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  1. Most Ontario school will admit a certain number/percentage of student based on reasons other than merits alone. School like OZ will give out more offers than available spots in their first batch. The first batch of offers are straightly based on merits and will make up the majority of the class. There may be an increase of offers based on"holistic" (up to 20% ?)in recent years, but the majority of the offers are still based on merits.
  2. Of course some offers were based on something other than merits. But the majority were based on merits.
  3. I have a few boxes of law books that are gathering dust.
  4. I don't know why do you think OZ is holistic. The majority of the offers were based on merits. Windsor is the only holistic school in Ontario. Is your GPA 3.93 /4.0 ? Your 158 is a bit low. Your stats is good for Ottawa and good chance for Western and Queens. Ryerson Law school is in downtown Toronto too.
  5. i had LOC with Scotia. You have to open a checking account with Scotia bank. You will see one LOC account with limit indicated. Say $41,000. If you don't do anything, there will be no interest charged. When you need say $15,000 to pay certain things. You transfer $15,000 from LOC account to Checking account (on-line) and pay the $15,000 to whatever by the checking account via a check or direct payment etc. Interest will be charged on the $15,000 immediately. You will see the interest being charged by the next LOC statement date. In my case, the monthly interest will add to the LOC. say you have used $20,000 in Sept on your $41,000 LOC. On next statement date, you will see the LOC you took out $21,000 plus whatever interest (say $240) $21,240. You have to monitor your LOC closely and try not to leave money on checking account. If you receive any money (from OSAP/bursaries), you should pay down the LOC to reduce your interest. Question that I didn't know. ( I didn't use the maximum because of bursaries) Will interest accrued counted as part of LOC? I gave an example of $240 interest for Sept. The total interest for the first year could added up to over $2,000. The interest will be higher every year if you draw down the LOC each year. The total interest over 3 years may reach $10,000. If the $41,000 LOC includes interest accrued, then the actual funds available for use will be reduced by the interest accrued.
  6. You have to wait till someone rejected their offer or after the expiration date for the first batch of offers before there may be any additional offers.
  7. 80 offers but probably less than 40 actual acceptance.
  8. They do have a ranking but they just don't want to let you know. The previous year's wait lists were not ranked by merit only. I hope uOttawa can re-consider this decision.
  9. UOttawa's wait list is very different from other schools. I don't know if they will rank the list this year. You will notice from prior year's wait list threads that some who was ranked over 100 on the initial list were given an offer.
  10. Which waiting list(s) are you on? The likelihood for spots open up are if someone receives an offer from another school or change their mind about law school.
  11. If you don't see it, then there is none. you can call up the school to confirm..
  12. Do you have an offer now? Is your offer "conditional' or not? If it is not conditional then it is unconditional. An undergrad degree is NOT a requirement for many if not all law schools in Canada
  13. Can you specify which US schools you are talking about? School that excludes the worst 12 units is not looking at "trend". the 12 units could be your last 12 units
  14. Experience of moving across the world may turn out to be a nightmare Your best friend will still be your best friend no matter where you are. my best friends are in the States. Two years as oppose to three ? well... NCA will more than make up the one year difference and other hurdles you will face if you want to practice in Canada are unpredictable.
  15. I think under 16 in my L1. My friend got 8.0 and was around 5% and ranked 16.
  16. Ottawa put more emphasis on GPA
  17. I had both and I can confirm 2012 L1 only.
  18. do you qualify for mature category?
  19. Ottawa close to 100% Ottawa French common Law - 100%
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