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  1. I think your situation is quite different from OP
  2. Why do you want to do a LLM in Canada?
  3. https://www.kijiji.ca/b-for-rent/ottawa/sandy-hill/k0c30349001l1700185?ad=offering
  4. My own experience only- ( 6-7 years ago) 161 and cGPA 3.47. 3.74 L2 wait list for Queens, Western , Osgoode and Windsor. U of O is a slight possibility but cGPA is a bit low.
  5. Ottawa is cGPA school- Western is L2 and Queens is B2. 3.35 is probably not good enough for Ottawa. You need 3.7+ L2 for western and B2 for Queens. I had 3.47 GPA and 3.74 L2/B2 and didn't get an offer from Western and Queens. (but that was before Justin is our PM)
  6. Are you going to start your own practice or working for a family law firm? What are your experience in family law?
  7. 2015 JD is 3 year associate not 4 years - 1 year article and 3 years post article. There are many threads on this board that related to remuneration were not about Toronto/big law..... Not everyone could get a job in Toronto/big law and many don't even want to work in big law.
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