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  1. Queens is B2 school. 3.5 is a bit . I think you have 75% chance
  2. It is not uncommon for new members of this forum who are unaware how strong their stats are.. just give them the benefit of the doubt. A little joke is fine but no sour grapes .. OP good work..Welcome to the forum
  3. don't do it... Osgoode don't care about your L2. Is your GPA per OLSAS basis/
  4. Are the GPA etc. per OLSAS basis? Did you apply elsewhere?
  5. Anyone can tell you that a L2 of 3.75 has a better chance than 3.505...My other concern is your low (sub 3.0) GPA. I don't mind doing a prediction, but you should lay out all your stats and not just L2. I did see your GPA until your third post... 164 is a good LSAT score and if you think you can add a few points or break through 170 , then can be a real game changer. Did you apply anywhere else/
  6. 100% Queens, Wester, Ottawa and OZ Hard to predict Windsor U of T 50%
  7. After July next year they don't keep the wait list
  8. Really hard to resist (reject) someone with 3.94....How did you do that???
  9. Call /email all the schools... explain to them your situation and ask if you can make the change now I thnk only the school can give you a clearer answer..
  10. It is hard enough to predict your chance based on actual stats... I have trouble predicting your chance based on your expected grades.
  11. I don't think OP has GPA 3.75 . OP's current L2 is 3.505 (not sure if that is OLSAS basis)
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