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  1. I had similiar grades to those in 1L, they significantly improved organically in 2L when I was in courses I was interested in, and I ended up getting jobs for 2L summer and Articling in the field I wanted, including Articling at a Crown's office.
  2. Thank you for this - I wanted to make the same post, and am glad you beat me to it. With that said, in light of the posts following - adVenture's discussion more mirrors mine. I have average grades and had 8 interviews scheduled for articling at the Crown's office. I have a good resume and cover letter, and I worked my ass off for the interviews. I ended up getting articling before needing to go to half the interviews. But to your point, more than one of the offices I interviewed at decided to give it to their summer student.
  3. To echo the above - no fall reading week in law school. In upper years you get 3 days while the 1Ls do an intensive course. In 1L - fresh out of luck.
  4. I couldn't answer concretely, but I'm pretty sure the waitlist is in a set order, and you can't really adjust your position. I believe the only way to get in off the waitlist is if someone rejects or pulls out their acceptance. Good luck.
  5. I've never been one to shy away from public speaking, but honestly, you'll be so surprised how much you can improve this! I think 99% of people are nervous during their first moot, and if they're not, they should be. Its definitely a learnable skill, and with each one you shed some of the nerves. With respect to big crowds - no, you don't need to give any big presentations. But there are opportunities if you're looking for them.
  6. The above poster is correct - decide based on where you want to practice afterwards. As for London - I had my reservations about the city before starting and now I love it. Sometimes you don't know what a place is like til you live there. Congrats
  7. I'm a crim head at Western. If you want more information send me a message.
  8. Kitchener and St. Catharine's are doing interviews this week, Cornwall called yesterday as Snarky mentioned. I heard Windsor called a few weeks ago
  9. It has that reputation but there is a strong contingency building for criminal law. Every school offers criminal law classes and has a legal aid clinic, so you will never be limited from going into that field by your school selection. Western's criminal law interest is growing and I'd encourage you to come, but your decision will ultimately be about a number of factors. Feel free to check out this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/725513827586829/
  10. I have interviews with Barrie and Oshawa so far.
  11. For those who have questions about the ceremony - the information was specified in Assoc. Dean Chamberlain's invitation to the ceremony, but to answer, yes, you will be coming to school on the first day in your business attire. This is because there will be no opportunity to change between registration and the ceremony. The first day is pretty compact. Of course, you can change into something more comfortable after the ceremony (there will be tours, or (I think) some down time before the evening activities). As for the JPs, we won't be attending the ceremony as we have other activities during that time, so there's no need for JPs to suit up.
  12. I went to Law Games as a 1L - I had no issues. I lost about 3-4 days on my memo, but that actually motivated me to work harder and I still got a draft done the weekend after. Its totally doable.
  13. The answers above are all true, but just for my $0.02. You need a suit. Your use of it will vary based on ECs. Moots require a suit, and they are extra-curricular. But you will no matter what need one for an early formal, and for your January Term. If you're in CLS you may need a suit. There may be other employment-based occasions as well (firm tours, interviews, etc.) Summaries are abundant and are always electronic. I would stick with the textbooks, but yes, its dependent on the person. Some are pretty necessary though as they drive class discussion, and there may be participation marks within those classes.
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