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  1. A typical split. high LSAT low GPA. Definitely apply in access category and gather all the documentations for your medical issues. Really hard to predict your chances but hope you get in somewhere. Rewrite and 170+ will certainly boost your chance.
  2. There is a disadvantage for writing in Jan. Offers starts going out as early as Dec. You should seriously consider doing Nov. Hire a private tutor if necessary (some offer on line tutoring). You can use Jan as a backup. Your GPA is very competitive and will most likely get an early offer if you have 160+
  3. You know the answer. 152 will not cut it. Should consider hiring a private tutor and do the Nov test. LOR will not compensate for low LSAT. Your CGPA is per OLSAS conversion?
  4. 9.1 on a 10 scale... Ottawa? You should convert your grades using OLSAS conversion chart https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ You should apply
  5. Thanks lh22. You must have saw my post. I went to Ottawa for 1L and I was going to post something about what I wrote.....
  6. Your B3 of 3.5 is low and your GPA is 3.2. 167 is not a competitive score for U of T. Many U of T applicants has 170+. I don't know how will your legal experience (legal associate?) have an impact on your application. I can only based my prediction on your stats only. However, work experience are considered "soft" in most cases. You may have a better chance for a few other Ontario schools but doesn't look competitive for U of T. However, please don't shy away from applying just because someone tells you your chance is not high. I have no access to your full application and I have been proven wrong before.
  7. I bet you may have receive an offer by the time your Fall 2020 grades are available.
  8. L2 and B2 only consider year with full time course load...
  9. Don't bother with taking any more courses. Spend time on LSAT. You are a typical mature category Which school do you have in mind?
  10. Ryerson 90% Lakehead 90% OZ 25% Ottawa 50% - GPA a bit low Western 80% L2 shy of 3.7 Queens 80% [email protected] also shy of 3.7?
  11. What is your current GPA/B3 and your LSAT?
  12. retake You don't want to apply to Ottawa? You look good for Ottawa
  13. When and where did you write your LSAT?
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