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  1. Ryn

    Admission Q

    Yes they can see what other schools you applied to.
  2. Ryn

    Osgoode Part C question

    You can talk about those aspects if you feel they go to equity, work/life experiences, your performance, or to the diversity of the class. If none of those are applicable to your circumstances then I don’t believe you’d be able to write anything there.
  3. Depends on the firm honestly. And your workload. Obviously if people are depending on you, dropping everything to take a week-long trip to Europe would be the worst thing for your long-term employment. But if you can manage to take the time, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it. A friend took a week not that long ago, and they’re at one of the Seven (ugh). I doubt they will have any trouble getting hired back. I took single day recently just because I could and I felt like I could use a shorter week. No one gave a crap. If you’re a good student and are strategic about taking time off, as long as you’re entitled to the time and you don’t put anyone in hot water by leaving, I don’t see why you can’t do it. Any place that would gripe about an articling student taking time off generally, or not hiring a student back because they took time off despite the fact that it didn’t really impact anyone’s work, is not anywhere I’d like to be employed.
  4. Ryn

    ART School Transcripts

    LSAC isn’t used to apply to Canadian law schools. In Ontario, you use OLSAS, and everywhere else you just apply directly to the school. According to most law schools’ requirements, all post secondary education should be included in your application. Whether non-degree-granting schools should be included is a question for either OLSAS or the individual schools. You should call them to confirm.
  5. You know, the “seven sisters” moniker is getting so tired. Wasn’t it created nearly two decades ago? Can we come up with something better? Also these questions are a bit silly. I mean, what do people think the answer is? No? No one has ever, in the history of OCIs, has ever deigned to decline an in-firm with a Sister, lest their career prospects be scuttled at the outset, and be relegated to the lower echelons of the Tremendous Thirteen instead? Of course people have declined interviews with these firms. I know of several. It happens all the time. If you’re an alternate and hoping for a spot: you may indeed get one. If you’re a fortunate interviewee, then you can safely say “no” for another firm you like more without raising the ire of anyone.
  6. Also, I'm pleased to say that in just over two months, the website has gotten over 1,000 registered users and we've generally received positive feedback. I've launched a Facebook page if you're wanting to keep up-to-date with what's happening with the website, and if you want to spread the word about the app. Check it out here. Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks! Glad to hear it’s helpful Good luck on your applications!
  8. Ryn


    If you’re a borderline candidate and indicated that you’re writing the January LSAT, the committee will hold your file until your new scores come in. Whether or not you get in depends largely on how much you improved. This is also where doing more than 2 writes may be a disadvantage if you are doing your third write in January: if you have been consistently low for two tests, it’s possible the committee will put less priority on re-reviewing your file once you get that third write in.
  9. Ryn

    The TRUTH about law school

    lol well spot the U of T grad But also it's true
  10. Ryn

    high school transcripts?

    It is absolutely not difficult to get good grades in high school. Like, at all. Plenty of high school honour roll members found themselves getting 60s in university. A good high school transcript is an indicator of nearly nothing at the university level. The only thing that can show how well you do in university is your transcript from university. That said, if you’ve been diagnosed with something that you are now able to manage, take an extra term or two at university to show what you’re capable of. Adcoms will want to see evidence that you are able to succeed in law school. Access admission is not a pity category; if you can’t show that you are capable of succeeding in the program, you will not get admitted.
  11. Ryn

    The TRUTH about law school

    Look, here’s the reality of the articling situation in Ontario. If you’re shooting for a Bay Street job, it’s tough to get even if you have excellent grades. Thinking that you’ll have a better shot at Bay if you go to Osgoode over Western or something is not a bet I’d be willing to take, given the price tag. I mean, even if we accept that you do have a better chance, I would say it’s utterly marginal and won’t make up the cost. The advantage of going to school at Osgoode or U of T is the network you build and the proximity to your coveted career destination. Outside of that, I sincerely doubt that anyone who does decently okay in law school, and in that category I’m going to include people who have C averages, and doesn’t have the personality or work ethic of a small mollusk, is capable of finding an articling position somewhere. The problem lies, I would say, in people not expanding their search outside of their top-choice career destinations.
  12. Ryn

    What are my chances? [153]

    You can get a more reasonable GPA estimate using the OLSAS calculator here: http://lawapplicants.ca/grade As to why your GPA drops when converting to OLSAS, see this: http://lawapplicants.ca/faq
  13. It is. This is the same whack of a website that published that hilariously stupid list of top law schools in Canada with absolutely no criteria other than the author’s personal opinions and managed to get itself quoted by actual news media but then had those articles promptly withdrawn after it turned out it was a bunch of hogwash. This place is run by some guy who graduated from Windsor this past year. This in itself is indicative of nothing, but unfortunately the rigour of the articles on the site seem to show that it’s nothing more than an attempt to create credibility where there is none. It’s basically about a hair short of being blog spam.
  14. Ryn

    Professor not replying

    I actually don’t know how the system does it now. Back in my day (which admittedly wasn’t that long ago) we had to get references in by mail. If you want to know for sure, I’d contact OLSAS.