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  1. Hi everyone, I am clerking in Alberta for 10 months after third year, which means I need 5 more months of an article afterwards. I was wondering if there is anybody else who had the experience of having a clerkship lined up, but not an article for after by the beginning of their third year. Did you find your article before you graduated or during your clerkship? Would just love to hear how unusual this is, and any tips from people who have gone through it!
  2. Hey! I've lived in Mission and loved it, but Kensington is definitely the most convenient for getting to school. It is also really vibrant with lots of other students living there, shops, restaurants, etc. Mission is great, but not being by the train makes it more difficult to get to school. I live in Marda Loop and love it -- given that the 20 goes directly to the school I would say it's even more convenient than Mission. But you can't beat Kensington for convenience. Mission is closer to 17th ave which is where there's a lot of bar patios and nightlife, so that is a benefit. I found living there for a few years, I got to know a lot of the regulars that were also in their 30s and it had a real community feel. That said, I am sure Kensington has a similar community spirit. I'll also add that both have really lovely parks and access to the river so are great for long walks when you need study breaks -- it's not all about the nightlife! Quality of life is so affected by the area you live in, so you're right to try to pick out the right area for you Also the Safeway is better in Kensington if that matters to you
  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure they did.
  4. A colleague of mine just told me that he did interview at DLA, but I hadn't heard of anyone else. I think it was a small crowd. Also, just answered my own question, but others may want to know -- the Crown has sent out second interviews.
  5. Does someone mind posting when second interviews for the Calgary Crown are sent out? Biting my nails over here
  6. Field started to send out emails this afternoon. Good luck everyone
  7. City of Calgary emailed this morning too
  8. My coworker has heard from McLeod and McLennan Ross in Calgary, if that's helpful.
  9. Has anyone heard from City of Calgary yet?
  10. Alberta Justice sent out emails with Doodle polls on Friday. Good luck everyone!
  11. Offers from Edmonton are out. Anyone hear from Calgary?
  12. This is my exact experience with them too so I'll cross my fingers for both of us
  13. It was my understanding that NRF doesn't do any ITCs, according to some summer students and the career office. Someone definitely correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Exactly the information I was looking for! Thank you very much
  15. Does anyone know the amount of 2Ls Norton Rose Calgary usually hires? I have a good idea of how many articling students they have year to year, but I'm not sure how many of those were from a 1L pool. Any information is appreciated!
  16. Fair, I may be a super-nerd for thinking some of my classes actually were super fun in first year Good to know about tax! I was thinking of taking it next year, so I am glad it is interesting. Thanks for the tips!
  17. For those of you who have completed your second and/or third year at the UofC, which courses do you recommend? Which ones were a ton of fun, which ones were easy, which ones were brutally hard but super useful, etc. We pick our classes in about a week, and I have some ideas, but I'd love to hear from people who have actually taken the classes. Thanks in advance!
  18. No, at least not when I was going through the process last year. An email was sent to my references with a link to form to fill in about me. There wasn't a way to look at them. That's why it's always good to ask, "Can you write a strong reference for me?" Then you don't have to wonder. One of my references even made a point of telling me that he really appreciated that I used that language when asking him.
  19. Yes, it is best to email them and ask if they can write you a strong reference. When I applied, the UofC actually provided an electronic form for the professors to fill out instead of having them write a full letter. I knew my profs quite well, but they still wanted to meet me for coffee to discuss what I wanted them to write in the letters and what I had been up to the last few years out of school. They will likely want to meet with you, as well. My understanding is that it is often less about what they write about you, and more about what they don't write about you, so don't worry about not knowing them too well. A lot of people don't have close relationships with thier professors. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong!
  20. Hi everyone, Apologies if this is a repeat. I know that there has been some information on this topic, but I was wondering if anyone had specific tips, since I haven't been able to find a topic lately. I am just entering 2L, and I have started to think about potentially doing my articling and working in a specific small town in BC. I wasn't born there, and I haven't lived there for any extended time, but I have a family connection there and love the town deeply. My spouse and I think we could be really happy there. Does anyone have any tips on networking with lawyers in small, rural towns? I was hoping to travel there when I could, go for coffees, and ask for shadowing opportunities, with the hopes of learning more, but also potentially getting an articling position there in the future. In the meantime, I am also trying to plan my classes in accordance to the prevalent practice areas in the town. Does anyone have advice on a specific approach to this, or am I on the right track? Thanks!
  21. In my year there seems to be a fair amount of students living on campus (maybe a 1/4 of the class?). Other people seem to be all over. Some people in the suburbs, some people right downtown, some people living closer to the University by SAIT.
  22. Anybody willing to break my heart and let me know if any City of Calgary interviews have gone out?
  23. Hey, it is the same schedule for all first years, and we are divided into several sections. We have 6 classes first semester, and 5 next. The schedule you have there is accurate and I imagine would look similar next year. Also, you have a three week block course and the beginning of both semesters that runs 9-5. You can tell by that schedule that I am currently not paying attention in property.
  24. I feel like the City will take a bit more time, just because it has to go through their HR Department.
  25. Will we be receiving rejections on Friday too? I know some firms send out rejections before Friday, but I am curious whether we just won't hear anything at all on Friday if we don't get an offer after 5:00. This wait is killing me, and I was just curious if if I hadn't received a rejection yet, whether that was a good sign that I am still in the running. I know every firm may be different, but I was just curious what other's had heard.
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