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  1. Did Ontario Superior Court offers go out already?
  2. With all the banks I've asked (RBC, Scotia, TD), prime minus is only for dental/med students. But these three all offered me prime +0.5 at first, then all I typed to them was "but RBC/other bank is offering prime"... then they just gave me prime. They didn't even ask me for written offer/confirmation from them, they knew all the banks are offering prime. I'm confused as to why so many people are having trouble getting prime, almost seemed standard to me (based on my experiences, in BC). Not sure what games these banks are playing..
  3. All you have to do is e-mail and ask them what rate they can offer you.. then it's written - super simple I literally did it with every bank. E-mail any advisor from the bank, on their respective websites, just Google.
  4. Thoughts on living in Alta Vista area then??
  5. Hi everyone - an update: TD is stupid and thought they could offer me prime -0.25%..... but a month after setting me up with all their chequing/savings/credit card accounts/ paper work, they tell me they can't. It's only for medical and dental students. What a WASTE of my time. But I still want everyone to know so their time isn't wasted too. Now I'm going to Scotia, because.
  6. TD is willing to do prime -0.25% ($100k / 3 years), RBC has a 2 year grace period at prime flat (amount depends on school), Scotia with no interest payments (added to principal) at Prime.. so TD's best??
  7. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/registration/first-year-block-timetables-2016-2017
  8. Don't eeeeven worry, you have so much time to study and apply again!
  9. Thank you all for the information!!
  10. Hi everyone, What is L2 and B2? And what are the chances of getting accepted when applying in 4th year (not yet gradated) - would it be better to graduate first, and then apply? Thanks!!
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