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  1. Congrats! Sounds like you have a super interesting background! See you in September!
  2. Thank you -- this is really helpful. It's helpful to know what is common.
  3. Thanks for that. I guess there just isn't an easy answer -- it will be disruptive no matter what if I want to have a career at the same time. I suppose I wait five years into my career (eight years down the road), until I make enough money that my SO can be a stay at home dad. Thanks for the advice. Just trying to figure out what is most conducive to a career. I'm reading "Lean In" right now and it all seems way too good to be true. Womanhood, am I right?
  4. I appreciate the honesty! Honestly, I had heard a number of people who had done it recommend it, so that maternity leave doesn't force you out of your career, but I did find it hard to believe that 3L wouldn't take up too much time. Thanks for answering! If you can't ask anonymous internet strangers, who can you ask?
  5. I have pored myself over topics on this forum that talk about balancing a family and a legal career. I'm only a 0L, so maybe I am just finding things to worry about now that I have been accepted, but I do struggle with my commitment to a career while at the same time, also wanting to have a family. I worry that as a woman who does want a family someday (and is currently married and in her late 20s) that I will be taken less seriously. I am not currently interested in aiming for Biglaw, but I still worry about being shut out of other types of law if I have a child. I still haven't found the reassurance that I'm looking for, and likely I won't and will just have to bite the bullet and try to "have it all" or adopt a child when I'm 45 I feel like we could talk about this for ages, so I don't mean to drag it on when so many have given thoughtful answers, but I guess my specific question is whether anyone would recommend having your first child in 2L or 3L, as opposed to after you start working? I've heard that the 3L baby can be a trend in law school. My apologies if this sounds naive, uncommitted, or if I am derailing the thread. Given OP's original post, I thought that this might be an all right place to post this, but internet posting does instill a lot of anxiety in me...that said, there's only so much advice my non-law friends can give, so I thought I would bite the bullet and post.
  6. I am from a theatre background (it's one of my undergrad degrees, and I have been working in theatre for about 4 years since then). I can talk about the acting aspect of things, if not the law aspect (given that I will be entering my first year in September). Are you interested in theatre or film? Most Canadian actors find that they need to do both to make a living (and in Canada, it is pretty common to have multiple trades, such as the ability to direct, dance, act etc. In the US, you are more likely to find folks who are just actors). I just want to give some advice that I heard from an Artistic Director in Canada once. He was talking to a room full of emerging actors, myself included, and said that if you can imagine yourself doing anything besides acting, then you should do that. Acting is a job that you become married to, because it completely blurs your professional and regular life. You face constant rejection, very little pay (either at first, or forever, depending on your success), and you constantly have to be selling yourself to everyone you meet, because you are the product. It's grueling, and he said that if there is something else that you are passionate about, you should do that. I resented the advice at the time, but it makes sense to me now that I have worked in this industry. Don't get me wrong! It's a rewarding industry! But I couldn't see myself trying to make careers in these two fields at once. Theatre in Canada is such a small community, and it takes SO much time to get yourself in the door, get the training you need (which is a lifelong process -- no good actor ever stops taking workshops and training), entrench yourself in the community, stay *relevant* in the community (so a three year break from auditioning will not help), etc. Film I know less about, but the career trajectories are similar enough, and the two communities seem to know each other pretty well. I work full time at a theatre company, and currently take small acting gigs on the side. Community theatre/semi-professional roles (so pretty much non-paying that didn't do much for my resume) tend to work around full time schedules because they mostly work with emerging artists that need full time work because they aren't currently making enough through acting (and likely won't for years to come). In that time, I also auditioned for professional companies, but ultimately couldn't make the rehearsal process and performance schedule work with my full-time schedule. Unfortunately, it is the professional gigs that you need to build up a resume. It takes years to become successful in acting, unless you are incredibly lucky. I'll also mention that most big house theatre companies require you to have attended a post-secondary program in theatre in order to audition for them. My point is, after all that rambling, is that at some point something will have to give. Acting is not a part-time job -- it just can't be if you actually want to build a career. It requires constant training and re-training, networking, auditioning (during normal work hours), and the ability to make last minute changes to your schedule. For instance, if you do an audition on Tuesday at 11:00, and take time off of work for it, if you do well, you may get asked to come in the next morning, or even later that day for a callback. How will a full time job respond to you taking time off with no warning? Again, this is the theatre perspective, not film, but the two are similar enough. And I truly think you need to be married to this career if you want to make it work, and I imagine with law, you need to give it your all too. That said, you are still early in your university experience. Definitely audition for film and theatre, on campus and off campus. It's a good way to start building up a resume and a network -- and beyond that, a great way to meet people! Theatre is such a great way to open yourself up and learn about yourself, and I can safely say that if it weren't for theatre, I wouldn't be attending law school. It's a great things to do, and a fantastic career, if you have the patience, the resolve, the work ethic, the time, the flexibility (both personally and job-wise) and the ability to handle rejection on a regular basis. You don't have to make any decisions yet! But I think it is very difficult to build a successful career in two fields that demand so much of you at once. I wouldn't underestimate the amount of time that goes into building an acting career. Hopefully that wasn't completely unhelpful -- I can't be super helpful yet from the law perspective, but if you have any questions about acting in Canada, theatre programs, etc, I have a little insight. Feel free to PM me!
  7. Scotch tasting -- now that's my kind of event!
  8. I think that someone said a little while back that January/February was the busiest time for the admissions committee, so the wait might be a little while since applications do need to be reviewed by a few people. I gather that several weeks is quite normal, and that for many last year, it was even longer. Keep hope! Sounds like they work pretty hard over there to give people answers as quickly as they can, but it just takes time.
  9. Awesome -- thanks Unsospiro. I have been feeling pretty anxious about that and was scared to ask. Thanks for assuaging some fears!
  10. Hey everyone, I am wondering if anyone can tell me if a car is necessary to volunteer at SLA and the Pro Bono Clinic? I am currently working on my Driver's License, but won't have it by September (I know, what kind of Calgarian am I?). Sorry if this is a silly question -- thank you for the help! Best, Kaye
  11. More experienced UofC posters may have more/better information, but my impression from the website and the message boards are that for first year, most of the awards are based off of "financial need", which seems to be defined as $25000 or more in student debt. From what I've heard, second and third year have more performance-based options that are based off of your grades in particular classes. This page might offer some insight: http://www.ucalgary.ca/pubs/calendar/archives/2010/awards-law-details-1.html Luckily, I am pretty sure in February you just go to your student centre, and fill out a single application to apply for all these awards, which is very convenient. Could be wrong, but I believe that this is the case. Again, I am just a 0L, so someone with more experience may have better information.
  12. Hey! When I received my welcome letter, it didn't specifically mention a welcome day, but it did mention that orientation week would start on September 6th, and that we would get more information regarding what would happen that week closer to the date. We should get our timetables June/July, and scholarships open in February. It also had information about applying to residence, parking, etc. That was most of the information, I would say! I suspect that we will get more once most of the class is filled.
  13. Yeah, I am definitely in the same boat, and was curious why I hadn't been receiving things since everyone else has been. Fortunately it didn't turn out to be a harbinger of bad news.
  14. Hi everyone, Got an email today with an offer! GPA: 3.8 LSAT: 164 Good luck to all applicants!
  15. That is super surprising -- your stats are great. Have you finished your undergrad yet? That's the only factor I can think of. I didn't do my application in one go either -- I don't think that would be a factor. I am sure you will be in eventually, and if not, you would definitely be in at UofA I would think!
  16. Congratulations! Will you be accepting?
  17. Thank you so much! Yes it definitely is, so I will be accepting. You?
  18. Hey all, happy to join next year's 1Ls at UofC! L2: 3.8 LSAT: 164 ECs: Crisis line volunteer, board work, theatre, and full time work For those obsessing over the green circle like I was, mine turned into a check mark in 4 days. Good luck to everyone still waiting! I am rooting for you.
  19. Hello everyone, Just curious how long it took for those who were accepted in previous years to go from a green circle to a check mark in their Student Centre? I ask more out of curiosity, as I realize we are still incredibly early in the acceptance cycle, so there likely won't be many answers for applicants for a few weeks at least. I looked through previous threads and found a few different answers, but was wondering if anyone found that there actually was a consistent time period. Hope everyone waiting is hanging in there (and hope the admissions office isn't too overrun by work)!
  20. I would recommend checking out this page: http://law.ucalgary.ca/jdadmissions#quickset-field_collection_quicktabs_7 It walks you through the admissions process, and also provides statistics for previous first year classes. You may note that 3% of the class last year did not have degrees (the highest of the last 5 years). I get the impression on this forum that it is very rare to be admitted into the UofC law program without a degree. Applications have already closed for 2016 admission, but if you apply next year and it is the same process, you will need two LORs from academic sources. No interview component. Again the link above should help you out there.
  21. My understanding from the fine folks on this forum is that it will come off of your to do list in the next week or two. The admissions office is super busy with applications right now, and have to manually enter your score into the database to take it off of your to do list -- so this obviously takes some time! UofC Admissions often posts on this forum, and has said to expect it to come off your list in mid-November. I think everyone who took the October LSAT is in the same boat as you. If you look at your LSAC page under reports, you can see if UofC has pulled your score. If they have, then they already have it. They just haven't updated it on the to do list yet. Cheers!
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