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  1. Thank-you to all who have replied. erinl2, it says on the Osgoode website that they still want to see your LSAT score which is why I'm assuming it will be included in the transfer assessment. But I think I might take Eeee's advice and just ask admissions directly. I'm sorry if I offended you KilltheLSAT, but I just joined this forum yesterday when I was looking for information on the transfer process. I will definitely contribute if I come across a thread that I can contribute to.
  2. Hello All, I'm currently starting first year at Windsor but really want to transfer to OZ for second year. I know you have to have a B+ or higher average or a compassionate reason. But i was wondering if I should also re-write the LSAT seeing as how my current score wasn't high enough to get me into OZ. Do they weigh the LSAT heavily or would I just be wasting my time? Any insight would be appreciated.
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