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  1. I’ll do my best to close this thread off: - Am I a troll? Once again, I’m not. My inquiry was sincere. - Am I on cocaine? No, I wish. - Hogan VS Jarrett? I had $100 on Jarrett. - Would I preform sexual favours (the aforementioned blowjob) for marks? Only the magical ‘A++’ - Will I take a summer class, and get a C+ to balance everything out? Only under Diplock’s guidance and tutelage. - The weighted average method referenced by Kurrika is golden. Jackiecharles and Buick- thanks for your opinion, as it’s measured and thought provoking. Diplock- I’ve spent years reading this forum, but still only managed a few posts. Brother, you’re like Pyke 2.0, but with a lot more venom. You try to beat people down with this unfettered sense of wisdom, and ‘this is what the real world is like’, bullshit. The thing that I’ve noticed is that you’re a joke. If you’re oh so knowledgeable, clean up your language, and try offering advice like Uriel, Hegis, and Erin2l. This way you won’t come off like a prick, and people might take you seriously. But until then, you’re nothing but a blowhard. For all the opinions on both ends of the spectrum (minus Diplock), I sincerely appreciated the feedback. Best, Bob.
  2. @ jackiecharles- I would have needed a 96% on the final to get an 'A'.
  3. Hello folks, A troll I'm not! I know that this seems like a 'first world problem'. To conclude this thread, I want to explain my position a bit more clearly. When I left the exam, I was confident that I scored in a specific range, which accounted for the M/C and theoretical questions. As previously mentioned, the only feedback from my prof was that I missed a bunch on the M/C, but did well on the short answer portion (the exam was weighted 60% on the M/C, and 40% on the short answer). Why this matters....I have to work much harder than my peers to earn the same mark, and in this course I worked extremely hard. That's a subjective statement isn't it? However, this is what my whole academic career has boiled down to. To put this in perspective, to me, getting a 'A' instead of what I'm sure I earned is like: - Farve laying down for Strahan's record breaking sack. - Bond's hitting his record breaking hr while juicing. - Hogan vs Jarrett, circa 2000 ish. - Stieb's last 'strikeout' to get his no hitter. Am I comparing my academic accomplishments to these great record breaking feats? Absolutely (kidding,,,,,,,calm down everyone). F*&k yes I'm taking this grade, but it just feels hollow. Bob
  4. Hi folks, I have a quick question for you. I recently received my final undergrad marks, which included a 'A'. However, I'm not sure that my performance on the final warranted this mark, as I'm sure that I fell in the 'B+' range. Here's my issue: I want my mark in this specific class to be earned and not given, as I worked very hard in this course. If you were in this situation, would you accept the grade? If so, why or why not? Here's some additional information: - the class is not curved. - my prof will not release my exam mark. - I don't want to force my profs hand into releasing my mark, as it could paint him/her into a corner. - this is not a crisis of character type scenario. Thanks for your advice, Bob.
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