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  1. Western is L2. Your L2 must be higher than 3.44
  2. Queens and Ryerson may be your best chance.
  3. Any particular reasons for lower grades in other/earlier years? Did you apply elsewhere?
  4. Not difficult Securing your spot at Osgoode Chambers Suites are allocated to incoming JD students on a first-come, first‑served basis. You can apply for housing once you have firmly accepted Osgoode’s offer of admission. We encourage you to apply to Osgoode Chambers as early as possible. Pending availability, applying by June 1 will highly increase your chances of securing a unit. If you have just been admitted to Osgoode, you can apply to live in on-campus housing and Osgoode Chambers here.
  5. Western If you apply to law school in your final year of university, we are likely to include your Fall term in the calculation of your “Last 2” years OR we may defer our final decision until your winter term grades arrive and include your entire fourth year in the “Last 2” calculation You need 3.7+ for L2 and B2 schools
  6. Just don't graduate until you took all your additional credits. It won't hurt unless the grades on the additional courses are lower.
  7. We can help you more if you don't mind posting your GPA. B2 and L2 .
  8. If it is NOT on the email, then there is none.
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