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  1. Fee-split ? Splitting your billings or the expenses?
  2. my research indicates that schools vary on whether they allow an applicant to remain on a waitlist
  3. "my research indicates that schools vary on whether they allow an applicant to remain on a waitlist after having firmly accepted another offer." Which Ontario school allows applicant to remain on the wait list?
  4. Ottawa will email you and request your confirm to remain on the wait list..
  5. I was a 2L transfer and I was able to get a one bedroom at Passy and i applied after the first week of July. I thought 1L are guarantee a room. The moving out may have been delayed for many current tenants due to Covid-19.
  6. Anything is possible. If you are on the wait list, there may be up to eight weeks of anxiety and sleepless night ahead of you.
  7. Don't you think that will be unfair to others still waiting and the administrative nightmare that will create? You can decline your provisionally accepted offer before the deadline...and take your chance with schools you are still waiting.
  8. I checked your stats. I think this will be your only offer from an Ontario law school.
  9. I went through the same ordeal twice.. It was a learning experience (good or bad). Some of you may not have anyone to talk about how stressful, helpless and uncertainty you are through out this process. I hope no one get intimidated and stop posting here. Husns - stick around...
  10. I think they stopped giving out ranking since 2 years ago. You may get a letter later and you have to confirm if you want to stay on the wait list.
  11. you will be removed from the waitlist after July 2 unless you decline the offer beforethat.
  12. Relax, you are ok. don't let other's childish comment affect you. Have a nice weekend.
  13. Queens B2 , Western L2 and U of T B3. With a 165, you have a pretty good chance for Queens and Western. Ottawa is cGPA school.
  14. I give you a better than 50% chance if you are wait listed. I give you 25% chance before the wait list. You have a very slight advantage because you are in Ottawa (now?) because you can accept a very late offer even up to late August to early Sept... Good luck
  15. forget about EC. Make sure you score high on LSAT What is your B2, B3 and L2. Which schools are you planning to apply?
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