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  1. Seriously though, don’t take a course if all you want to do it for is to “know” the material for the bar exam. The bar materials give you all the info you need. It’s not worth wasting your time taking a course you otherwise don’t care about. Now if you have other interests do take it. But just for the bar? Pass.
  2. If I were working I’d just come in late. Not because I’d be going to the parade, but because I know transit is going to be royally screwed and commuting that morning will be terrible. As a summer student though, I’d just show up. Your time at the office is pretty limited in the first place. Taking random days off seems silly unless you really need to. I don’t think I took any time off my summer. It’s only 3 months.
  3. Back in the day I applied to every Ontario school except 1 and to two extra-provincial schools. Ended up getting only a few acceptances before my top choice (Osgoode) admitted me and I accepted, so I’m not sure how I would have fared in totality. My stats were competitive but not exceptional, so it was a bit of an unknown, thus my relatively broad application strategy. I think applying to all law schools in the country is a mistake. In Ontario, applying to all of them or nearly all of them is probably fine so long as you’re prepared to attend said schools. It’s best to analyze where you stand and go from there, but obviously the more borderline you are, the broader your applications will be. The less competitive you are, the more you can whittle down the list to the ones you have a chance at; vice-versa is true as well — the more competitive you are, the more you can focus on your top schools. People in the middle will likely end up submitting the most apps.
  4. I plan on doing my usual statistical analysis of the cycle (given the info on this forum and provided through the lawapplicants.ca site), at least with respect to Ontario schools, sometime in late July once the cycle has more or less concluded. I’ll let you all know if it appears to be more competitive this time around!
  5. Yeah I agree with Hegdis that the traditional considerations of a foreign-educated lawyer establishing him- or herself in Canada likely does not apply to you. You have extensive experience as a lawyer in multiple jurisdictions and can (presumably) speak multiple languages. I think you will have far less trouble than those people who get a foreign law degree and are returning to Canada with nothing else. I would suggest you contact the law society of the province you’re looking to settle in. You should also take a look at the NCA and see how it applies to you and what it would take to have your foreign law degree recognized in Canada. Finally, know that you may qualify for certain alternative options to licensure. In Ontario, for example, there is an articling abridgement option for lawyers licensed in other common law jurisdictions who have legal experience. It may apply to you and thus you can avoid having to article if you qualify.
  6. I agree this is not a great situation. You should talk to a lawyer for sure. There is nothing anyone can do for you here besides agree that it’s unfortunate you’re in this mess.
  7. Because they agreed to train you as an articling student. And most (residential) real estate transactions aren’t so complex that you couldn’t figure it out without a lot of instruction. It’s not much of a burden in my opinion. And in any event the lawyers will need to review it anyway so it’s not like they’re doing so much extra work.
  8. Ask the partners to do it yourself with input from the assistant and with the lawyers reviewing your work. That way it’s your file.
  9. I think you were treated fairly. Most people don’t know they’re hired back until maybe a month and a bit before the end of their term. If anything, they’re generous to tell you now. It will give you enough time to find an associate’s job or at least prepare for that eventuality. Articling is never, ever a guarantee to hireback. The default expectation that it would be guaranteed, absent notification otherwise, is incorrect in all cases. Sorry to hear that you didn’t end up managing your expectations at the start but at least you have time now.
  10. To add to this, my firm has a very large list of international clientele and with very few exceptions all of the lawyers are Canadian law school graduates. The balance went to, as OP suggests, top schools in the UK and the US. But those lawyers don’t have these jobs for that reason. Their colleagues certainly do just fine with their Canadian law degrees. So yeah.
  11. Depending on the school, the difference between domestic and international fees is negligible. At Osgoode for example, it wasn’t even $1k. The visa thing (yes OP should talk to an immigration lawyer) may be manageable from what I’ve heard.
  12. It’s in the student handbook thing.
  13. 2L summer experience going into articling is negligible I would say. I doubt a firm would consider someone who had that experience over someone who didn’t if the latter is otherwise a stronger candidate. But I couldn’t be certain, having not been on the hiring side for articling students, so this is just my personal opinion. I agree you should work any job over the summer both for the sake of having some income and also to show prospective employers you have general job experience.
  14. Not a 1L but was a while back. JCR nights are where the bar is open on campus. There’s usually music and pool and other activities. It’s in the same building as the school and during the day it’s the student lounge. Pub nights are organized by the social convenor for the student society (Legal & Lit) and they’re usually in a different bar every time somewhere in the city. Both take place once a week (Wednesday and Thursday, respectively). You need to have proof of enrolment and your class schedule, which I think you’ll already have before orientation. You can get a printout from York’s student information website.
  15. I don’t know. I can only speak for my experiences at Osgoode.
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