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  1. I'm moving into 3L and trying to recreate space on my bookshelves. I'll be out of town first semester so aiming to give good discounts to people to offload them during the summer before semester starts. Below is the list of books I have: 1L Fischel and Paul - Getting to Maybe: How to excel on law school exams - $20 Weinrib - Tort Law 3rd edition - $40 Roach et al - Criminal Law and Procedure 10th edition - $50 Waddams et al - Cases and Materials on Contracts 4th edition - $40 2014 Martin's Criminal Code - $30 Canadian Constitution - $15 2L Flood and Sossin - Administrative Law in Context 2nd edition - $40 Puri et al - Cases, Materials and Notes on Partnerships and Canadian Business Corporations 5th edition - $50 Consolidated CBCA (2014/15) - $20 McGill Guide to Legal Citation 7th edition - $20 Perell - Real Estate Transactions 2nd edition - $40 Of the above books I have italicized, and further discounted, the books which have been superseded by later editions. That being said my experience, especially in first year, is that you study almost entirely old cases which would be in any edition of the book after 2000. Anyway, to the extent people are interested in any of the above books PM me and we can arrange for pick-up etc.
  2. Do you know if they announced course awards and all that stuff for those lucky people?
  3. Does anyone know what was required for distinction for 2L?
  4. Does anyone have any idea what type of marks are required to get honours standing in up years at U of T law? Does it vary between 2L and 3L much? Thanks
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