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    Schedules Posted

  2. GnarMarBinx

    Osgoode Chambers - unit options

    It is correct that the Chambers rooms are only furnished. I went through the same thing and came to the conclusion that the system is terrible once I talked to someone on the phone.
  3. GnarMarBinx

    Need some help.

    Definitely sounds like a decent plan to me! My recommendation would be to do all the homework, and if you have extra time, do some timed drills on top of the homework - especially at the beginning when the homework takes less time. If you find yourself getting burnt out, then take a break and only do the homework. HR makes you start doing more timed drills about halfway through the course, so I'd suggest adding some timed stuff in the first half and play it by ear in the second half (that's the time when you especially want to make sure you're not burnt out). Good luck!
  4. GnarMarBinx

    Need some help.

    I took Harvard Ready and it was great, but I self-studied before it. I'm not entirely sure how much value you would get for your money from doing both honestly, but I really loved the course. However, I also think that my self-studying before I did it helped a lot because I ended up doing about 40 full PTs and a ridiculous amount of drill sections once I was done, with the majority of the timed drilling and PTs in the self-study portion of my prep (note: I self-studied before the HR course, but if I were to recommend this method, I'd probably say to do it the opposite). I truly believe that seeing a plethora of games, RC passages and LR questions will get you way better and faster at doing them, but only if you truly understand the logic, concepts and techniques underlying the LSAT before this stage. I didn't have a full grasp of some things I should have had a full grasp on when I first started drlling/PTing, and that's what HR really helped to solidify.
  5. GnarMarBinx

    In Queue 2018

    Yes, I believe that's the right spot
  6. GnarMarBinx

    Osgoode Community

    Hey all, Does anyone have any information on the Osgoode community? I have heard different stories, with some people saying that the community is very dry compared to schools such as Western and Queen's, while others saying that it is isn't that bad. Are there events that the school offers to help build the community of law students? Are there pub nights that people attend? Does Osgoode chambers make it fairly easy to meet people in first year? I have searched the forum, but most of the information I have found has been very vague, such as "the community is better at Western/Queen's, so if that is important to you, go there." I would love if any current students could shed light on the good and bad of the community aspect of Osgoode so that I can have a more informed idea of what I could potentially being a part of in September. Also, if any non-students or future students have heard info from others, that would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks to all in advance!!
  7. GnarMarBinx

    Chances? (3.1 cGPA, 3.57 L2, 160)

    I think you miiiiiight have a chance near the end of admissions for Western. Not sure where else you applied, so I can't answer to those. Also, if you explained your low cGPA, that would help as well. I'm honestly not sure because (I think?) you're slightly below both medians -- correct me if I'm wrong. You could be accepted, or you could be rejected, but keep those hopes up. Edit: If you're making this post because you're debating whether or not to write the Feb LSAT, I would definitely recommend it
  8. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Got woken up by the email this morning haha: cGPA: between 3.54 and 3.61 depending on whether summer courses are counted, and 3.84 L2 157, 165 Good luck to everyone still waiting
  9. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    When you click 'join group' it asks you some questions. It looks like you can request to join. Maybe they have approved people who have not been accepted yet so they can see who the class is, ask questions, etc. Not sure, but I think that's possible.
  10. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    Would they actually fill their class before the Feb LSAT scores have came out? That seems weird to me, considering they say they take the Feb LSAT (at least, I am pretty sure they do). Anyone know the link to the group? Tried searching Facebook and couldn't find it. Edit: Found it.
  11. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Nope, from what I understand it's all online. I think the website link they give you is meant to make up for the booklet you usually receive.
  12. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Accepted either this morning or last night (but I'm guessing this morning) by checking the student center/solus page. I haven't gotten an email or anything yet. LSAT: 157, 165 (Dec) L2: 3.84 Good luck to everyone else still waiting!
  13. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Anyone know when the second round is? Got my Dec LSAT back juuuust after the first round!
  14. GnarMarBinx

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Got my December LSAT in my OLSAS file yesterday and got in today! LSAT: 157/165 L2: 3.84
  15. I applied to Western, Queen's, Osgoode and U of T (I realize U of T is likely a long shot?) As noted in the title: cGPA 3.61 L2: 3.84 L3: 3.8 LSAT: 157, 165