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  1. Yes, it is best to email them and ask if they can write you a strong reference. When I applied, the UofC actually provided an electronic form for the professors to fill out instead of having them write a full letter. I knew my profs quite well, but they still wanted to meet me for coffee to discuss what I wanted them to write in the letters and what I had been up to the last few years out of school. They will likely want to meet with you, as well. My understanding is that it is often less about what they write about you, and more about what they don't write about you, so don't worry about not knowing them too well. A lot of people don't have close relationships with thier professors. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong!
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies if this is a repeat. I know that there has been some information on this topic, but I was wondering if anyone had specific tips, since I haven't been able to find a topic lately. I am just entering 2L, and I have started to think about potentially doing my articling and working in a specific small town in BC. I wasn't born there, and I haven't lived there for any extended time, but I have a family connection there and love the town deeply. My spouse and I think we could be really happy there. Does anyone have any tips on networking with lawyers in small, rural towns? I was hoping to travel there when I could, go for coffees, and ask for shadowing opportunities, with the hopes of learning more, but also potentially getting an articling position there in the future. In the meantime, I am also trying to plan my classes in accordance to the prevalent practice areas in the town. Does anyone have advice on a specific approach to this, or am I on the right track? Thanks!
  3. In my year there seems to be a fair amount of students living on campus (maybe a 1/4 of the class?). Other people seem to be all over. Some people in the suburbs, some people right downtown, some people living closer to the University by SAIT.
  4. Anybody willing to break my heart and let me know if any City of Calgary interviews have gone out?
  5. Hey, it is the same schedule for all first years, and we are divided into several sections. We have 6 classes first semester, and 5 next. The schedule you have there is accurate and I imagine would look similar next year. Also, you have a three week block course and the beginning of both semesters that runs 9-5. You can tell by that schedule that I am currently not paying attention in property.
  6. I feel like the City will take a bit more time, just because it has to go through their HR Department.
  7. Will we be receiving rejections on Friday too? I know some firms send out rejections before Friday, but I am curious whether we just won't hear anything at all on Friday if we don't get an offer after 5:00. This wait is killing me, and I was just curious if if I hadn't received a rejection yet, whether that was a good sign that I am still in the running. I know every firm may be different, but I was just curious what other's had heard.
  8. Feel free to PM if you have any questions. I love talking about Calgary!
  9. Kensington is a great gentrified hippie-ish area that is very accessible by c-train to the school. Lots of students life there and they have great little bars and shops. I lived in Mission for a few years and it is where a lot of the young artists in Calgary live. It has great access to 17th Ave, where a lot Calgary night life is, but is not as accessible as Kensington would be to the school since it is not on the c-train line (but it is about a 15 minute walk to the c-train so it is not bad). It's definitely hipster-central, which is a positive for me generally. Downtown is also right on the c train line so easy to get to school from, and many of the firm events happen around there. That said, I would argue that nightlife in downtown is not as strong as in the Beltline (the neighbourhood between downtown and 17th ave -- probably between around 10th Ave and 17th ave). Many of the coffee shops close down downtown right at 5:00, so it can be a bit of deaadzone at night. The Beltline, though, is very lively. I highly recommend Kensington, Mission or the Beltline if you are of the hipster/yuppie persuasion. I also live in Marda Loop currently. It is quite quiet there, and it is one easy bus to the University and still technically inner city and cute and artsy. It's about a 30 minute walk to 17th Ave (or a 15 minute bike ride), so not too far from night life. It also seems to be cheaper than the aforementioned areas (at least that's why I ended up there). The nice thing about living downtown is when you have a law firm event downtown after class, you don't have to wear a suit all day and can go home first. Trust me -- I think that little piece of joy can be a big win in terms of living situation. That said, Kensington or the Beltline would be similar.
  10. I have gotten some advice to have my first child during school instead of after while I'm working/articling -- do you have any opinion on this? Thank you for starting this topic. It's hard subject to broach with people.
  11. I would also very much interested in an answer for this
  12. I think the breakfast is on Wednesday. The course outline doesn't start until the 7th, because tomorrow is orientation -- not the actual course. If I'm wrong, someone correct me!
  13. Hey, I am going into 1L but I did my undergrad at uofc so I can answer a few questions. You can definitely get to MFH through the +15 system. I think the least amount of outside time would be through biological sciences -> science theatres -> admin building -> MFH, though it is a bit of a trek. You shouldn't be outside for more than 5 minutes if you go that way though. Mac Hall is the main cafeteria, though I recommend the education building cafeteria very close to the law building. They have less fast food and it's less busy.
  14. In terms of networking events, I know hat the first three weeks it is pretty much every weekday, and the rest of the time it is 2 or 3 times a week. Are there ever events on weekends? Or anything else on the weekends? Or are you able to use the weekends to study? I am trying to figure out when to fit in fitness classes and such Also, would you say there are a lot of group projects your first year? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for letting us know Malina!
  16. You as well! We'll just have to cross our fingers, I guess.
  17. I don't know anyone who has heard anything, but I guess at this point we should stop holding our breath, eh?
  18. Thanks for this info. I've been on the edge of my seat!
  19. Hey, It's good that you did the diagnostic, because now you know exactly what to improve on. I found that after my diagnostic, and a few more practices, I needed to put away the practice tests and work on individual sections to improve my score (doing a practice test after practice test is just going to depress you if you don't start working on the specific problem areas). In my experience, and from what I have heard from others' experiences, Logic Games is the easiest section to learn and improve on. I found logic games were all about learning shortcuts and patterns, and practicing over and over again to get faster at them. The Logic Games Bible helped me a lot, and I found afterwards that it actually helped me improve my other sections (Logic Games isn't that different than other sections, just distilled into the most basic form). Best of luck! Edited after the fact for my bad grammar
  20. Congrats! Are you going with UofA or UofC?
  21. I am also an old fashioned notes by hand gal, so you won't be the only one
  22. Thank you so much! I am so looking forward to the fall, and I really appreciate how welcoming and helpful all of the current students have been!
  23. Thank you so much for doing this! I have so many questions, but I'll start with one for now. If one is interested in working for a smaller or mid-size firm after school, as opposed to a large national firm, are there opportunities to network, and how is the process different? I understand the 2L summer process may be different...
  24. Hey! I don't think it will be until July or August!
  25. Hey! As a past Vancouverite, these are my favourite things about Calgary: Despite what many may think, we have a super exciting arts and culture scene in Calgary. We have some incredible world-class theatre, and most nights of the week you can see live music in some little pub somewhere (the weekly Ship and Anchor Saturday open jam is the best part of my week). Our arts scene is kind of our best kept secret, even to actual Calgarians sometimes, but it is absolutely incredible. Calgary is actually the birth place of improvisational theatre, as the world knows it (Loose Moose was a huge innovator in the scene). I know that it's probably super hard to leave gorgeous BC, but we have some really beautiful parts too. I think we have one of the most beautiful river walks in the country downtown, and we have so many beautiful parks (Prince's Island, St Patrick's Island, Glenmore Park, Nosehill Park). In terms of night life, Calgarians tend to like their gastro pubs more than cocktail bars and clubs, in my opinion. But we are starting to get a bit more of a cocktail scene (Milk Tiger was voted one of the best cocktail bars in the world recently). Lots of fantastic pubs of course. I know that when I moved from Vancouver to Calgary 8 years ago it took me a long time to really discover it by myself. If you ever need a tour guide, feel free to PM me!
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