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  1. If you are good enough to be accepted, it's based on your current stats. If you indicate you will rewrite the LSAT in January, then they will only wait if you are otherwise not competitive. Or they'll wait because they haven't pulled your file yet for evaluation. I can't see any circumstance where they'd be willing to accept you but then say "hold up" if you indicate you're rewriting. What would be the point of that if you're otherwise good enough to accept?
  2. Not to mention you will have to write the LSAT, which includes a writing sample. If there's a huge disconnect between your LSAT writing sample and your personal statement, it's sure to raise eyebrows.
  3. This is also my experience. I find Word track changes to be annoying unless people turn off tracking for formatting things, which people pretty much never do. Also, it's hard to keep track of versions through track changes, since once you accept a tracked change it just becomes part of the document. If you're still negotiating things and proposing counter language, tracked changes becomes a bit clunky. Not that I like Workshare per se, since you don't really get to see what has changed without actually pulling up the blackline, but it's at least pretty good at keeping discrete versions of documents, I find.
  4. They will indeed require above-average grades. This is only a single assignment worth 15% of your mark; it is not a defining statement of your performance even in that particular course, since you still have 85% of your mark to go. Government jobs and clerking are not out even remotely, and I imagine even if you ended up having a C+ on your 1L transcript, it would not preclude you from those jobs as long as you showed stellar performance in upper years. Now, I should be clear: if all one gets are straight Bs throughout law school, the likelihood of getting a clerkship is pretty low unless you have something else very compelling to show. Bay Street jobs will also be hard to come by. But there is a difference in being an average law student (having a cumulative B average, with some higher grades here and there), and a law student with straight Bs. The former will open up some opportunities that the latter won't give you. It still won't be easy to get the coveted jobs with a B average, but it is attainable. Now, I will add that clerking is significantly more competitive than landing a Bay Street gig, so if that's your goal, then having an impressive transcript is the first priority, even moreso than for OCIs. That said, you're still very much in the running even with your single C+ assignment here. So find out what you can improve and keep working at it.
  5. Yeah. You can get a rough estimate of your OLSAS cGPA converted from your US grades on lawapplicants.ca. It's not going to be as accurate as the Canadian ones but if you're looking for some guidance, it may help.
  6. 😆 seriously. Whenever banks have tried to do this, my response is always, we'll use our own form of opinion and just incorporate the stuff you want us to opine on. Except I always add a bunch of qualifiers, but so far they haven't objected to any of them. Not that I've dealt with a ton of banks in my ~1.5 years as an associate, but still, the experience has been, well, let's just say, irritating, generally. My favourite is how one bank (which shall not be named) required original wet signatures that were witnessed by us. In the middle of a pandemic. They refused to disburse funds until they had the originals in their possession, never mind that they had electronic copies sent to them right away. Thankfully FedEx still operates, but it took days since the client is not local currently. Ugh.
  7. Don't worry too much about it. Everyone's going to get a "bad" grade in law school at some point. You have to remember that you're in a room full of people who most likely got straight As in undergrad. Several of them probably went to grad school before law school, too. You are all high achievers. And, since you're all graded on a curve, it means some people have to get a C+. But that C+ is only in comparison to your peers and only with respect to this one assignment. It's not a general statement about your ability as a law student, nor is it an objective measure of your academic ability overall. Use this as a learning experience. Ask the prof to review the assignment with you and what you could have done to improve. Then take it from there so you can do better on things moving forward. Now, let's take a step back for a moment. You should prepare yourself for the reality that this may not be your only disappointment. Law school is tough, and when you're competing against your classmates, all of whom are incredibly accomplished just like you, not everyone can be at the top. Most law students are average law students, and that's okay. Average law students get good jobs, too. Even Bay Street jobs -- case in point, I was an average law student and I'm a Bay Street associate. So, manage your expectations but use this as motivation to see what you can do better. Law school is a bit of a learning curve, too, so that will take some time to master. Good luck.
  8. Ask for a Word copy from the other side. Unless they're solicitor for a bank, where they may not have a Word copy, it's common courtesy to provide a Word version (I mean, it should be the default, but I've had some people send me PDFs of documents we're still negotiating -- ugh). If they refuse then: (1) you know they're an asshole; and (2) just convert it to Word and mark it up.
  9. Well that would depend entirely on the legislation. That said, even GDPR, as far as I am aware anyway, really only affects personally-identifying information. Stuff you post here generally wouldn't normally qualify. If information posted on here can identify someone, we do generally entertain requests to redact that information already.
  10. Opinions are like the senate. No one really asked for it, but there they are, anyway, constructing their own version of reality
  11. Have a look at the admissions websites for each school and see if they have a mature category and what the requirements are. I can tell you that Osgoode will likely take all of that into consideration (provided you have good marks), and I am fairly certain several other schools will as well.
  12. 👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFNcStdF_Ok
  13. Let the admissions offices know at the schools you’re applying to. This happened with a couple of apps at Oz when I was on the committee and we never minded waiting for the letters to come in. Usually it was pretty quick once the writer was told they were late. And we didn’t count it against you. Obviously other schools might react differently but you will do a lot of good by giving them a heads up.
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