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  1. I don't think OP has 8.1. 10+9+8+8+7+6+5=53 divided by 7 courses (assume equal value) = 7.5 I went to Ottawa for 1L. and had 8.0+
  2. Your grades are just above average. Your GPA is around 7.0?
  3. Learning disabilities of course but you can mention the reason for part time..
  4. don't give up. The applicant pool is different every year.
  5. https://www.justlanded.com/english/Italy/Articles/Visas-Permits/Legal-System
  6. Which school are you planning to apply and what are your stats now (GPA, B2, L2 etc.) ?
  7. Yes. And you missed the deadline to do so.
  8. Apply this Nov 2020 and you will be accepted by Ottawa before next March or earlier
  9. You can say goodbye to Queens and Ottawa. Get ready for Windsor.
  10. Bar Exam- A meaningless and time wasting exam.
  11. When I apply for LOC, I provide Scotia a screen shot or email (?) confirming that I was accepted to Ottawa were good enough. I provided them a screen shot of my class schedule later as proof of enrollment. May be things shave changed now.
  12. Why stop at Canadian Schools? How about American, UK and Australia schools?
  13. That is TRUE. How dare you to say one of the Moderator is wrong.
  14. Fee-split ? Splitting your billings or the expenses?
  15. my research indicates that schools vary on whether they allow an applicant to remain on a waitlist
  16. "my research indicates that schools vary on whether they allow an applicant to remain on a waitlist after having firmly accepted another offer." Which Ontario school allows applicant to remain on the wait list?
  17. Ottawa will email you and request your confirm to remain on the wait list..
  18. I was a 2L transfer and I was able to get a one bedroom at Passy and i applied after the first week of July. I thought 1L are guarantee a room. The moving out may have been delayed for many current tenants due to Covid-19.
  19. Anything is possible. If you are on the wait list, there may be up to eight weeks of anxiety and sleepless night ahead of you.
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