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  1. AuriandFoxen

    Clerkship with no article after

    Hi everyone, I am clerking in Alberta for 10 months after third year, which means I need 5 more months of an article afterwards. I was wondering if there is anybody else who had the experience of having a clerkship lined up, but not an article for after by the beginning of their third year. Did you find your article before you graduated or during your clerkship? Would just love to hear how unusual this is, and any tips from people who have gone through it!
  2. AuriandFoxen

    Mission vs Kensington (Where to live)

    Hey! I've lived in Mission and loved it, but Kensington is definitely the most convenient for getting to school. It is also really vibrant with lots of other students living there, shops, restaurants, etc. Mission is great, but not being by the train makes it more difficult to get to school. I live in Marda Loop and love it -- given that the 20 goes directly to the school I would say it's even more convenient than Mission. But you can't beat Kensington for convenience. Mission is closer to 17th ave which is where there's a lot of bar patios and nightlife, so that is a benefit. I found living there for a few years, I got to know a lot of the regulars that were also in their 30s and it had a real community feel. That said, I am sure Kensington has a similar community spirit. I'll also add that both have really lovely parks and access to the river so are great for long walks when you need study breaks -- it's not all about the nightlife! Quality of life is so affected by the area you live in, so you're right to try to pick out the right area for you Also the Safeway is better in Kensington if that matters to you
  3. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Yes, I'm pretty sure they did.
  4. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    A colleague of mine just told me that he did interview at DLA, but I hadn't heard of anyone else. I think it was a small crowd. Also, just answered my own question, but others may want to know -- the Crown has sent out second interviews.
  5. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Does someone mind posting when second interviews for the Calgary Crown are sent out? Biting my nails over here
  6. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Field started to send out emails this afternoon. Good luck everyone
  7. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    City of Calgary emailed this morning too
  8. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    My coworker has heard from McLeod and McLennan Ross in Calgary, if that's helpful.
  9. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Has anyone heard from City of Calgary yet?
  10. AuriandFoxen

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Alberta Justice sent out emails with Doodle polls on Friday. Good luck everyone!
  11. AuriandFoxen

    Clerkship 2018

    Offers from Edmonton are out. Anyone hear from Calgary?
  12. AuriandFoxen

    2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    This is my exact experience with them too so I'll cross my fingers for both of us
  13. AuriandFoxen

    2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    It was my understanding that NRF doesn't do any ITCs, according to some summer students and the career office. Someone definitely correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. AuriandFoxen

    2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Exactly the information I was looking for! Thank you very much
  15. AuriandFoxen

    2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Does anyone know the amount of 2Ls Norton Rose Calgary usually hires? I have a good idea of how many articling students they have year to year, but I'm not sure how many of those were from a 1L pool. Any information is appreciated!