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  1. Yes the deadline I'm referring to is for Osgoode.
  2. They definitely won't be out this week - the deadline for application materials is june 30th.
  3. Oh - I meant OCI slots as in interview slots. Healthlaw seemed to say that there were firms who book more time to see Toronto candidates during OCIs e.g. 2 days as opposed to 1. That information isn't available online.
  4. Could you share which firms give Toronto schools more OCI slots?
  5. I believe my grades are competitive for transfer, but I applied with compassionate grounds as well. Based on some past transfer admits, I believe I have a decent shot at obtaining transfer. The reason I'm posting is because I've read on some of these forums that some students who transferred from Western to Osgoode ended up getting a lot less OCIs than their friends who remained at Western (and who have very similar grades/experiences). Western has a much smaller class than Osgoode, so maybe that's one reason? Or maybe because connections I might have made with employers during 1L could be lost when I apply through another law school? I'm unsure if this is something to worry about so I'm hoping someone can give advice on this.
  6. Hi everyone, I've applied to transfer to Osgoode for the upcoming year. I go to Western. Can anyone comment on how transferring could impact my OCI prospects? My grades are decent - low B+ average.
  7. I got an email this morning that said the following: Dear applicant, It has come to our attention that you may have not received an email regarding your current waiting list status. If you would like to remain on the waiting list and have not confirmed your choice yet, please send an email to [email protected] by Monday, May 29, 2017. Also, the current status of your application can be viewed through your uoZone account. If you have already contacted us to keep your place on the waiting list, kindly ignore this message. I already received an email about the waiting list previously, and I said that I'd like to remain on the waiting list, AND they gave me confirmation that they received my intent to stay on the waiting list...so I'm not responding. But for everyone waiting for them to release the rankings --- they're giving people till at least Monday to respond about their interest to stay on the waiting list...so rankings will definitely not be this week.
  8. When it says I have 2 weeks to accept my offer, does that mean I have 2 weeks to firm accept? or is a provision acceptance fine? I still want to be considered for osgoode.
  9. I was accepted yesterday as well! Around 3.6 cgpa with final semester grades and 162 lsat When you go to the student centre and click View Letters, does anyone have any trouble downloading the PDF? It doesn't load for me.
  10. by "first round acceptances" do you mean that there were acceptances made after the 1st of April? or did the people who received offers before April have an extension to respond?
  11. has anyone been in contact with Western admissions? according to the past few years' accepted threads, they normally send out acceptances on the Thursday after the April 1st deadline. does anyone have any information?
  12. Accepted final this afternoon. Cgpa 3.33 L2 3.7 (approx) LSAT 162 (One write) Average LOR's and average softs, in my opinion
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