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  1. Hey all, happy to join next year's 1Ls at UofC! L2: 3.8 LSAT: 164 ECs: Crisis line volunteer, board work, theatre, and full time work For those obsessing over the green circle like I was, mine turned into a check mark in 4 days. Good luck to everyone still waiting! I am rooting for you.
  2. Hello everyone, Just curious how long it took for those who were accepted in previous years to go from a green circle to a check mark in their Student Centre? I ask more out of curiosity, as I realize we are still incredibly early in the acceptance cycle, so there likely won't be many answers for applicants for a few weeks at least. I looked through previous threads and found a few different answers, but was wondering if anyone found that there actually was a consistent time period. Hope everyone waiting is hanging in there (and hope the admissions office isn't too overrun by work)!
  3. I would recommend checking out this page: http://law.ucalgary.ca/jdadmissions#quickset-field_collection_quicktabs_7 It walks you through the admissions process, and also provides statistics for previous first year classes. You may note that 3% of the class last year did not have degrees (the highest of the last 5 years). I get the impression on this forum that it is very rare to be admitted into the UofC law program without a degree. Applications have already closed for 2016 admission, but if you apply next year and it is the same process, you will need two LORs from academic sources. No interview component. Again the link above should help you out there.
  4. My understanding from the fine folks on this forum is that it will come off of your to do list in the next week or two. The admissions office is super busy with applications right now, and have to manually enter your score into the database to take it off of your to do list -- so this obviously takes some time! UofC Admissions often posts on this forum, and has said to expect it to come off your list in mid-November. I think everyone who took the October LSAT is in the same boat as you. If you look at your LSAC page under reports, you can see if UofC has pulled your score. If they have, then they already have it. They just haven't updated it on the to do list yet. Cheers!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to touch base with everyone during such a busy time! You are always so thoughtful about calming down the anxious frenzy around admissions.
  6. Congratulations! It pays to get all of your stuff in early. Do you mind very much posting your stats?
  7. Thank you! I thought so, but my anxiety was getting the better of me. Thanks so much.
  8. Hey all, This may be a silly question, so apologies in advance. I took the LSAT on Oct 3rd, and just got my scores back. Does LSAC automatically send these to UofC? Or do I need to physically send something in myself?
  9. Historically, these stats are good for UofC (I believe the average LSAT is 161, average GPA is 3.6 for admissions). So stats-wise you are good, but of course UofC is holistic, so this won't be the only consideration. Best of luck and congrats! I am hitting refresh over and over again.
  10. I just went grey. I visibly jumped out of my seat. Hopefully no one at office noticed.
  11. Ah, gotcha. I thought it turned at midnight as a day of reckoning omen. Thanks, good to know.
  12. But the icon on the website hasn't gone grey -- isn't that the official indication that scores are coming out?
  13. I think if you look at your Student Centre at your To Do List, under the referees it will say "initiated" or something similar. I believe that means that the email has been sent out. I also did get an email once the letter was submitted.
  14. That was exactly my thought! Better we make our mistakes now than later. It was a good wake up call.
  15. Thanks everyone. Great advice, and it's good to know that this isn't atypical. I got back on the saddle last night and did another PT to get my confidence back, and it went much better (by about 10 points -- yikes). I think I just need to remember that it's not a race and that there's time enough to breathe. And now I plan on relaxing and not touching any more PTs. Thank you so much everyone!
  16. Hey everyone, Curious if anyone else has experienced an unfortunate outlier this week on an LSAT practice. I have been scoring pretty consistently over my last 6 tests in my goal range, and then took a huge drop last night. I will be reviewing the test extensively to see where I screwed up, and get back on the saddle so I don't stay discouraged, but I would love to know if this is something that happens sometimes to people, or if I am just doomed. Thanks
  17. I believe the admission website actually says right out that not having two academic references will disadvantage an applicant. There is a portion on the application form that gives you space to explain why you don't have two academic references, but I would imagine it would have to be a pretty good reason. If you have a few other sources in mind, I would recommend taking them out for coffee and getting them reacquainted with you. It's my feeling that a decent academic reference might outweigh a really good professional reference in UofC's case. That's my two bits -- someone who has actually been accepted into UofC already might have more insight!
  18. I am nervous too about that -- hopefully I am preparing effectively in these last few days! I am scoring where I want to be, so now my goal is to just keep my mind warmed up. I've planned to do 5 more practice tests (endurance is what I am worrying about most right now), but I've taken the Friday before the test off of work so I plan on doing nothing but yoga and relaxing. I'm also not touching alcohol for the next week and a half to keep my mind sharp, and working out when I can. The only thing I am planning on doing the morning of the test is a few quick logic games to warm up my brain. I worry I am not doing enough, but I suppose that feeling won't go away no matter how much I do...
  19. Thanks steel_shot -- that was my feeling, and this gave me some reassurance. Thank you!
  20. Hello everyone, Just looking a for a bit of advice in regards to the letters of recommendation. I did combined program in University, and so have two degrees, however, without going into too much detail about my programs, one of my degrees ("Degree A") involved much more one on one interaction with my professors, and one ("Degree B") had very large class sizes without any personal time with the professors. As such, I contacted two professors from Degree A to write my LORs, and they were voth very happy to do so. Now I'm a little worried that I should have had one from each degree, but I really feel like any professor from Degree B is unlikely to remember me, and if they did, write a truly personal and detailed LOR. So my question is which is better? Option 1: A letter from a prof from Degree A (very strong) and another from Degree B (somewhat weak), covering more from my academic record. Option 2: A letter from two profs in Degree A (both very strong but not as much variety) Thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  21. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! That makes a lot of sense and really helps me out. Thank you very much!
  22. I have a quick question about the application form for UofC. When listing your job experience, it requests you list a reference from each job. I worry about doing that for my current job, simply because I think my supervisors knowing that I was applying for school and may not continue at my job might adversely effect my work environment if I am not accepted into school (they'll know I'm not planning on sticking around forever, and I may be the next to get laidoff). Am I the only one facing this conundrum? Does anyone have any suggestions? This is literally keeping me up at night. Sorry if this is a dumb/unreasonable question!
  23. Thanks for all of the awesome advice everyone! This so reassuring and will really help me to know what to focus on. I'm going to go full force on lsat studying. Everyone is so helpful and friendly on this board -- thanks for being so great!
  24. That's fantastic advice and a good way to look at it. You always have good insight so I really appreciate it! I absolutely want to focus on the lsats as opposed to adding more softs so I am happy to be reassured about that. I also agree that it would be nice to have the experience so I can go into school with some idea of how an office would operate, which was my other rationale. But it's good to hear that if I wasn't able to get a job over the summer, focusing on my lsat would still make a huge difference. Thanks so much for the advice!
  25. Hello! I am currently looking for ways to strengthen my application to uofc in the fall -- it's my first choice of program and I would love to get in. I have a GPA of 3.8, cgpa 3.6, and haven't taken the lsats yet. I acted throughout school, volunteered at the distress Centre and on some nonprofit boards, and have worked for the past 3 years at an office. My question is, should I try to get some work in a law office to strengthen my application? Am I lost without it? And when applying for these jibs, does it help or hinder to mention my future goal of law school? Thanks and sorry if these are silly questions! I'm just so nervous and want to get it right the first time.
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