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  1. Hello, I have setup a few meeting with summer students/associates at firms I will be applying to during OCI's. I am conflicted about what to wear as its summer and I have multiple meetings a day for a few days. Originally I was thinking collared shirt and tie but think that might be too hot to walk to each place in, more recently I was thinking golf shorts and collared short sleeve, is that too casual? also, what type of shoes should I consider? Thanks so much
  2. check my stats, I got into a few Ontario schools with similar stats last year
  3. I am looking for some input from upper year students here. I am about to submit my MSc. thesis which means my defense will be in September sometime, my question is, based on the work load in the first month of school will I have enough time to study for it on the side in your opinion? I do not believe I will need a ton of study time, maybe a couple hours for a few weeks before. I have no idea what to expect in the first month of law, I also have the option to defend at the end of the xmas break and spend my break studying which id rather not do but may have to bite the bullet. Thanks DAS
  4. For what its worth I got into UOttawa among a few others with 3.21 CGPA, 3.84 B2/L2 and 158 LSAT and just wrapping up my MSc right now and wrote about IP in my PS. If you have any other questions shoot me a PM.
  5. I think applications typically open mid-august and close around the start of November, though this year the closing date got pushed back a bit.
  6. Provisonal acceptance is fine. Consideration will remain for the schools you select on OLSAS and provisonal acceptances will become firm acceptances on July 4th
  7. When I provisionally accepted to one of the Ontario schools I had a box come up where I could select which schools I wished to still be considered for. I let me select as many as I liked. You should not be limited to only one selection. Maybe try the old 'logout and log back in' trick before doing anything that cant be reversed.
  8. Im going to drop my spot tmo so I hope it goes to one of you.
  9. accepted via email at 8:02pm 3.21 cGPA 3.85ish L2 158 95% sure i will be declining
  10. status changed online, no email 3.21 cGPA 3.84 L2 158 LSAT
  11. Hello I selected the option of allowing Dal to inform schools in Ontario of my acceptance. I have paid my deposit now and havent heard back from Ontario schools in any form yet. I have seen in past threads from other years that Dal may not infrom they other schools until summer and I was wondering if this is still true. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks DAS
  12. Is this possible? I have my admissions package and went to the link where it was stated I could pay by card online however I cant log in because I havent been given a dalhoussie ID number yet.
  13. got the email from Rose 20 mins ago cgpa: 3.21 L2\B2: 3.84 LSAT: 156, 158 Ontario Resident
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