I need to evaluate canceling this one? I would appreciate some insight more than encouragement, although they need not be mutually exclusive.

    Thanks in advance.

    Is your cGPA 3.5/4.33 or converted to OLSAS basis?

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