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  1. 1 hour ago, Malicious Prosecutor said:

    I articled, and practiced my first year, at a large national firm whose name you'd recognize.  I have now worked for many years as a Crown Prosecutor.

    In between I worked for a small town firm that would be considered small in most places, but was the largest firm in its own region.  There are some personal reasons I wound up there that I chose to keep private, but I can also advise that I wasn't being bombarded with offers from other big city firms.

    Going to the small town firm, I think there was some respect that they knew I wouldn't be incompetent coming from a large firm, but all the partners had been in a small town their entire career, and they certainly didn't feel that it was particularly prestigious.  There was also some skepticism about whether I would stick around.

    My next job was a small town Crown's job.  They were much more impressed that I had worked in a small town firm (and done some Crim law), and my biglaw experience really counted for nothing.

    And in subsequent Crown jobs, what's mattered is my Crown experience, and not my articling experience.

    These days, my articling experience comes up every year or two as an anecdote and nothing more.

    My takeaway: if you want to work in a biglaw-type firm, it is probably helpful to article at that kind of firm.  Even if you wind up and a more midsize or boutique firm that practices the same areas of law, it may be of assistance.

    Beyond that though... nobody will care.


    Thanks so much for sharing . I am clerking and then completing my article in civil litigation, but am very interested in crown work. Do you think starting out in civil is a bar to that career? I have kind of fallen in love with criminal law through my clerkship, and I'd love to hear your perspective.

  2. Hi folks,

    I am curious how the firm you articled with impacted your career down the road?

    What are your perspectives  with their own careers, or with seeing your colleagues' careers regarding the impact a lawyer's articling firm has on their overall career trajectory. Did working somewhere with prestige right off the bat destine you for success? Did working somewhere less than ideal at first hinder you later? Does the firm make the lawyer or vice versa?

    Would love to hear your experiences.

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  3. I am moving on to a family law practice once I am done clerking, and am feeling nervous about private practice. So I was wondering from family lawyers -- how is your practice going? Are you finding that you need to seek out clients? Are you working long hours? Making ends meet? How are you handling burn out from managing high emotions all of the time?

    I am in Alberta, so would love to hear that perspective in particular, but happy to hear from anyone. I would also love to hear comparisons between junior and senior associates, as well as firm vs sole practice situations, if you have those perspectives.

    Thanks for your time! Apologies if this is an overdone topic.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Diplock said:

    Managing people and relationships is a big part of what we do as lawyers. There's "managing up" and there's "managing down." There's also managing clients, which can differ a lot depending on what kinds of clients you have. But if this is what your principal is like, he isn't likely to change. So this is early practice in the "managing up" you'll probably need to do your entire term articling. The fact is, some otherwise very capable and highly paid people are bad at managing the details, and so it can be a very valuable skill if you're able to manage them in such a way that they keep working efficiently. Don't think of it as some stupid, silly thing you shouldn't have to do. Think of it as a valuable and important job you're doing - because it is.

    Fair enough. This is probably a good perspective to take and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for this -- gets me out of that "woe is me" mindset. :) 

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  5. 23 minutes ago, Hegdis said:

    Seriously - make an appointment to see him. Print off the form. Thank him again for the opportunity. Watch him sign it. Assure him you will drop it off yourself. Then do that. 

    Should you have to do this? No.

    Will it get it done? Yes. 

    Ok this is good advice. I will do that. Thank you so much.

  6. This may be fruitless but I thought I would give it a shot. My principal has been really bad at responding to emails, and I am still waiting for him to sign the articling agreement the Law Society sent to him. He has lots of time because I am clerking currently, but I just really don't want to be lost in the shuffle. HR knows he has the email too. The Law Society has told me that they don't send reminders. I sent an email saying to let me know if he needs more information or didn't receive it. Radio silence. HR responded to me so I still have a job clearly (haha 😐) but I just don't know how to get him to respond to my emails. Anyone else experience having to remind their principals more than once to return the articling agreement? What is best practice here?

    There may not be an answer to this but I thought I would try.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I am clerking in Alberta for 10 months after third year, which means I need 5 more months of an article afterwards. I was wondering if there is anybody else who had the experience of having a clerkship lined up, but not an article for after by the beginning of their third year. Did you find your article before you graduated or during your clerkship? Would just love to hear how unusual this is, and any tips from people who have gone through it!

  8. Hey! I've lived in Mission and loved it, but Kensington is definitely the most convenient for getting to school. It is also really vibrant with lots of other students living there, shops, restaurants, etc. Mission is great, but not being by the train makes it more difficult to get to school. I live in Marda Loop and love it -- given that the 20 goes directly to the school I would say it's even more convenient than Mission. But you can't beat Kensington for convenience.

    Mission is closer to 17th ave which is where there's a lot of bar patios and nightlife, so that is a benefit. I found living there for a few years, I got to know a lot of the regulars that were also in their 30s and it had a real community feel. That said, I am sure Kensington has a similar community spirit.

    I'll also add that both have really lovely parks and access to the river so are great for long walks when you need study breaks -- it's not all about the nightlife! Quality of life is so affected by the area you live in, so you're right to try to pick out the right area for you :) Also the Safeway is better in Kensington if that matters to you :)

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  9. A colleague of mine just told me that he did interview at DLA, but I hadn't heard of anyone else. I think it was a small crowd.

    Also, just answered my own question, but others may want to know -- the Crown has sent out second interviews.

  10. 1 minute ago, usask29022016 said:

    Thank you this was very helpful and has calmed my nerves a bit (at least until tomo morning). I gave them a genuine #1 and their follow ups seem to be showing interest but not sure if that’s how they converse with most students...

    This is my exact experience with them too so I'll cross my fingers for both of us :)

  11. 40 minutes ago, usask29022016 said:

    Has anyone received any ITCs today from Calgary firms? Specifically from NRF

    It was my understanding that NRF doesn't do any ITCs, according to some summer students and the career office. Someone definitely correct me if I'm wrong.

  12. 23 hours ago, MinesAndMinerals said:

     7 2Ls last summer. I would guess that anywhere between 6-9 would be average. Keep in mind that they had 5 1Ls last summer so the number of 2Ls hired during this recruit may be towards the lower end of that range. 

    Exactly the information I was looking for! Thank you very much :)

  13. Does anyone know the amount of 2Ls Norton Rose Calgary usually hires? I have a good idea of how many articling students they have year to year, but I'm not sure how many of those were from a 1L pool. Any information is appreciated!

  14. 1 hour ago, 2017applicantedm said:

    is there a way we can see what our references look like?

    No, at least not when I was going through the process last year. An email was sent to my references with a link to form to fill in about me. There wasn't a way to look at them. That's why it's always good to ask, "Can you write a strong reference for me?" Then you don't have to wonder. One of my references even made a point of telling me that he really appreciated that I used that language when asking him.

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