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  1. Nayaab02

    Personal Statement

    I would call the Admissions Office to confirm, but I don't think it should affect your entrance chances unless there was something specific about naming documents in the application.
  2. Nayaab02

    Change in Personal Statement

    Agree with everything @pzabbythesecondsaid. Another thing to add: there has been a change in leadership in the admissions office at McGill Law after around 6-7 years I believe.
  3. Nayaab02

    Penfield Apartments? (McGill Housing)

    Yes, this is the Luna building I'm referring to. It does seem pricey to me as well, but I am looking for a two bedroom apartment to rent out that is located not too far from the faculty (ideally less than 30 minute commute). I've also been looking at the new condos being built in Griffintown, but they seem to be the same price (if not more) and are located further to the faculty than the Luna building. I'm also a little confused as to which neighbourhoods would be more study friendly. I tend to work best at home, so I am also looking for a quiet neighbourhood.
  4. Currently in Montreal looking for apartments and came across a 4.5 apartment for rent for $1700 on Penfield. Any opinions on whether I should go for it or not? Its right across the New Chancellor Hall building and seems to be student friendly, but I read some terrifying google reviews and thought I get other opinions...
  5. Nayaab02

    Graduated 2016 – Questions About McGill Law?

    Thank you for starting this thread! I had questions pertaining to student attire. 1) How casual/professional do students dress on a day to day basis? 2) Are backpacks okay to carry around or are they considered juvenile? Would you recommend backpacks over messenger bags considering textbooks et al? I ask because I am currently cleaning out my closet and plan on going shopping for clothes that I will be able to work with throughout law school...
  6. Nayaab02

    Accepted 2016

  7. Nayaab02

    Accepted 2016

    I got accepted last Tuesday! I had my French interview the day before I got my acceptance although I just finished a Bilingual Honours B.A. I have an 8.0 GPA out of a 9.0, no LSAT, if anything average ECs and LORS from profs I have continuously had classes with since first year. My Minerva status changed before I got the email, but by only 20 minutes or so. Genuinely still surprised that I got in, but I think diversity of experiences might explain my acceptance. I finished an honours degree in 3 years (convocation in June) and its a bilingual degree so a slightly offbeat program (?). I don't know, McGill's law admissions are still a mystery to me... Good Luck to everyone waiting!
  8. Nayaab02

    Accepted 2016

    I called today and the lady at the office said that rejections have started going out.
  9. Nayaab02

    Chances for McGill 2015

    I haven't heard back yet from McGill... Should I start making my alternative plans more concrete? Or wait it out until the end of Feb?
  10. Nayaab02

    Status on Minerva

    I called and asked about the number of offers and was not given a clear response. The lady just said that offers have been going out since December and are being made daily.
  11. Nayaab02

    Accepted 2016

    Congratulations! Glad that this thread has finally started!
  12. Nayaab02

    Status on Minerva

    My status is also still on Ready for Review. I think the first round offers will start going out starting next Monday. Last year the offers started on the 15th of December.
  13. I don't know if this helps but if you call the undergraduate admissions office they have some pre recorded messages answering some useful questions regarding uploading documents and stuff. Good luck! I hope everything works out!
  14. Nayaab02

    Chances for McGill 2015

    Hello everyone, I am currently done two thirds of my undergrad degree and my GPA is an 8.0 on a 9.0 scale. I plan on either maintaining that or getting it higher. In my opinion, my strongest element in my application will be my academic grades because I do not have many extra curricular activities. Would you guys recommend that I take the LSAT to boast the academic element of my application or not? Thanks!
  15. I called in today and the McGill Law School admissions lady told me that they run the GPA conversions on a program and that an 8.0 on York University's 9.0 scale is an 85% in their system. It seems like they convert the GPAs specifically based on the undergraduate university you're coming from and they seem to convert it into a percentage. I haven't applied to McGill, but hopefully plan on doing so next year Hope that helps!