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  1. CET16

    Chances CGPA 3.5, L2 3.85, 161?

    Started Sept 2016
  2. CET16

    Chances CGPA 3.5, L2 3.85, 161?

    I got in with a 3.5, 3.5 and 159!
  3. CET16

    2018 2L Recruitment

    I got one from DLA Piper. Nothing from the others.
  4. CET16

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Yeah I got it too. I think it's probably because they reserve Tuesday afternoon for 2nd interviews
  5. CET16

    Rejected 2016

    Rejected yesterday 3.5 GPA 159 LSAT
  6. CET16

    Accepted 2016

    Accepted off the wait list as well! 3.5, 156
  7. CET16

    Accepted 2016

    Hey, So I think you and I got accepted on the same day. My deadline to accept is June 9th also. I had a similar concern (I haven't received my admissions package in the mail yet at all) so I e-mailed [email protected] on May 25 and received this response: "Hello, The deadline to pay the deposit will be on June 9th. The best way to pay your deposit is via online banking. You simply log on your bank account, add the University of Ottawa as a payee and use your student number as the account number. Once paid, you send a proof of payment (printscreen of the transaction) to [email protected] Regards, Amanda Vieira" I'm wondering if maybe they use a generic template for all of the acceptance letters that says the deposit is due June 1st? Anyways either way I think you're fine
  8. If anyone is interested in renting a two bedroom condo please DM me! I'd like to live close to campus and in a building with amenities (like a 234 rideau street or 200 besserer street type deal) so maybe 800-1200 per person? Message me if interested!!
  9. CET16

    Accepted 2016

    Accepted off of the wait list today as well!!!! So unexpected I didn't think there would be any movement until after the May 27th deadline GPA: 3.51 LSAT: 156 (Dec 2014), 159 (Feb 2016) I'm not sure if they took my Feb LSAT into consideration or not, I received my evaluation e-mail in November
  10. CET16

    Waitlist 2016

    Oh god I got the evaluation email in November lol this is rough news
  11. CET16

    Accepted Dual JD 2016

    Just checked my spam folder and I was accepted on Monday as well! GPA: 81.2% LSAT: 159
  12. CET16

    Waitlist 2016

    Wait listed today as well. 3.51 GPA, 159 LSAT
  13. CET16

    Waitlist 2016

    No worries!
  14. CET16

    Waitlist 2016