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  1. Need a real LSAT score to make any predictions
  2. I went to both school. OZ was cheaper after bursaries.
  3. have been out in the “real world” for a few years- matured category if worked 5 years after graduation I struggled with concussions, mono, and undiagnosed ADHD (none of which I mentioned on my application).- access category What was your B2 and L2?
  4. female roommates ? are you female or male?
  5. Are these scholarships for first year only or with conditions?
  6. That is very strange. You didn't something like " Queens is my dream school" in your PS?
  7. "Practice, practice practice. Review the overall structure of your DTOC and indices so you can find things quick. Practice, practice, practice some more." Totally agree. And one very very important thing. DON'T TRY TO MEMORIZE the material. Just get familiarize where to find the answers QUICK.
  8. I noticed the bar has moved higher from last year.
  9. Could be but time will tell.
  10. I used the index for at least 80% of the questions (those are 100% correct) with 20 mins or so left to guess the remaining 20% more complicated questions that I skipped. Passed both. I used the index to do the timed practice exam over and over again to improve my speed in searching the answers. I tried not to memorize the materials but trained myself to identify which section and where to find the answer. I didn't take courses in Real estate Law and Corporation Tax and I was able to find the answer from the index.
  11. Apparently Ryerson has adjusted their admission "cut-off" stats this cycle. I think the school has attracted applicants with better stats than last cycle. Really hard to predict.
  12. You have a chance for all your goal schools . Your GPA was OBVIOUSLY affected by what you have to go through and you should apply under "access" category. 170 can go a loooooooooooooooong way. I suggest you apply broadly especially to L2, B2 and schools with drops.
  13. I transferred from Ottawa to OZ. I received 21K bursaries from OZ
  14. You can start asking around now. However, I think you should visit the area before you commit to anything.
  15. I used to live under 10 mins walk from Ottawa U.
  16. " like to alive alone" ? Sandy Hill area https://www.kijiji.ca/b-for-rent/ottawa/university-of-ottawa/k0c30349001l1700185?rb=true&ad=offering
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