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  1. When is the best time to find a place for early-mid August when classes start? Every rental resource I am looking at barely has listings.
  2. When were you put in the queue? was 168 your only take?
  3. Don't lie, everyone was relieved and, in fact, happy to see that the above post was informing us of a spot opening up and not an actual acceptance.
  4. For those waitlisted today, when were you added to the queue?
  5. Not 100% on this but doesn't Osgoode accept people who have given a firm acceptance elsewhere even after the July 2nd deadline?
  6. Your stats are pretty great though. If you're not in yet then maybe there's hope for all of us. Or if you're not in yet...maybe there's no hope for any of us.
  7. can you swear on this forum? like what the f****** f**** g*** b**** f*** sh****** bullsh****** c***** is this
  8. if you got waitlisted with those stats...some of us will need more than luck. Congrats!
  9. Could y'all stop posting in the accepted thread so much if you haven't gotten accepted? Please?
  10. If this is true then it would be very important actually. Given that Western had 1 1L recruit and Oz had 18, would that not mean Western actually beat Oz in the 2L recruit? Math: 84 total hired:290 total students - Oz = 29% 49 total hired:176 total students - Western = 28% 84-18 (to account for only 2L recruits) = 66 49-1 (same) = 48 new ratios: 66 2L hired:290 total students - Oz = 22.8% 48 2L hired:176 total students - 27.3 % Sources: Total hires: http://ultravires.ca/2015/11/2016-summer-student-hiring/ 1L hires: http://ultravires.ca/2016/02/4298/
  11. http://ultravires.ca/2015/11/2016-summer-student-hiring/ The factsheet is pretty helpful but the most important number that is missing is how many applicants there were. The % hired out of total student pop. is somewhat helpful, but I'd like to know how many students applied from each school. Anyone know where to find this?
  12. I'm 100% sure you can just pop onto SAM and change your provisional acceptance to Western.
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