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  1. how and where did you find the robes?
  2. I did send you two P Messages. Please check your messages.
  3. I contacted several people in my network and through my network but none seemed to be helpful and denied on my face in helping me find a Mentor or become my Mentor. It is frustrating for new calls to not get support from their senior members. My previous employer agreed to but then he did not do the required number of Legal Aid files in the last 5 years. Feeling helpless........
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. BTW, who are you referring to as OP?
  5. Hello Everyone, I am a new call from year 2016. I applied for Legal Aid Empanelment but LAO asked me to find my own mentor. LAO does not give a list of Mentors who we shoud be contacted by Mentees. I tried contacting several lawyers but no one seems to be interested in helping new calls. LAO staff advised me that Mentor will provide guidance on the administrative, billing aspects of the file and if the mentee needs any advice nut the loiability wlould be that of the Mentee on the file. Would anyone suggest any mentors or how to contact lawyers who are willing to be mentors. Thanks
  6. what are the requirements for newly called lawyers to become empanelled with legal aid ontario for family law matters? I read the legal aid website and the information is so overwhelming, need some guidance from anyone who is working on legal aid files.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am just new to the concept of LLP. I am in the process of entering an LLP arrangement with another lawyer who was called in January 2015 and stared practice in September 2015 whereas I was recently called. I am thinking of either going solo or LLP with this another lawyer, and would like some feedback on going solo or LLP. Questions for going Solo: 1. Although I worked as a law clerk for 7 years doing family law, real estate - residential/commercial, wills & estates and some immigration but still not able to gather the confidence to opening my own practice as I cannot rent an office at the moment due to debt. Would it be a good idea to work from home and meet clients at a virtual office? Can we meet the clients at our home? 2. how many newbies are doing this and what are the costs involved? 3. how are the couriers and mails delivered if working from home? Do we have to pick up from the virtual office or can have them delivered to our home address. 4. Can we direct the law offices and other organisations to have them deliver their couriers/mails to the home address? 5. how are new lawyers getting clients? 6. How does office sharing work? 7. What are the costs involved? Questions about working in an LLP 1.As I mentioned in my opening paragraph that we will be two lawyer in this LLP arrangement so how will the work be divided/distributed in an LLP arrangement? 2. Since this other lawyer started as solo last September and she has already built her clientele. If I join her now in an LLP arrangement, how will the work be distributed/assigned between us? OR 3. Do I have to bring my own clients? 4. What about the other expenses/costs that this other lawyer has already spent on - rent - $2500 per month, printer/fax/copier/scanner; phone, internet, furniture, softwares - PC law, divorcemate, Real Estate, etc,. firm advertising costs, business insurance, notary public stamps and seals, ( has rented a room for $400 to a Paralegal). I am assuming that this will be paid by LLP. 5. How is the salary/income paid to both of us? 6. What are the essential terms that we can have in the Partnership agreement?
  8. Has anyone created a plum profile and taken the plum profile assessment test for the lawyer's job? Is there any costs/fee for creating the profile and taking the assessment test? I applied for an associate level position and they are asking to create a plum profile? The law firm is not a bay street firm but just a general practice firm. I have never heard of this and would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions?
  9. Hello Would you be able to share with me the sample cover letter for an Associate position, if you are able to find some? I will be called to the Bar next month and am looking for some sample cover letters too. Will appreciate a lot.
  10. Areas of practice would be - family, real estate and immigration law. Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton.
  11. Does anyone know what are the job prospects for new calls and how/where to apply for jobs? Is it a good idea to send the resume randomly to firms (even those not hiring) and cold calling? Are the recruiters helpful in finding a placement? Or Can someone shed some light on going Solo? What are the pros and cons of going solo? How much salary should a new call expect in a small/mid size/big firm? Any insight would be appreciated.
  12. please check email.
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