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  1. i was a transfer student and got 18 OCIs.
  2. Ryerson College gained official university status in 1993. I don't think it has surpassed York in many aspects yet.
  3. Until we see any hard evidence. I have to disagree with you. But I respect your 'opinion".
  4. "A lot of strong candidates wanting to work in Toronto and attend law school there may choose Ryerson over schools like Western, Queen's, Windsor, and Ottawa, etc." How strong and how many is 'a lot" ? Strong enough to go to OZ or UT?
  5. I did 18 and still have time to watch a movie
  6. How sensitive? Was it something to do with national security?
  7. If your cGPA is converted to OLSAS Then I think you have a good chance with the following schools OZ, Western, Queens, Ottawa and Lake head 9if you really want to go there) No one can predict Windsor or Ryerson (new). Your chance for U of T is about 60%.
  8. Don't take a chance. Drop the one that "might not be able" and go for the sure thing. By having 3 reference instead of 2 is an indication that you can not follow simple instructions.
  9. Grades from MA will not count. 3.1 B3 is too low for U of T
  10. what was the interest rate before the bank drop their rate by 2.5% and when was this?
  11. Wait a minute Are your cGPA, B3 and L2 converted to OLSAS basis? Did you include grades from foreign there?
  12. My cousin took a course called "Symbolic Logic" because all his friends told him they got an easy A+. He ended up with a C+ which was the lowest grade on his transcript.
  13. Your B3 was 3.7 and Op's B3 3.26. I think Op's chance is lower than 25% for U of T
  14. Most schools are mainly merit base. Windsor is the only true holistic school. However, many schools also admit certain percentage of students with weaker stats based on other factors. (holistic, mature and access etc.) Western is L2 and Queens is B2.
  15. Are you sure people are not talking about in the whole World? I didn't see "all of Canada" in your post. "I constantly hear people saying how Ryerson is going to be one of the top 3 schools within 5 years due to location."
  16. Ryerson will be one of the top 3 (law) schools in Toronto because there are only 3 law schools in Toronto by September 2020.
  17. They are still working on OSAP funding eligibility as of June 2019 https://www.thelawyersdaily.ca/articles/12918/ryerson-setting-up-for-law-school-applications-in-august-still-working-on-osap-eligibility
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