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  1. Luckycharm

    Recommend a smartphone to an intern lawyer

    Give him $1,000 and let him buy what he wants
  2. Luckycharm

    Chances Western, Queens Law? [3.61, 3.85]

    don't start that argument again All three schools are good
  3. Luckycharm

    3.75 cGPA/153 LSAT, chances?

  4. You should consider apply to all Ontario schools except U of T. I don't know schools outside Ontario
  5. Luckycharm

    Chances? 3.09cGPA LSAT 168

    What is your L2, B2 and B3? How many years have you worked after graduation. Western A minimum of three years of full-time (or equivalent) undergraduate university study is required as the basis for admission. However, the majority of our admitted students will have a four-year university degree. The Admissions Committee considers all grades but gives greater weight to the last two full years (or equivalent) of undergraduate study. A competitive candidate in the General category will have an A- (80%-84% / 3.7 GPA) average, particularly for the last two full years of undergraduate university study, and an LSAT score above the 80th percentile. Mature candidates must have at least five years of non-university experience since leaving high school and a minimum of two years full-time (or equivalent) university study. A competitive candidate in the Mature category will have an overall average of B+ (78% / 3.3 GPA) and an LSAT score above the 65th percentile. Mature applicants are asked to provide a resumé as a supplementary document when filing their application.
  6. There is "hope" doesn't mean "competitive" . Not everybody post their "acceptance" here. I suggest OP should apply broadly.
  7. You should apply as broadly as you could. You are a typical Split candidate. with that 175 and 3.0+, there is hope for most school s in Ontario except UT
  8. Luckycharm

    OLSAS - Transcripts help.

    send it NOW
  9. Luckycharm

    Question about Withdrawing from a Previous Program

    The question is clear enough. postsecondary and withdraw
  10. Luckycharm

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    Hard to say. Your 157 is your barrier. You are 3 points away from an almost sure acceptance. However, you still have a better than 50% chance for OZ.
  11. Luckycharm

    Admission Q

    Just be careful when you say something like" I am only interested in this "school". in your personal statement.
  12. Luckycharm

    Paralegal vs. Lawyer in Ontario

    What is you GPA and have you written the LSAT? Friend of mine did the paralegal program and was unable to find a job in that field. He is now selling real estate.
  13. Luckycharm

    Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

    1L grades are the major factor. OZ considers compassionate reason(s). I don't think LSAT was a factor in my case.
  14. Luckycharm

    Chances? CGPA: 3.78 Highest LSAT: 157

    101% then. Unless 3.78 is not based on OLSAS