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  1. Has anyone heard anything about special bonuses firms are paying out to associates this year (on top of the regular bonus amounts)?
  2. I got my pup in my second year of law school. During my last year of school I had time to spend with him, train him, etc. From my experience getting a puppy during articling would not be a good idea; you simply won't have enough time to spend with it, ensure proper socialization, etc. When I started articling I put my pup in doggy daycare 3 days a week and tried to leave from the office at a reasonable time on the other two days. That worked out pretty ok, but daycare is expensive so you would need to consider that if you think you might go that route. 2/3s of the way through articling I ending up working from home. A year later I'm still at home and very happy to have my pup as my office mate (though he loves to start barking every time I get on a call). My dog is a low energy fellow that is happy with one walk a day (or none on days like today when it's -20); however I have friends with high energy dogs (border collies, aussie shepherds) that seem to do just fine as well (though they will probably be out walking today notwithstanding the tundra conditions).
  3. My firm reversed the cuts last week Canada wide.
  4. "Big Law" is a fluid term, especially in Calgary where regional and local firms can have offices that are much bigger than the local offices of national firms. In Calgary I prefer to look at firms as large (80+ lawyers), midsize (30-80, which can include local offices of national firms), and small (15-30). I would roughly guess that out of the 2019 class at least 60 placed at large and mid-sized firms (which would be around 50% of the class). Of course there is also the Crown, City, and Oil and Gas Companies with in house legal departments which also hire a fair few students.
  5. Heard that at least one national firm laid off associates across all offices this morning.
  6. The national firm that I work for has (temporarily) laid off a large percentage of admin staff country wide; we have been told that pay reductions are coming along with partner draws being reduced. Number hasn't circulated yet but rumored to be between 15-20% for associates. I've heard from friends at other firms in Calgary that they have followed a similar route. I've also heard of small numbers of associates being laid off at some mid-sized firms. Right now the message to articulating students is that we will be allowed to complete our articles, but no guarantees after that point. Obviously this is a fluid situation so this could change as well.
  7. As an anecdotal counterpoint I work at a national firm and we have had several associates move from from our office to sister offices in Vancouver and Toronto over the last few years. These individuals began working remotely on files with groups in those offices and once they had built a relationship with lawyers in those cities decided to make the jump (for a variety of reasons: wanted to pursue a type of work that the offices they moved to was more engaged in, wanted to live in the city they moved to, etc.). It was definitely easier for them to move having built those relationships over time through inter-office connections and the transition was fairly smooth from what I understand.
  8. I don't think I bought any books new in 1L. As long as there aren't major edition changes second hand is the way to go.
  9. The below is based on my experience in Calgary. Interviews that are given in 1L are definitely based on the full package. This includes law midterm marks, undergrad marks, work experience, ECs, etc. Those with strong midterm marks will likely get more interviews than others, but even having solid middle of the pack grades should get you a few provided your whole package is compelling. Generally midterm marks simply do not provide enough information at this stage on the capabilities of the candidates, and as such firms are definitely looking at other criteria as well. If you are in Calgary going to firm events, mixers, cocktail receptions is definitely a good idea as well. The people at these events are usually influential members of the hiring committees from the firms they represent. Making a good impression at these events can also improve your chances of getting an interview later.
  10. Did you check with the school to see if you could submit your application regardless? It's not like it is your fault that you are late. I know some schools haven't announced their awards yet, so they may not be finalized. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. How did you calculate your GPA? I didn't see it posted anywhere.
  12. L2 in this context likely means your last two years of schooling completed at the University Level. Your best bet would be to contact the admission committee at the schools you are applying to and asking them whether they will accept your 3 years of college toward the entrance requirements. Past research on this topic would indicate that years spent in a college will not be considered toward the requirement that candidates complete at least 2 years at the university level prior to applying for admission to Alberta law schools, but it can't hurt to ask.
  13. Apply broadly! It is impossible to say which school will give you the most money as every school has different criteria for deciding. Of the schools where I got admitted the scholarship offers ranged from 75% of tuition for all three years to 40% tuition for only the first year. It's not like they didn't have much bigger scholarships at the last school, they just didn't pick me. The biggest scholarships are generally awarded before you have to make a decision on which offer to accept so apply everywhere and see what happens.
  14. I believe that Shell are doing at least some interviews tomorrow.
  15. How long should we wait before we should start drinking?
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