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  1. bobbyflem

    Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    My advisor simply crossed out the 12 and replaced it in writing with 24. He initialed the change and signed off on the approval - that seems to be an option for those of you who are concerned about the whole verbal thing!
  2. I love how astoundingly accurate this is - I found my time in the reserves to be great in terms of gaining life experience. It gives you a pretty good idea of what you'd expect as a Reg Force soldier. There's no amount of mumbo jumbo propaganda from the recruiters at your local recruiting centre that will accurately portray what you can or should expect - the only real way to know is to get in there and do it. If you do join, I think you'll find that it'll be one of the best and worst, but oddly most rewarding experiences of your life.
  3. bobbyflem

    Housing 1L

    I'd imagine there's a lot of subletting in the summers. Personally I'd think it would be more convenient to just hang on to the place for as long as you can - avoids having to move every year and trying to find a new place at the end of every summer!
  4. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

    For those of you still waiting, Leanne is on vacation until the 9th and her auto-reply on her email says that updates on the wait list will be available on the 11th. Hang in there! Hopefully some more of you get in before the end of the summer!!
  5. While I wait to be added to the class of 2021 group, I thought I’d post here... About me: 25 year old male, down to earth, clean, social and responsible. Interests include snowboarding, hiking, a good cup of coffee and chatting/laughing over a good meal or drink. I worked for a while in financial services and will be moving to Kamloops at the end of the summer (or earlier if we can lock a good place down). PM me if you’re also looking for a place and/or need a roomie!
  6. bobbyflem

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    I'm also in! Got the email about an hour ago. I've posted my stats earlier if you're curious and applied under the regular category. Also have until July 12th to accept and will be doing so! To echo what @sandman said, the community on here has been wonderful and so supportive. Good luck to the rest of you who have to wait, looking forward to meeting the class in September! PS: When I spoke to Leanne on Friday, I was #15 on the wait list.
  7. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

    Thanks for the update! As much as I want to call her again and see if I've moved since Friday, I'll hold off and see what you guys hear Thanks to everyone else who has provided updates - I doubt I'm the only one who feels at least SOME relief that things have changed even since last week. You're all gems!
  8. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

    Maybe they bumped me because I kept calling them (they never answer their phone though...)
  9. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

  10. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

    That's what I was wondering!! It's possible it moved a bunch over the weekend - I called her around lunch time on Friday and it sounded like she was in the middle of sorting out the order (she had to re-sort things for me). With that in mind, it's also possible that some people farther back on the waitlist dropped off because they may have gotten in elsewhere - it's possible that the 20 people behind me took themselves off the waitlist...who knows?
  11. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

    Whhaaattt? I also talked to her on Friday - I started at #21 and only made it to #15 Maybe you called after I did and it had changed...anywho, I hope we all hear something soon! Thanks for the update!!
  12. bobbyflem

    Waitlist 2018

    I talked to Leanne the other day - the wait list has only moved 6 spots so far. Unfortunate news, but still keeping my hopes up! She said they're enrolling people for classes right now, and if they've accepted a seat elsewhere, they usually drop out pretty quick once they receive the $10,000 tuition invoice. Fingers still crossed! Good luck all!
  13. bobbyflem

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    To those of you who have been accepted, is there a specific time of day that the offers usually go out, or do they get sent out over the course of the day? Just wondering to keep my sanity - plus I"m sure there's at least one other person on here who's also wondering. Thanks!
  14. bobbyflem

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    Thanks, good luck at uSask! Hope things work out for you
  15. bobbyflem

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    I guess I should stop phoning poor Leanne then . Heaven forbid if I'm "that guy"!