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  1. Abii

    Ask a 1L 2018

    What do you think about this "briefcase"? I have one in black and I love the bag. It's great for school and I've seen office workers taking it to work. Do you think it's court friendly? I'm still gonna use it, but I'd like to read your opinion since I have zero experience with the court/law environment. https://www.filson.com/24-hour-tin-cloth-briefcase.html
  2. This reminds me of my old job in the oil industry. I mostly did shift work and my shifts were always 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. In those 14 days my employer contracted us out to as many jobs as possible, whether we liked it or not. To the point that we sometimes didn't even have 8 hours of rest between our shifts (that means we billed over 16 hours of work). This was of course illegal, but they got around this by making sure each crew would get sent to different sides of the refinery for their 2 x jobs a day. This way safety would not be able to catch on unless they checked our card scans (to see how long we'd been inside the plant). This was common in our trade and I did eventually get caught by safety. I had done a night shift and after that was done they sent me to a day shift job. For some reason the night shit safety officer was over on the other side checking on some stuff. He sent me straight back to camp, called up my company and pulled every permit issued to our guys in the refinery. Within 36 hours it was back to normal and we were all being asked to do the same thing all over. While the money was amazing (because of double overtime), I eventually lost it and quit. Unfortunately this is how it is in most industries. Labour laws can always be worked around. Then you have small businesses and mom/pop shops that put in 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year!!! The only solution is not getting into debt, saving money, investing and getting the fuck out of dodge as soon as you have your 1-2 million in assets. Outside of that you either get lucky or you put up with it as best as you can, until you burn out. Then you move on to the next opportunity, rinse and repeat.
  3. lol I know people are different and we all respond to different things in life, but no matter how hard I try to put myself in someone else's shoes, I can't fathom how adult colouring/cat cuddling is supposed to help a person. If anything, mentally, you have to be in a really positive place not to throw the colouring book out the window if you're an adult. If I'm pissed off about my daily affairs and sitting around colouring pieces of paper I'd just get 100 times more pissed off. It's not even a band-aid solution, it makes you feel worse.
  4. It is absolute proof. Even on face value TrialTrep's claim doesn't make much sense. Most people our age aren't buying b/c most people our age care more about travel, having "experiences" rather than assets and they're generally risk averse. Plus, when you buy you have to deal with maintenance, you're locked down etc... From the ones that do, I have no absolute proof that "very few are able to do so without help from their parents." Neither do you. But on face value, to me, that claim seems ridiculous and my own experience is absolute proof that there are "tons" of others doing the same. Why? Because there are enough 20-something and 30-something year olds making six-figures that the help of parents isn't necessary. My brother is an EIT (engineer in training) and he's making close to 80. When he gets his P.Eng in 2-3 years he'll be over 110k. His girlfriend is making the same at another company. They both graduated in 2017. If you have a trade ticket you're making 40+ dollars an hour. Say you're working NO OVERTIME (highly unlikely in the trades) and you get 10% vac pay... that's ~85k a year. If you do nights you usually get 15% more. If you do OT you get 1.5-2 times per hour. So you can easily go over six-figures. Think of how many young tradesmen are out there. Towers in Vancouver are being pushed back 2 years because they can't find enough trades to fill in positions. Drive around Lonsdale Quay and look at all the Alberta plates. They're all here to work in the shipyards and the construction sites in the vicinity. I know 2 guys that were flown in from Fort MacMurray, given a truck each and rent allowance to work in the shipyards as NDT technicians. If the news didn't focus on so much negative bs, the attitude wouldn't always be so doom and gloom.
  5. As Trump likes to say: WRONG! But seriously, I think a fact check is in order about most buying with the help of parents. I bought my condo at the end of 2015 (well into the condo boom) at age 27. My brother is in his early 20's, debt free and saving up for a condo (he'll be buying it with his gf). Neither of us got a penny from our parents. In fact, I'm going to be giving my mom 5000 dollars in a few days to help out with debt. Just think about it though. In order to buy before the age of 40 you need a down-payment and a mortgage. The down-payment is usually the hardest part, but by the time you collect that cash you'll have so much work experience that the mortgage obviously won't be an issue. If you have an 80k+ job for 3+ years, you can save up at least 50-70k. At least. Yes, most young people in Vancouver aren't buying, but the ones that do aren't necessarily getting handouts from parents. Also, when you say Vancouver, I'm assuming you're talking about Greater Vancouver. Right now you can find condos for 400-550 in Coquitlam. Almost brand new. Even in Burnaby you can find stuff for 500. If you start working at the age of 20, by the time you're 30 you'll have the down-payment. If you get into a trade out of high school (which is big here in the lower mainland) you're laughing. All the ticketed welders, scaffolders, NDT techs, plumbers, crane operators etc... are making close to 6 digits. And think about how many of them are in their 20's and 30's. If they use their brains they can easily get into the market, and a lot of them do.
  6. I understand what you're saying, but my issue is with the useless nonsense that a lot of these student unions waste money on. Our own student union is almost certainly good and I wouldn't want to opt out of their programs and fees, but the university-wide student union activities/programs is what I have a problem with. Wasting money on kittens during exam time is one example (this was at my old uni). But you're right, not worth the effort I guess. Already over it haha
  7. Obviously we can opt-out of health/dental, but what else? I found a few student union links that weren't really helpful. Here are all the fees we have to pay for Fall 2018: That student health and wellness fee seems like bs. 370 dollars for 6 semesters. Can we opt-out of that one? In undergrad our SU would bring cats for cuddling so we could supposedly de-stress. This health and wellness thing has the same bs feel to it. What else can we opt-out of?
  8. Abii

    1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    So happy I don't have any 8AM classes. I've got two 9's and a 9:30, but I'll take it. Time to check ratemyprof.
  9. Abii

    1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    Go wash your mouth with soap. I better get the afternoon shift.
  10. Abii

    1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    Not bad. Once Foundations is done, you'll have 3 easy days (M, W, F). Can't wait to see mine. Maybe they're doing things by last name.
  11. Abii

    1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    It means shit is about to get real. It also means we get to figure out if we have to wake up early or not most days. Can't wait.
  12. Abii

    1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    I don't see anything
  13. Abii

    Ubc vs u of a

    Oh man, this thread was funny to read. I'm from Van, but I lived in Edmonton for a couple of years (non-law related) and I can see why the city didn't leave a good impression on healthlaw. She did exaggerate though. Restaurants don't close after 7, but the city does die down in the evening (minus Whyte Ave which tends to be more lively all the time). Winters are brutal, but you get way more sun in the winters compared to Vancouver. This isn't even a debate. I'm on my phone so I won't bother looking up the stats, but even without checking it's obvious. As far as the attitude of the people are concerned I do think Albertans are generally more friendly. But i attribute it to the rural nature of the province. Vancouver is a discount Toronto with more traffic and higher costs. That means people have that big-city shit attitude that New Yorkers are famous for. There is also more class division and anxiety in Vancouver. Personally I find Edmonton a lot more pleasant to be in because people aren't always stressed about money and cost of living.
  14. It's something that needs to be seen first-hand for sure. The smallest condo I lived in was 560 square feet. Bit I think I can go 450 no problem. These units are even smaller than that!! haha Re. Furnishings: yeah, either Ikea or Structube.