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  1. ProveIt

    Housing 1L

    No direct experiences but I haven't heard anything bad from people that lived there. It's a pretty short walk to school (though you might not want to during winter) and I think it's a pretty new building. Might want to watch out for road noise depending on what unit you're looking at.
  2. ProveIt

    Current 1L Answering Questions

    I don't know much about the hiking club but here is their website: https://www.kamloopshikingclub.net/ I found Facebook to be a very useful communication/planning tool while in law school.
  3. ProveIt

    Is law school fun?

    "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and law schools guaranteeing favourable outcomes." — Benjamin Franklin
  4. ProveIt

    U of C vs TRU

    As a general rule, go to school where you want to practice. Based on the variables you cited I would say go to TRU. The only thing that militates against TRU is cost.
  5. ProveIt

    Advise time ! (3.1, 3.6, 160s?)

    A cursory review of the various accepted threads will give you an idea of where you stand.
  6. ProveIt

    Good Canadian supplements/ guides ?

    Agreed. Irwin for contracts, torts, and criminal and Hogg for constitutional.
  7. ProveIt

    Kamloops to Vancouver

    Weigh you personal circumstances against your career aspirations. Nothing will help you get a 'law job' more than good grades. For most people, that means spending as much time as possible learning the law. You only ever get one crack at your 1L year. Making sacrifices will always be part of the game.
  8. ProveIt

    Personal Statement Advice

    Good advice here already. You should solicit feedback from people you trust to give you an honest assessment. I would also write multiple drafts. You might need to refine your message and tone and that takes time. Things to avoid: "[Some life event]... and it was at that moment I realized..." or equivalent constructions. Clichés. Unabated sob stories – appeals to emotion can be useful but you should be judicious.
  9. ProveIt

    Email Exchange with Sandee

    I get it. Don't worry, you'll have plenty to stress about once you're admitted.
  10. ProveIt

    Email Exchange with Sandee

    This is the most likely reason. Admissions decisions are made (as far as I know) on a rolling basis. Not all applications will be considered before decisions are made (so apply early). I wouldn't read much into who's heard back and who hasn't. Relax guys. It's going to sort itself out. FYI: My acceptance came via email attachment and a hard copy letter in the mail. There's been waitlist movement up to the very last minute before the start of the semester in past years. I've heard that the school is pretty honest with what you can do to improve your application if things don't work out. Good luck.
  11. ProveIt

    Next round of acceptances

    About 115. About half full.
  12. Confused by what you mean by this year's entry class. If you're asking about the articling rate, my understanding is that it's 94% right now.
  13. ProveIt

    Next round of acceptances

    No problem. Your LSAT score will give you a good shot (way to go).
  14. ProveIt

    Next round of acceptances

    Current student here. The incoming class is about half full and the admissions committee is working through hundreds of applications. Good luck!