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  1. Hard to predict your chance without a real LSAT. 3.550+GPA is good chance for Ottawa with a 160+
  2. There are threads about this issue. If it didn't outline any conditions, then there are none.
  3. Ryerson ? 15 mins walk to King and Bay https://www.ryerson.ca/housing/summer-housing/
  4. Check out Kijiji under room rental near U of T. I saw something like $1500 for a room. Yikes Commuting was the major reason why I declined U of T L2 offer. I really enjoyed living at OZ's residence. Class was 5 mins walk from my apartment.
  5. Your GPA is competitive. Your LSAT is a bit weak. I say you have better than 70% chance. Hard to tell how your experience increase your chance.
  6. my own experience is subjective and your very very God friend's experience is objective.
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