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  1. Your LSAT is not competitive. Will you re-write?
  2. Ottawa is your best bet. Your L2 is not competitive
  3. For Ontario-Windsor dual, lake Head and not sure about Ryerson.
  4. You will most likely get an offer from two of three schools. 162+ will give you a better chance for OZ. If you think you can do better than 160, then go ahead.
  5. Assume your cGPA are OLSAS converted. you should be good for Queens, Ottawa , Western nad 85% OZ.
  6. Hope this help i don't know your location and practice area. SW Ontario and Real estate? https://ca.indeed.com/jobs?q=associate+lawyer&l=Ontario
  7. Articling student working 40 hours a week? Also, I thought they go by salary basis and not hourly and no additional pay for overtime.
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